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  • Clearance - 3/4 HP, 115V Brockwood Double Piston Compressor

    COM103-CK 115V, 25 PSI Brockwood Double Piston Compressor for pond and lake aeration. Clearance NO PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE INCLUDED, please contact us if you would like to add one to your order. Makes a great replacement compressor! 

    $503.50 CAD

  • Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V

    Automated Biotechnology Treatment Distribution System for Grease Traps Benefits  WHY USE A Bacterius TRAP DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM• Controls accumulation of grease in the trap• Reduces trap emptying frequency by 75-80%• Controls bad odours• Reduces risk of pipe blockage• Optimizes equipment lifetime• Optimizes collection performance• Limits the release of fat into wastewater• Fully automated• Complete management handled by our technicians• Compact system (requires minimal space)• Installed by our technicians (requires a 120vAc outlet)• Qualifies for "Go Green" or "LEED" programs FEATURESThe Bacterius TRAP Distribution System is a mechanical, automated unit designed to inject, on a daily basis, Bacterius TRAP, a biotechnology product into a waste trap, while providing critical aeration during off-hours. The beneficial bacteria formulation found in Bacterius TRAP biodegrades accumulated grease, fat, oil and other organic waste. Control software manages the release of the product while providing micro-aeration, which is critical to system performance. The automation of the system controls aeration and distribution of the product in the trap, eliminating costly waste management hours. Specifications System features:• Ten-year lifetime replaceable battery.• Automatic Daylight Savings Time Change.• Possibility to program a period of operation different for each day of the week.• Easy to set and program.• Saved memory in case of power failure.• Requires 115 V, 60 Hz power• Consumption: 50 W• Min/Max Operating Temperature: 0°/50° C Aeration features• Flow: 1 CFM @ 0 psi• Max pressure: 3 psiPump features• Flow: 270ml/min• Suction: 2mH2O• Max pressure: 8mH2O PRODUCT TO USE WITH THE SYSTEMUse Bacterius™ TRAP liquid beneficial bacteria (by Products Ltd.)• Unique technology• Highly adaptable• Highly stable• Free of pathogenic contaminants• Free of chemical preservatives• Completely biodegradable• Non-corrosive• Does not damage surfaces• Safe for users, equipment and the environment.• Environmental Choice certified• pH neutral• No noxious and non toxic vapors• Complete genetic profile available upon request.• See Tech Sheet for more details. INSTALLATION PROCEDUREHere are the three main components of the Bacterius™ Trap Distribution System:➢ The bucket of Bacterius TRAP beneficial bacteria can rest on the floor near the wall mounted unit of the Trap Distribution System. A feeder hose pumps the liquid bacteria up to the Bacterius™ Trap Distribution System. Via another feeder hose, it is released into the air diffuser housed in the grease trap. ➢ The Bacterius™ TRAP Distribution System is installed securely on a wall near electricity and the grease trap.➢ The grease trap houses the aeration diffuser that disperses the liquid bacteria and provides critical aeration for biodegradation of the waste. will provide you with the complete user manual. Bacterius TRAP sold separately, contact us for pricing.  

    $787.00 CAD

  • Clearance - Sprayer Pump, Battery-Powered - 2 gal

    Perfect accessory for application of our liquid bacteria! No need to pump, a lithium-ion battery does the compression for you! Sprays up to 12 full tanks (total 24 gal) per charge. 

    $56.75 CAD

  • Clearance - B2OXY, 2 lbs

    Powdered hydrogen peroxide cleaner, for cascades and pond liners. While supplies last.  Items sold "as is" and on final sale with no return or exchange possible. 

