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  • Bacterius® POND, nitrification and control of organic sediment

    Bacterius® POND maintains a natural equilibrium in your pond, keeping water clear, helping reduce organic sediments and controlling the growth of algae. Benefits Bacterius® POND is a microbiological product for the maintenance and regeneration of aquatic environments. - Breaks down organic matter present in sludge or suspended in water;- Helps maintain the balance of the aquatic ecosystem;- Helps reduce the concentration of chemicals used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus);- Helps reduce bad odors caused by anoxic conditions;- Fights sulfato-reducing bacteria to prevent the production of H2S gas;- Naturally clarifies water;- Contributes positively to the health of animal and plant life;- Reduces the risk of disease and mortality of fish and plants.     Technical Specifications Bacterius® POND is a mixture of bacillus and nitrifying bacteria that helps reduce algae, clarify water and reduce accumulations of sludge at the bottom of ponds. The strains contained in Bacterius® POND have been selected for their efficacy and stability. The concentrated bacilli consume organic waste and sediments, and nitrifying species target the nitrogen cycle in water. Bacterius® POND bacterial mixture is designed to improve the quality of pond water. The addition of beneficial bacteria increases microbiological activity which reduces the effect of eutrophication.Bacterius® POND product is preservative free, pathogen free and safe for flora, fauna, pets or humans.Begin application in early summer or when the water is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Continue treatments until early fall or until the water is colder than 10 degrees Celcius.Bacterius® POND can be used in season in combination with Bacterius® C, Bacterius® N and Bacterius® EQUINOX. Contact a representative to establish an application protocol according to the specifics of your pond.- Naturally selected bacterial strains- Great adaptability- Strong stability- No chemical preservatives- Free from pathogenic contaminants- Active in fresh and salt water- Complete genetic profile available   We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage et Application Monthly Dosage : ≤ 100 m³ water volume: 15 ml / m³> 100 m³ water volume : 7.5 ml / m³ The dosage may vary depending on the application and the environmental conditions.Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.Pour the dosage as evenly as possible on the water surface or pour near the air diffusers.Shake well before using, as a deposit can form on the bucket bottom. CONTACT US FOR LARGE VOLUME USE.  

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  • Bacterius® EQUINOX, Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria Treatment

    Bacterius EQUINOX is a cold water treatment for spring and fall. Bacterius Equinox improves water quality in cold water, preserving the health and vitality of the animal and plant life in the pond. Benefits Our conditioner is composed of non-pathogenic bacteria selected and isolated for their capacity to decompose naturally and completely the organic materials present in water or muck. These bacteria produce hydrolytic enzymes in large quantities, that adapt and colonize easily in their new environment. Their rapid deployment in an aquatic environment ensures a dynamic balance between the generation and recycling of organic matter (mineralization). Bacterius® EQUINOX was developed to biodegrade cellulose material generated from dead leaves in autumn. Use Bacterius® EQUINOX for: Natural clarification of pond water Biodegrading the organic matter suspended in the water and in the sludge (from uneaten fish food, fish waste or plant residues) Decreasing the concentration of various elements used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus) Ensuring better control of floating algae in the water Minimizing the damage of winter anoxic shock (fish kills) Facilitating the spring recovery of the pond Maintaining the integrity of bacterial biofilms until spring Reducing odours due to anoxic conditions (H2S)   What Happens to my Pond at the End of Autumn? Where we are in Quebec, when October comes to a close, the leaves begin to fall to the ground, the outside temperature approaches zero and the ecosystem of your pond is preparing itself for winter. Due to these external conditions, your pond will benefit from treatment of beneficial bacteria digesting the new inputs of organic material that would otherwise accumulate at the bottom of your pond. Bacterius® EQUINOX allows your pond to keep the biological balance during the winter. What happens to my Pond in Spring? In spring, when the snow melts, some nutrients available in the soil can easily end up in your pond via surface runoff. It is also the season in which strong odours caused by H2S, created over winter in low oxygen water by anaerobic bacteria, make their appearance. The water temperature is still far too cool for the bacteria naturally present in the ecosystem of your pond to work. Thankfully, there exist strains that have the same benefits and thrive in cooler water. Adding Bacterius® EQUINOX to your pond in spring allows the reduction of excess nutrients in the water and eliminates odours in cold water conditions.   Technical Specifications   Bacterius® EQUINOX rapidly colonizes in the muck and quickly prevents the proliferation of sulfate-reducing bacteria that are responsible for H2S and contribute to anoxic conditions. H2S is a toxic gas that causes unpleasant odours (rotten egg smell) and deterioration of bacterial biofilms.   Contains only active bacterial strains, no filling agents are used. Exceptional Stability without chemical preservatives. Bacterial population entirely sporulated. Contains only bacterial strains tested and identified by the DNA sequencing method. MADE IN CANADA We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application Monthly dosage: the dosage may vary depending on the application and environmental conditions.SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. If possible, use opened bottles within a year of purchase. Residential: ≤ 100 m³ water volume : 25 ml / m³> 100 m³ water volume : 10 ml / m³ Conditions: +5ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.Maintains excellent water quality throughout the cold water season. Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. If the pond is too big to do so, add the dose in the turbulent waters of the water intake or close to any diffusers. FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US. 

