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Available in Canada, exclusively at!  The Lake Bottom Blanket is an easy-to-use aquatic tool for controlling invasive plants like the Eurasian Watermilfoil!


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Instant aquatic weed control - a simple system that anyone can implement. The purchase of the Lake Bottom Blanket will help you regain control of your pond or lake in no time at all. The Lake Bottom Blanket is made in America and is available in several sizes for a variety of applications.

The principle is simple, here is how an aquatic cover works:

1- Identify the area where the aquatic weeds must be controlled

2- Install the Lake bottom Blanket barrier over the weeds

3- The Lake bottom blanket creates a barrier between the sun and the aquatic weeds and therefore kills them by the absence of sunlight

4- After 1 month you can either remove the barrier or move it to another location requiring weed control.

It's that simple! 

Video available: 


* Please note that this barrier is to control the growth of invasive aquatic plants and not to protect the feet from the bottom of the water *

Products often used in combination with the Lake Bottom Blanket

Bacterius Muck: Bacterius® MUCK is a concentrate of beneficial bacteria in pellets for the reduction of organic sediments. Ideal around docks, banks and shores with organic sludge. Click here

After one month, the lake bottom cover can be removed or moved to a new area where plants are a problem. For example, you can install the Lake Bottom Blanket around May and remove it at the end of June, and have little or no weeds in that area for the rest of the summer!

The Lake Bottom Blanket is shipped in a box without the necessary ballast frames. Ideally, 3/8" (10 mm) rebar should be used as the weight for the lake bottom blanket. 3/8" rebar is available at your local building supply store and most suppliers will cut it to your length. 3/8" rubber end caps are provided to cover the ends of the rebar to prevent damage or injury caused by possible sharp edges of the rebar.

Please note: Hardware stores or renovation centers typically carry ½" (13 mm) rebar; buying this is not recommended for normal use of the blanket. Only 4 caps are included in the package for this size of rebar.

This benthic barrier that acts like an aqua screen or burlap and can be removed annually as needed with minimal effort.  It is reusable for many years.

Weights and recommendations for reinforcing bars (REBAR)

Local purchase - 3/8'' (10 mm) rebars cut into 10-foot lengths

LBB20 (10′ x 20′) - Requires 5 bars

LBB30 (10′ x 30′) - Requires 7 bars

LBB40 (10′ x 40′) - Requires 9 bars

LBB50 (10′ x 50′) - Requires 11 bars

LBB80 (10′ x 80′) - Requires 17 bars

If your installation requires more weight, only the first and last tubes will accommodate ½ inch rebar and for this purpose 4 x ½ inch caps are included. All the other caps included in the box are the standard 3/8 inch for the 3/8 in rebar rods.

Warranty : 1 year coverage on manufacturing defects

Tech Sheet (PDF)

The Lake Bottom Blanket is easily installed in the water if the water weed beds are either in the dormant stage or at any time during the growing season, but it is easier to set up when it is installed before weeds emerge from the water surface. Blankets are 10 feet 9 inches (326 cm) wide regardless of the length required by the customer. Blankets are shipped folded without ballast. The float provided is designed to (A) keep boats that may disturb the blanket away and (B) locate the Lake Bottom Blanket's grab or travel handle.

1-  The first step is to purchase the 10-foot lengths of 3/8 in (10 mm) rebar.

2-  Place the caps included in the box on 1 end of each rebars to protect the blankets from the sharp edges of the rebars (see picture below).

3-  Unfold the blanket to its full width. One end of the tubes is sewn closed; find the open ends of the tubes; insert the rebar into the tubes making sure the side with the cap head first. You will find a zipper on the open ends of each tube. Once the bar is fully inserted, lock it by tightening the tie onto the material; then cut off the free end of the tie.

4-  Place the assembled pleated ribs on the stern of a boat with the plastic over the edge. Attach the two handling lines to the handles of the cover. The line for the end of the shoreline (indicated by the red tape) can be attached with a loop so that it can be easily detached after the blanket is deployed.

The shoreline end must be attached to the outer rib, attached to the shoreline or held by a person on shore.

The offshore line can be attached to the boat or held by a person. 

5-  Release the outermost rib into the water at the shore end of the intended installation. (The ideal water depth is at least 3 feet - the depth may be less if there is assurance that there is no activity in the coverage area). Move the boat away from the shoreline. It will probably take a few minutes for the entire blanket to settle below the surface of the water.