    $14.28 CAD

  • Clearance - Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration System

    Kasco Marine has designed the Robust-Aire aeration systems to be durable, affordable and easy to install. is Kasco Marine's authorized service center for Canada. While supplies last.  Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible. Description This page displays Robust-Aire systems in liquidation only which are models we wish to liquidate with a discount. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please go to the regular page. Click here  Robust-Aire™ systems pump compressed air from a shore-mounted compressor through self-weighted lines to a diffuser on the pond, lake, or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water. This induces oxygen-transfer as well as beneficial water movement and mixing. Technical Specifications For private ponds, lakes, reservoirs, stormwater retention ponds and other similar bodies of water. Robust-Aire systems allow for a continuous aeration of shallow to deep water. No electricity in the water No equipment floating on the surface, allowing for safe circulation on the water and a more natural look. No shoreside power required, since the compressor can be installed far from the pond. Ideal for deep water application Low cost for large lake areas. Minimal maintenance 3 years warranty Inclusions Robust-Aire Diffusers The diffusers are designed to produce fine air bubbles with minimum pressure. The base is made of durable plastic and comes with a seal that allows you to fill the base with gravel or other ballast substrate. The design keeps the diffusers at an optimal level above the pond bottom. The fittings are durable and bolted to ensure that the ballasted pipe does not come loose during installation or while maintaining the diffusers. A check valve with Viton seals prevents water from entering the pipe when the system is not in operation. Self-Sinking Airline Available in easy to handle rolls of 100 feet. Rolls are delivered in a box and come with our complete set of connectors, fittings and all necessary stainless steel collars. 1 diffuser (RA1) : 100 feet of 3/8" self sinking tubing  Cabinet for post or wall: The post mounted cabinet (PM) is mounted on an exterior wall or wooden post (not included). Dimensions 48 x 30 x 30 cm (19'' x 12'' x 12″) A 120V outlet (240V available upon request) A unique cooling fan providing 110 CFM of ventilation A compressor that is factory-installed in the cabinet, which is equipped with acoustic foam and a key lock Manufacturer's product sheet (PDF) 

    $1,845.50 CAD

  • Clearance - Kasco Marine LED fountain light kits

    We offer a selection of optional light kits for Kasco Marine fountains, so you can enjoy your fountain the whole evening. While supplies last.  Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible. Description This page displays Kasco Marine LED fountain light kits in liquidation only. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please go to the regular fountain light kits page. Click here  LED lights enhance your fountain and give a warm atmosphere in the evening. These lights are designed for Kasco Marine JF fountains, VFX fountains and surface aerators from ½ HP up to 7.5 HP. Click here to help choose the right floating fountain for your pond. Technical Specifications These sturdy stainless steel LED lights use 19 watt light bulbs for a bright and vivid effect on your pond. The set of 3 lights is designed for fountains going from 1/2 HP to 1 HP. The set of six lights is recommended for fountain models ranging from 1 HP to 7.5 HP and comes with mounting brackets for the float. Available colors: White, red, green, blue, orange Warranty: 3 years Instruction manual (PDF) Applications For fountains used in public parks or businesses, it is recommended to use kits of six lights for better visibility. 