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  • CanadianPond Concentrated Liquid Aquatic Dye

    CanadianPond dyes have a super concentrated formulation to block UV rays from the sun that penetrate pond water and grow aquatic plants. Non-toxic and safe for the environment or users. One 946 ml bottle can treat a pond slightly larger than one acre.     Benefits Adding an aquatic dye for lakes and ponds help filter out UV sunlight while creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the pond. Algae and submerged aquatic weeds need sunlight to grow, therefore by limiting the amount of UV light that enters the pond, you are dealing with one of the factors that contribute to algae growth and unwanted plant growth in your pond. CanadianPond liquid pond dye is commonly used by hotels, golf course, commercial premises and everyday pond owners. It will not stain birds, fish, plants, swimmers, pets, or wildlife when applied at the recommended rate. We have clients from coast to coast who use pond dyes as part of their regular pond maintenance regime. Apply early in spring when the ice leaves the pond. CanadianPond dye will immediately block the UV rays needed for many of those unwanted aquatic plants. Farmers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan use our CanadianPond pond dyes in dugouts to keep them weed free. Pond owners from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes combine the blue and black dyes to get a deeper colour that reflects light sharply and blocks the light needed for plant growth. By applying the dye regularly throughout the growing season, important stages in plant growth including reproduction and tuber development can be weakened. This is why we recommend regular dye applications even into the fall. Farm ponds, canals, reservoirs, tanks and drainage systems can be severely impeded with clogged aquatic weeds. An overabundance of unwanted aquatic weeds can impede flow and reduce the amount of water entering canals or critical drainage systems. Too many weeds can alter habitat and reduce indigenous fish species. They can also interfere with boat navigation and reduce aesthetic value. Repeated applications of CanadianPond AQUA or CanadianPond MIDNITE in closed systems will interfere with the reproduction cycle of many troublesome aquatic weeds. For best results, this product should be used with beneficial pond bacteria and lake bottom aeration. Often the weeds are there because there is an abundance of organic sediments and nutrients that make conditions for growth ideal. Filters sunlight and provides an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance to pond water; Blocks up to 40% of the sun’s rays to effectively starve the growth of existing algae and formation of new growth; Keeps water temperature cooler; Contributes to algae and aquatic weeds reduction in garden ponds & small lakes; Technical Specifications One 32 oz ( 0.95 Litre) bottle will treat an entire surface acre (0.4046 ha) up to 6 feet (1.8 m) deep Available in black, blue and dark blue Super-concentrated formula (>84% pure pigments) Will not stain plants, pets, birds or swimmers when applied at the recommended rate. CanadianPond AQUA (previously MARINE), CanadianPond MIDNITE and CanadianPond NATURAL (previously Natural BLUE) are not harmful to the environment. Completely free of pesticides and herbicides. Harmless food based dye will not stain swimmers, fish, plants or other wildlife when used as directed. Easy to apply and lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on water flow;   Can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the use of a fountain, aerator or similar mechanical device. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application   1 bottle will treat will treat a pond with an area slightly larger than an acre  (7 500 m³, 2 000 000 gallons). For best results, add to multiple spots around the edges of the pond or use in conjunction with aeration. Repeat monthly or as needed, as pigments will oxidize and gradually disappear. The dye will take 20 to 40 minutes to disperse, depending on the water circulation level. This product does not contain bacteria. Use CanadianPond 1B, 5B, C, N, POND or EQUINOX for sludge control and reducing nutrients. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Reapply product as needed. Will stain clothing. Do not freeze. FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US.      