6-  When the last section of the blanket is overboard in the water, using the line attached to the rope handle, pull the blanket reasonably tight before releasing the last section at the bottom of the lake.

7-  Attach the warning float to the line, positioning it so that it remains close to the edge of the blanket. 
Once the blanket is installed, gently pull the blanket toward the shoreline, stretching the blanket reasonably tight again.
The shore side can be disconnected or attached to a shore support. Tying the rope to the shoreline is especially important when aggressive wave action is possible.

Note 1: In a deep water installation, it is preferable to use two boats with two people on at least one of the boats. 

Note 2: The blanket should be deployed perpendicular to the shoreline - not parallel, as wave action can move or dislodge it and anyone walking in the water can trip over it.

Note 3: This product has been installed on the windiest of lakes. On those occasions, it might be necessary to anchor the Lake Bottom Blanket with sand bags on the ends or even on top of the rebars depending on situation. 

Video available from the manufacturer.

Assembly : Video
Installation : Video
Removing the barrier: Video
Cleaning : Video

Installation and use (PDF)


Customer Reviews

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Easy install alongside dock. No more weeds in the prop of the boat.

Weeds in our lake have become a big problem in the shallow bays. Our dock was surrounded and our boat motor was always chopping them up (which of course helps spread the problem). We put a barrier under our boat area at the side of our dock. It works great. The weeds are gone and we can bring the boat in and out without any weeds interfering with the propellor. It was easy to install - 3 people BTW. Two in the boat, one on the dock. We are thinking of getting another for the swim area off the end of the dock too.

Warren Munn
Benthic Barrier Mat

We installed the mat (10x40) with ease. We are not in a high wave activity area so the rebar holds it down pretty well. So far it is working well. I actually need about 20 of these mats to get rid of my weed issue! LOL

Paul Finlayson
Difficult to place in deeper water

Once in place the Matt works great. To place in deeper water (6 feet +) you need 3 people and a motorized fishing boat. Providing directions for this instalment would have saved me lots of grief.

Good day Paul, thank you for taking the time to review your purchase of a Lake Bottom Blanket on our website. We are very happy that the product works great. Pleaser refers to the installation tab on the product page for more information on the installation of the product, videos and tips for deeper water installation are included. We are sorry you had to go through a lot of grief during the installation and we hope you are enjoying your pond/lakeshore with the lake bottom blanket now installed. If you have any other questions please reach out to our team at the following email We will be happy to help!

Helen K
10x50' benthic blanket

We just installed the 10 x 50' benthic blanket at our shoreline to help with the weeds. Instead of the 3/8" rebar we used 5/8" due to the winds we get. The blanket has been down for a week but it won't stay on the bottom. So if you are considering this product, know that it will not work if you get waves. I am hoping the company will help us with some resolution as there was no warning on the product description telling us it won't work if the body of water is rough.

Good day Helen, thank you for taking the time to review your purchase of a Lake Bottom Blanket on our website. This product can be installed in very windy/high current situations. Some anchoring might be necessary to use sand bags on top of the blanket when the current is strong. Also, make sure the Lake Bottom Blanket is installed perpendicularly to the shoreline - not Parallel. Hope this helps!
We replied to the email you sent, do not hesitate to continue the conversation by email to make sure your situation gets resolved to your liking.

Best regards,

The team at Canadian Products Ltd.

sylvain robitaille
toile bien conçu et ca semble être efficace.

La toile est bien concu, nous n'avons eut aucun problême a l'installer et apprécions les bouées orange.
J'aurais bien mis un 5 étoiles mais il y a un petit soucis avec la toile qui semble plutôt mince. Nous l avons
déja écorché en passant les rodes. Une toile plus épaisse aurait plus de chance de survivre quelques années.
A part de cette considération, aucun soucis.

Bonjour, M. Robitaille, merci d'avoir pris le temps de faire une évaluation du produit. Pour ce qui est de la résistance de la toile, prendre note que dans la boite il y a des bouchons à insérer au bout de chaque barre de métal. Ils ont été inclus dans le but de protéger la toile des barres de métal. Merci encore et si vous avez d'autres questions en lien avec votre étang, contactez-nous il nous fera plaisir de discuter avec vous!
Au plaisir!

L'équipe de

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