    $2,798.00 CAD

  • Clearance - Kasco Marine VFX Fountains

    Kasco Marine’s VFX floating aerating fountains are a classic design, great for residential applications as well as medium to large ponds and have been a best-seller for many years.  While supplies last.  Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible. Description This page displays Kasco VFX fountains in liquidation only. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please go to the regular VFX fountains page. Click here has supplied Kasco Marine VFX aerating fountains and pond aerators to clients in Canada, the United States and in Europe for nearly two decades. These durable aerating floating fountains are engineered and manufactured with pride in Prescott, Wisconsin U.S.A. with intimate knowledge and expertise about fountain engineering and design feature upgrades. As the largest Canadian dealer of Kasco Marine aerating fountains and pond aerators and a Certified Repair and Maintenance Center, you are in good hands with! The classic Kasco “V” fountain pattern gives this aerator model a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing display. It is designed for maximum oxygenation to improve the health of your pond or lake efficiently. The VFX floating aerating fountains are available in 120V or 240V, 60Hz models as well as 240V, 50Hz international model. Clients who use the VFX floating fountain are pleased to enjoy the aesthetic of a fountain, hearing the lovely sound of water splashing and seeing the attractive classic “V” shape spray pattern, while knowing they are adding much-needed oxygen to their pond. When a light kit is added, the enjoyment of your fountain is extended well into the evening hours, adding flare to summer parties, weddings or romantic evenings by the pond. Fountain sounds have the added bonus of drowning out unwanted background noises from highways, lawn mowers or other yard machinery, that can become annoying. A stunning array of VFX floating fountains lit up in different colours, adds sparkle to golf course or municipal park ponds. Our aeration fountains by Kasco Marine are affordable and reliable, coming with a solid 2 to 3 year warranty depending on the model, making them the brand of choice for commercial establishments such as amusement parks, campgrounds, corporate landscape gardens, funeral homes, hotels and gated communities, to name a few. Click here to read up on how to choose the right floating fountain for your pond. Technical Specifications Kasco's aerating fountains are mounted with four propeller blades to maximize the flow of displaced water while minimizing the energy required to make them function. Kasco fountains are among the most energy efficient on the market, in regards to the projected rate per kilowatt/hour of electricity consumed. These VFX models have a beautiful aerating pattern that will improve the water quality and aesthetics of any pond or body of water. The floating aerating fountains include a GFCI protected control box with timer, GFCI protection and photo eye for light operation. The photo eye allows you to set your timer for the hours of operation and when it is dark the lights will activate. LED or Halogen light kits available in Clear White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow to extend the fountain’s beauty into the nighttime hours. Lighting enlivens the water display, turning water drops into glimmering jewels of light while providing a resort-like appearance to the water feature. The VFX Series offer increased circulation and oxygenation of thermal-stratified water and help stimulate the natural biodegradation of organic waste (such as grass clippings, leaves and run-off) and pollutants. Oxygen is circulated and absorbed into the water, thereby increasing aerobic decomposition of sunken organic matter. Aeration can help eliminate spring and fall turnover. Aeration helps to promote greater densities of fish. Specifications : Efficient / Low Power Use: Highest efficiency design for low power consumption versus competing units. Reduces operating costs over the entire life of the unit. Clog Resistant: Unique water-deflecting nozzle design gives you the most clog-resistant model on the market. Needs a minimum water depth to function. Robust Motor: Environmentally friendly design with a hard-face internal mechanical seal and external lip seal for protection against leaks. Seals are silicone carbide for long life. Long-life top and bottom ball bearings. Food-grade oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation. Corrosion Resistant: Superior dependability in salt-water or other corrosive environments. All external metal motor, float, and hardware components are made of stainless steel. Low Maintenance: Clean the motor housing once or twice per year and replace the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded. Fully Tested: ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety standards. Shipping: Ships Easily in Canada and abroad Dependable: Backed by a two-year warranty or three year warranty on 2 & 5 HP models. Choice of Cord Lengths: SJTOW underwater rated power cord length options of 50′ to 500′ or quick disconnect option. Includes two 50′ braided nylon mooring ropes (3 for the 2 & 5 HP models). Kasco Marine Fountain Care Checklist (PDF)  Specifications flyer (PDF) Installation Choice of Cord Lengths: SJTOW underwater rated power cord length options of 50′ to 500′ or quick disconnect option. Includes two 50′ braided nylon mooring ropes (3 for the 2 & 5 HP models). Anchoring: The fountains include two 50 'heavy-duty nylon anchor ropes (3 for 2 and 5 HP models). Note that for 240V fountains, an electrician must be present at the time of installation to connect the control box. The connection can be done in advance by sending you the control box before the installation date. Package Includes: Motor unit Float Bottom screen Interchangeable nozzles Control panel with GFI protection Mooring lines Power cord 50Hz units include a motor unit, 15m mooring lines, multiple nozzles and power cord We offer installation services. Click Here to find out more.    