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  • Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck

      Canada’s #1 muck and sludge treatment for shoreline muck at cottages, marinas or beaches where deep muck is a problem.     Benefits Concentrated bacterial pellets for treating shoreline Bacterius® MUCK is easy to apply and will sink to the surface of the sediment where they are needed most. You can also rake them inside the muck for faster results!       Deals with specific locations, under docks and near piers.       Ideal for beaches, chalet swimming areas and boat traffic channels.       The treatment stays where you apply it, close to the shore!       Easy to use, efficient and economical       Helps control plant growth                                                                                                                                                                                    Testimonial of a satisfied customer :  " We have a small pond which is surrounded by trees that is used for swimming in the summer. Over the years the bottom was increasingly covered in soft mud and some water weeds started to grow in the swimming area. In2020 we used a one time application of Bacterius Muck at the end of the swimming season and the following summer everyone commented on how much more clear the water was and how in the swimming area the bottom feltlike sand instead of muck. The fish and frog who live in the pond were still healthy and the swimming area was so much more enjoyable! The Bacterius Muck was very easy to apply in the areas where the treatment was needed and we are so pleased with the results we are repeating the treatment with Bacterius Muck again. Great product, great service! Thank you! "  K. Smolynec   Bolton ESt,Quebec Technical Specifications The granules are simply thrown onto the surface rich in sediment to be treated. Bacteria will start to consume the sometimes thick layer of organic sediment that makes swimming so unpleasant. Bacterius® MUCK stays where you applied it and works in situ, in direct contact with the sediment, rather than being diluted in the water column. Active in fresh and salt water.  Once in contact with the sludge, the granules gradually dissolve and release the bacteria which feed on the organic sediment. Bacterius® MUCK also reduces sulphides and bad odors generated by sludge.The product is even more effective in the presence of bottom aeration. We recommend checking compliance with government authorities prior to use.Storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from freezing. Safe for flora and fauna.Precautions : Direct contact with the skin may cause skin irritation. Gloves are recommended. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application Easy to apply! Follow these simple steps for optimal results:    1.   Make sure the water is 10°C/50 F or more. This product is more effective during the summer months (June to September)     2.   To reduce product drift, make sure to do treatment on a calm day.     3.   Calculate the proper dosage depending on the surface area to be treated :  kg / 900 m² or 1 Lb /4 000 pi²    4.   Toss the pellets evenly over the water surface. These will sink to the bottom in the water in the muck and begin to dissolve to release the bacteria.     5.   Double the dosage for shock treatment.    * Treatment should be done as needed. Although if a heavy muck accumulation has been identified, start with a treatment every 2 weeks and reduce to monthly once the accumulation of muck has reduced.  * Aeration enhances the product performance, follow this link to see our aeration systems : Click here You have pictures of before and after? Do not hesitate to share with us :) :     

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  • Benthic barrier, Lake Bottom Blanket

    Available in Canada, exclusively at!  The Lake Bottom Blanket is an easy-to-use aquatic tool for controlling invasive plants like the Eurasian Watermilfoil! Benefits Instant aquatic weed control - a simple system that anyone can implement. The purchase of the Lake Bottom Blanket will help you regain control of your pond or lake in no time at all. The Lake Bottom Blanket is made in America and is available in several sizes for a variety of applications. The principle is simple, here is how an aquatic cover works:1- Identify the area where the aquatic weeds must be controlled2- Install the Lake bottom Blanket barrier over the weeds3- The Lake bottom blanket creates a barrier between the sun and the aquatic weeds and therefore kills them by the absence of sunlight4- After 1 month you can either remove the barrier or move it to another location requiring weed control. It's that simple!  Video available:    * Please note that this barrier is to control the growth of invasive aquatic plants and not to protect the feet from the bottom of the water * Technical specifications After one month, the lake bottom cover can be removed or moved to a new area where plants are a problem. For example, you can install the Lake Bottom Blanket around May and remove it at the end of June, and have little or no weeds in that area for the rest of the summer! The Lake Bottom Blanket is shipped in a box without the necessary ballast frames. Ideally, 3/8" (10 mm) rebar should be used as the weight for the lake bottom blanket. 3/8" rebar is available at your local building supply store and most suppliers will cut it to your length. 3/8" rubber end caps are provided to cover the ends of the rebar to prevent damage or injury caused by possible sharp edges of the rebar. Please note: Hardware stores or renovation centers typically carry ½" (13 mm) rebar; buying this is not recommended for normal use of the blanket. Only 4 caps are included in the package for this size of rebar. This benthic barrier that acts like the Aquascreen or burlap can be removed annually as needed with minimal effort.  It is reusable for many years. Weights and recommendations for reinforcing bars (REBAR) Local purchase - 3/8'' (10 mm) rebars cut into 10-foot lengths LBB20 (10 ′ x 20 ′) - Requires 5 bars LBB30 (10 ′ x 30 ′) - Requires 7 bars LBB40 (10 ′ x 40 ′) - Requires 9 bars LBB50 (10 ′ x 50 ′) - Requires 11 bars If your installation requires more weight, only the first and last tubes will accommodate ½ inch rebar and for this purpose 4 x ½ inch caps are included. All the other caps included in the box are the standard 3/8 inch for the 3/8 in rebar rods. Warranty : 1 year coverage on manufacturing defects Tech Sheet (PDF) Installation The Lake Bottom Blanket is easily installed in the water if the water weed beds are either in the dormant stage or at any time during the growing season, but it is easier to set up when it is installed before weeds emerge from the water surface. Blankets are 10 feet 9 inches (326 cm) wide regardless of the length required by the customer - normally 40 feet (12.2 m). Blankets are shipped folded without ballast. The float provided is designed to (A) keep boats that may disturb the blanket away and (B) locate the Lake Bottom Blanket's grab or travel handle. The first step is to purchase the 10-foot lengths of 3/8 in (10 mm) rebar. Remove the vinyl caps from the blanket package and place them on the ends of the rebar. Unfold the blanket to its full width; you will see clips holding the plastic layers together; you will also see the ends of the tubes aligned side by side. One end of the tubes is sewn closed; find the open ends of the tubes; insert the rebar into the tubes. You will find a zipper on the open ends of each tube. Once the bar is fully inserted, lock it by tightening the tie onto the material; then cut off the free end of the tie. Place the assembled pleated ribs on the stern of a boat with the plastic over the edge. Attach the two handling lines to the handles of the cover. The line for the end of the shoreline (indicated by the red tape) can be attached with a loop so that it can be easily detached after the blanket is deployed. Remove the clips. The shoreline end must be attached to the outer rib, is attached to the shoreline or held by a person on shore. The offshore line can be attached to the boat or held by an assistant. Release the outermost rib into the water at the shore end of the intended installation. (The ideal water depth is at least 3 feet - the depth may be less if there is assurance that there is no activity in the coverage area). Move the boat away from the shoreline. Coverage will take place. It will probably take a few minutes for the entire blanket to settle below the surface of the water. When the last shoreline is overboard in the water, using the line attached to the rope handle, pull the blanket reasonably tight before releasing the last shoreline at the bottom of the lake. Attach the warning float to the line, positioning it so that it remains close to the edge of the blanket. Once the blanket is installed, gently pull the blanket toward the shoreline, stretching the blanket reasonably tight again. The shore side can be disconnected or attached to a shore support. Tying the rope to the shoreline is especially important when aggressive wave action is possible. Note 1: In a deep water installation from shore, it is preferable to use two boats with two people on at least one of the boats. Note 2: The intention is that the blanket should be deployed perpendicular to the shoreline - not parallel, as wave action can move or dislodge it and anyone walking in the water can trip over it.Video available from the manufacturer. Assembly : VideoInstallation : VideoRemoving the barrier: VideoCleaning : Video Installation and use (PDF)   Products often used in combination with the Lake Bottom Blanket Bacterius Muck: Bacterius® MUCK is a concentrate of beneficial bacteria in granules for the reduction of organic sediments. Ideal around docks, banks and shores with organic sludge. Click here 