    $2,198.00 CAD - $5,584.81 CAD

  • Clearance - Kasco Marine NSF Certisafe Water Tower Circulator

    CertiSafe circulators provide water mixing to prevent water stratification and ice creation in water tanks with ANSI 61 & 372 certification While supplies last.  Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible. Benefits Clearance of discontinued items. Even though we are no longer distributing this product, we remain a Kasco Certified service center in case you need repair on your unit.  CertiSafe circulators improve water quality by eliminating thermal stratification CertiSafe circulators perform efficient mixing in drinking water towers. Thermal stratification creates an accumulation of unwanted bacteria in the warmer upper layer of the water. Thermal stratification is created in just 24 hours. Cooler, well-oxygenated water sinks to the bottom, while warmer, oxygen-deficient water rises to the surface. This creates layers of water of different temperatures. The upper part of the tank experiences episodes of poor water quality because there is no mixing between the cold water at the bottom and that at the surface of the tank. Also, hot water tends to contain more unwanted bacteria in these layering situations. Cold water at the bottom leaves the tank first and tends to deteriorate the water quality even more. It is therefore crucial that all the water in the reservoir is well mixed with the CertiSafe circulators. Improve water sampling with CertiSafe circulators Without the CertiSafe circulator, thermal stratification gives inconsistent water test results since the results are not representative of the entire volume of water in the tank. It can affect and influence the way the water is treated. Certisafe circulators can be counted on to ensure a representative water sample. Kasco Marine has developed an efficient and energy efficient product that prevents a portion of the tank water from being left unused for too long and allows precise product application. Deice with CertiSafe circulators The CertiSafe circulator, by its high efficiency in mixing water, also helps to keep the water surface of the reservoir ice-free throughout the winter. As a result, this ensures hassle-free operation throughout the year. Recommended applications of the CertiSafe circulator Large water tank or liquid storage tank requiring NSF certification. Municipal drinking water or reservoirs. Water or fluid in basins, reservoirs, holding tanks, storage tanks, removable drinking water basin, aquarium, cistern which requires NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International / ANSI 61 & 372 standards Technical specifications Ideal for potable water tanks of 38,000L (10,000 US gallon) or more. The units are made of 300 grade stainless steel, equipped with a double mechanical seal and high quality food grade mineral oil. Comes with the necessary power cord (32 inch, 50 foot quick connect) Can be hung with cable (not included) or installed with rod and stand (sold separately) Dimensions: Diameter, 9.5 ″ (24.1 cm) - Height, 16 ″ (40.6 cm) 1 year warranty Control box available for purchase here: click here Motor Power Mixing Capacity 3/4 HP 120 V, 6.7 A 1,515,000 L (400,000 US Gal.) to 3,785,000 L (1,000,000 US Gal.) Installation The CertiSafe circulator is easy to install or move without plungers and without stopping tank operations. There are two options for performing the installation: installation on a rod with support or with cable for suspension of the unit.Installation with Rod and Bracket: Purchase a 1.5 '' stainless steel rod up to 10 feet in length and order the Kasco Marine Industrial Dock Bracket at the time of purchasing your circulator.   Installation with suspension cables: purchase a stainless steel cable up to 50 '(15m). No support required with this installation option.    