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  • Aquatic Weed Rakes offers hand tools designed for collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds.  The RakeZilla allows you to maintain the aquatic vegetation in your pond or lake.   *Also available in combo with the WeedShear: Select the model COMBO to get the discount. Technical specifications Control unwanted and invasive aquatic plants with our rakes for aquatic plants. Many cottagers suffer from the problems associated with aquatic weeds on the shoreline, a problem that becomes more acute as nutrient-rich sediment accumulates in the lake and water quality changes. offers different packages designed for cutting and collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds. RakeZilla (Floating Rake) Once these aquatic weeds have been cut using the WeedShear, they must now be picked up.  The RakeZilla is made for this.  Its reinforced and durable, extra wide head is made for this job.  It is 40'' wide and can remove large amounts of waste, plants and floating algae in one swipe.  Designed specifically for handling aquatic plants; Rake weight 2.9 kg (6.5 lbs) ; 10 rigid teeth made out of reinforced plastic 22.9 cm (9″); Handle 213-335 cm (7′-11′); 7.6m (30') rope (25′) with float kit included; 10 years warranty against manufacturer's defects; Click here to visit The WeedShear (weed cutter) webpage 

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  • Bacterius® C, for organic matter & muck

    Bacterius® C quickly and safely eliminates organic matter and stinky muck from the pond floor! Features a blend of beneficial bacterial strains from natural aquatic environments selected for their ability to efficiently degrade organic matter in aquatic settings such as ponds and lakes. Canada’s #1 natural beneficial bacteria for improving pond health! Benefits Bacterius® C is a biotechnology-based product for maintaining and regenerating aquatic environments. Our clients regularly order Bacterius® C pond bacteria as part of their pond management regime, because it works quickly, it is affordable, easy to use and friendly for the environment. Degrades organic matter present in the sludge and suspended in the water Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem Helps reduce the concentration of chemicals used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus) Helps reduce foul odors caused by anoxic conditions Competes against sulfate reducing bacteria to prevent H2S gas production Naturally clarifies the water Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants Naturally selected bacteria strains Highly adaptable Highly stable Free of chemical preservatives Free of pathogenic contaminants Active in fresh and salt water Complete genetic profile available   Technical Specifications Bacterius® C is a blend of natural strains of beneficial bacteria to digest organic matter found in ponds and lakes. When introduced into the environment, the water treatment liquid formulation of Bacterius® C bacteria become active, establish themselves and begin breaking down accumulated organic matter, mud and muck. Uneaten fish food, decomposing algae and plant material, fish waste and other organic sediments found at the bottom of ponds and lakes are excellent fuel for the bacteria in Bacterius® C and will be digested by them. As pond and lake water warms, the cycle of life begins, and in the pond this means productions of algae, phytoplankton blooms and sometimes cloudy murky water. Bacterius® C bacteria will begin to rapidly consume the extra nutrients in your pond that are feeding the algae. If there is no nourishment available for the algae, they will not survive. Since Bacterius® C is formulated to reduce the carbon sediments, it works right at the roots of the problem, at the sediment level, removing phosphorous, nitrogen, and foul odors, quickly and safely. Our clients regularly order Bacterius® C pond bacteria as part of their pond management regime, because it works quickly, it is affordable, easy to use and friendly for the environment. The high degrading power and rapid growth rate of these natural beneficial bacteria gives them a competitive advantage over potentially undesirable and pathogenic bacteria in the water. The natural bacteria strains of Bacterius® C are capable of adapting to different aquatic environments. Using Bacterius® C creates a controlled, balanced microbial flora that is healthy for aquatic plant and animal life. Made from bacteria that are safe for humans as well as for aquatic flora and fauna, these active cultures are presented as spores, ensuring the product lasts a long time and maintains its degradation power. Bacterius® C is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure its purity, stability and performance. Naturally selected bacteria strains Highly adaptable Highly stable Free of chemical preservatives Free of pathogenic contaminants Active in fresh and salt water Complete genetic profile available Made in Canada We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)SDS (PDF) Dosage and Application Monthly dosage:  ≤ 100 m³ of water volume: 12.5 ml / m³> 100 m³ of water volume: 5 ml / m³ Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions. Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water. Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. If the pond is too big to do so, add the dose in the turbulent waters of the water intake or close to any diffusers. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. IF POSSIBLE, USE OPENED BOTTLES WITHIN YEAR OF PURCHASE.FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US.    

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  • Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers

    Protect your docks, boats and submerged structures with a Kasco Marine de-icer. Benefits Kasco Marine de-icers, also known as circulators or agitators, are available at, your Kasco Marine dealer in Canada. Winter ice can damage your dock to the point of complete destruction. The thicker the ice gets, the more it also expands. This can literally destroy your dock. When the water level in a lake changes in the winter, the ice surrounding your posts can tear them off the sea floor.  The ice clinging to the structure shows how securely the expanding ice was attached. Kasco Marine de-icers are specially designed to be suspended from a dock or boat to prevent damage caused by ice expansion and water level variations. This animated video illustrates two of the ways you can position your de-icer. Kasco de-icers use a propeller system that creates a vertical or horizontal movement of water to prevent ice from forming near docks, boat shelters and shorelines. The de-icer performs by moving warmer, denser water upward from the bottom of the pond or lake and circulates the water upward to the surface and sideways creating an agitation that reduces or eliminates ice build-up creating a large ice-free surface. Installation with a horizontal float or with a universal dock mount are options that allow you to precisely direct the movement of the water to strategically and precisely de-ice a particular structure. Ideal for fresh or salt water applications. How to choose your deicer Choosing the right de-icer is easy, refer to the ice opening chart (pdf) to find the best model and application kit for your needs. If Kasco de-icers do not meet your needs, visit the Thawline Linear De-Icers page. All Kasco de-icers are also available in 240V and/or 50 Hertz for the European market, call us for more information.Kasco Marine De-Icing Chart (PDF)  Timers & Control Box Options Controlling your Kasco Marine de-icer with a thermostat or timer is a great way to save energy and extend the life of your de-icer by operating it only when needed. The C-10 Thermostat allows you to determine an accurate temperature under which your unit starts.The C20 Thermostat and Timer Control Unit combines the schedule of the day with the temperature at which you want your de-icer to operate.   Technical Specifications Suspension ropes - Braided polypropylene yarns. 20′ x 5/16″, 2 lengths included. Galvanized steel protection cage - Propeller protection. Vinyl coated for easy handling. High quality propeller - Specially designed for maximum whirl at minimum energy cost. Power cable - 25 feet of submersible power cable that remains flexible in the air despite temperatures as low as -45ºC (-50ºF). Waterproof connections for ease of installation and handling. Longer lengths are available as an option. Zinc Anode - Changeable anode protecting against electrolytic corrosion. (The anode must be checked annually and replaced if necessary to ensure warranty coverage). Seals - Double seal system to prevent oil leakage from the engine. Shaft - Series #316 stainless steel, suitable for salt water. Ball Bearing - Ball bearing lubricated in oil for better heat dissipation. Oil - The oil used allows for limited maintenance, increased heat dissipation and better protection against moisture. Motor - Standard design, 120V single-phase direct current, oil-immersed, overload-protected motor with automatic circuit breaker. Capacitor - The capacitor ensures proper starting and operation of the motor. Motor housing - Stainless steel, corrosion resistant, saltwater compatible. 2 year warranty Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of icebreakers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be well marked with a sign to warn all persons of the hazard. To be used with all types of de-icing systems. Tech Sheet (PDF) Owner's Manual (PDF) Maintenance of Kasco Marine Units (PDF) Installation Suspension with ropes - Vertical position - For de-icing in a circle shape All Kasco de-icers include 2 x 20-foot ropes to suspend the de-icer under the dock or boat. These ropes are included in the de-icer box. Hang the system vertically on either side of the structure at a depth of 4 to 5 feet from the water surface. A vertical installation produces a circular de-iced surface. Another possibility is to attach the de-icer to each side of the boat with the suspension ropes so that the de-icer follows the tide or water level.   Horizontal float mount – Horizontal position – Produces long elongated pattern when no dock is available   You can also use the optional horizontal float set to create an elongated ice free space. The de-icer installed under the horizontal float can be positioned at different angles for added versatility. Ideal for : Shallow water Places where there are water level fluctuations such as: a tide or in a large lake where the waves are high. Sites to be de-iced where there are no docks or structures.   Installation with universal dock support - Angled position - For elongated de-icing   The Universal Dock Support is made from thermal plastic components, corrosion protected steel and stainless steel to withstand the worst marine conditions. A stainless steel rod of 1″ diameter and 10 feet in length must be supplied by the purchaser to attach the de-icer and dock and structure mounting kit. With the new Easy Lock handle, adjustments in the water are child's play.This option is ideal for creating an angle at the de-icer. It gives a very good precision of the surfaces to be de-iced. It is often easier to de-ice a boat by installing the de-icer at the bow and angling it towards the stern of the boat. If the water movement is directed towards the shore or a retaining wall, the water current will be directed on each side of the shore or wall to create a "T" shaped de-icing section.   Industrial Dock Mount Kasco's industrial dock support, made of corrosion-resistant metal, requires 1.5" I.D. stainless steel pipe threaded at both ends and measuring a maximum of 10 feet (not included). It is manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Moreover, thanks to its unique design, you can easily modify the angle, depth and positioning of the de-icer.  