    $2,855.38 CAD

  • Clearance - Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers

    Protect your docks, boats and submerged structures with a Kasco Marine de-icer. While supplies last. Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no return or exchange possible. Benefits This page displays Kasco Impeller deicer on clearance only. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please go to the regular Deicer page. Click here  Kasco Marine de-icers, also known as circulators or agitators, are available at, your Kasco Marine dealer in Canada. Winter ice can damage your dock to the point of complete destruction. The thicker the ice gets, the more it also expands. This can literally destroy your dock. When the water level in a lake changes in the winter, the ice surrounding your posts can tear them off the sea floor.  The ice clinging to the structure shows how securely the expanding ice was attached. Kasco Marine de-icers are specially designed to be suspended from a dock or boat to prevent damage caused by ice expansion and water level variations. This animated video illustrates two of the ways you can position your de-icer. Kasco de-icers use a propeller system that creates a lateral or horizontal movement of water to prevent ice from forming near docks, boat shelters and shorelines that require protection from ice damage. The de-icer performs by moving warmer, denser water upward from the bottom of the pond or lake and circulates the water upward to the surface and sideways creating an agitation that reduces or eliminates ice build-up creating a large ice-free surface. Installation with a horizontal float or with a universal dock support are options that allow you to precisely direct the movement of the water to strategically and precisely de-ice a particular structure. Ideal for fresh or salt water applications. How to choose you deicer Choosing the right de-icer is easy, refer to the ice opening chart (pdf) to find the best model and application kit for your needs. If Kasco de-icers do not meet your needs, visit the Thawline Linear De-Icers page. All Kasco de-icers are also available in 240V and/or 50 Hertz for the European market, call us for more information.Kasco Marine De-Icing Chart (PDF) Timers & Control Box Options Controlling your Kasco Marine de-icer with a thermostat or timer is a great way to save energy and extend the life of your de-icer by operating it only when needed. The C-10 Thermostat allows you to determine an accurate temperature under which your unit starts.The C20 Thermostat and Timer Control Unit combines the schedule of the day with the temperature at which you want your de-icer to operate.   Technical Specifications Suspension ropes - Braided polypropylene yarns. 20′ x 5/16″, 2 lengths included. Galvanized steel protection cage - Propeller protection. Vinyl coated for easy handling. High quality propeller - Specially designed for maximum whirl at minimum energy cost. Power cable - 25 feet of submersible power cable that remains flexible in the air despite temperatures as low as -45ºC (-50ºF). Waterproof connections for ease of installation and handling. Longer lengths are available as an option. Zinc Anode - Changeable anode protecting against electrolytic corrosion. (The anode must be checked annually and replaced if necessary to ensure warranty coverage). Seals - Double seal system to prevent oil leakage from the engine. Shaft - Series #316 stainless steel, suitable for salt water. Ball Bearing - Ball bearing lubricated in oil for better heat dissipation. Oil - The oil used allows for limited maintenance, increased heat dissipation and better protection against moisture. Motor - Standard design, 120V single-phase direct current, oil-immersed, overload-protected motor with automatic circuit breaker. Capacitor - The capacitor ensures proper starting and operation of the motor. Motor housing - Stainless steel, corrosion resistant, saltwater compatible. 1 year warranty Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of icebreakers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be well marked with a sign to warn all persons of the hazard. To be used with all types of de-icing systems.   Tech Sheet (PDF) Maintenance of Kasco Marine Units (PDF) Installation Suspension with ropes - Vertical position - For de-icing in a circle shape All Kasco de-icers include 2 x 20-foot ropes to suspend the de-icer under the dock or boat. These ropes are included in the de-icer box. Hang the system vertically on either side of the structure at a depth of 4 to 5 feet from the water surface. A vertical installation produces a circular de-iced surface. Another possibility is to attach the de-icer to each side of the boat with the suspension ropes so that the de-icer follows the tide or water level.   Horizontal float mount – Horizontal position – Produces long elongated pattern when no dock is available   You can also use the optional horizontal float set to create an elongated ice free space. The de-icer installed under the horizontal float can be positioned at different angles for added versatility. Ideal for : Shallow water Places where there are water level fluctuations such as: a tide or in a large lake where the waves are high. Sites to be de-iced where there are no docks or structures.   Installation with universal dock support - Angled position - For elongated de-icing   The Universal Dock Support is made from thermal plastic components, corrosion protected steel and stainless steel to withstand the worst marine conditions. A stainless steel rod of 1″ diameter and 10 feet in length must be supplied by the purchaser to attach the de-icer and dock and structure mounting kit. With the new Easy Lock handle, adjustments in the water are child's play.This option is ideal for creating an angle at the de-icer. It gives a very good precision of the surfaces to be de-iced. It is often easier to de-ice a boat by installing the de-icer at the bow and angling it towards the stern of the boat. If the water movement is directed towards the shore or a retaining wall, the water current will be directed on each side of the shore or wall to create a "T" shaped de-icing section. Industrial Dock Mount Kasco's industrial dock support, made of corrosion-resistant metal, requires 1.5" I.D. stainless steel pipe threaded at both ends and measuring a maximum of 10 feet (not included). It is manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Moreover, thanks to its unique design, you can easily modify the angle, depth and positioning of the de-icer.  

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