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  • Bacterius® 5B, Dry Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria

    Bacterius® 5B: highly concentrated beneficial natural bacteria with barley straw, five times more potent than Bacterius® 1B! This is our #1 product for deep and smelly organic pond sediment! Benefits Bacterius® 5B reduces the accumulation of decaying plants, grass clippings, leaves, fish wastes and other organic materials and helps: Reduce and prevent the proliferation of algae Improve water clarity in ponds and lakes Reduce odours associated with anoxic conditions Reduce lake bottom sludge and mucky pond sediments Control excess nutrients that contribute to algae growth Enhance the aquatic environment and restores equilibrium to the ecosystem. Technical Specifications Bacterius® 5B concentrated bacteria dry formulation consists of billions of microbial cultures made up of beneficial natural bacterial strains specifically chosen to reduce dissolved organic carbon and organic sediments consisting of both cellulose and lignin components of dead and decaying algae and vegetation. Use Bacterius® 5B concentrated bacteria in your pond or lake for severe or persistent algae blooms, deep nutrient-rich organic sediments and unpleasant odour problems. The concentrated bacteria formulation in Bacterius® 5B acts quickly, hastening the process of organic decomposition when applied regularly and in the presence of lake bottom aeration. All our beneficial bacteria need oxygen to function and are far more effective in the presence of dissolved air provided by lake bottom aeration. With 5 billion active cells per gram, the pure and pathogen-free cultures in Bacterius® 5B are the strongest pond & lake bacteria available. No need for premixing or messy dilution, 5B is packaged in pre-measured, half pound water-soluble packets, to allow for easy dosing. Simply toss in the appropriate number of pouches into the pond or at the lake shoreline, as the pouches dissolve, they release the beneficial bacteria into the water column, where they sink down and begin the process of consuming the nutrient rich muck. Bacterius® 5B is an effective treatment to remove organic matter that causes water clarity problems. Bacterius® 5B reduces the odor and murky water associated with various types of accumulated organic wastes in lakes and ponds. This premium blend of natural bacterial cultures is an extra-strength pure bacterial mixture for accelerated treatment. This bacterial mixture provides an aggressive yet safe way to combat algae without the use of harsh chemicals. Bacterius® 5B improves overall water clarity and reduces odors, naturally enhancing the entire aquatic environment with no chemicals. When even the frogs won’t come to your pond, perhaps it’s time for Bacterius® 5B! We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Living product: avoid freezing and humidity exposure.FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US.   Dosage and Application Weekly dosage varies depending on the application, age of the pond, the fish and plant density and the amount of organic matter. Conditions needed: +10 °C / 50° F, pH 5 – 9 Dosage small ponds : 1 pouch / 200 m² (2000 ft²)Dosage large ponds and lakes: 1 pouches / 400 m² (4000 ft²)   How an application works:  1.Once you've thrown the bag in the pond, it floats at the surface.  2.Within a minute, upon contact with water, the cornstarch bag begins to disintegrate, releasing the bacteria into the water.  3. The bacteria disperse completely in the pond and the bag disintegrates completely in the water without leaving any waste.   

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