Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck


Canada’s #1 muck and sludge treatment for shoreline muck at the cottage, at the marina or beach where deep muck is a problem. Concentrated bacterial pellets for treating shoreline Bacterius® MUCK is easy to apply and will sink to the surface of the sediment where they are needed most. You can also rake them inside the muck for faster results!

Load image into Gallery viewer, Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck
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  • Deals with specific locations, under docks and near piers.
  • Ideal for beaches, chalet swimming areas and boat traffic channels.
  • The treatment stays where you apply it, close to the shore!
  • Easy to use, efficient and economical
  • Helps control plant growth

The granules are simply thrown onto the surface rich in sediment to be treated. Bacteria will start to consume the sometimes thick layer of organic sediment that makes swimming so unpleasant. Bacterius® MUCK stays where you applied it and works in situ, in direct contact with the sediment, rather than being diluted in the water column.

Once in contact with the sludge, the granules gradually dissolve and release the bacteria which feed on the organic sediment. Bacterius® MUCK also reduces sulphides and bad odors generated by sludge.

The product is even more effective in the presence of bottom ventilation. We recommend checking compliance with government authorities prior to use.

Storage : 
Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from freezing. Safe for flora and fauna.

: Direct contact with the skin may cause skin irritation. Gloves are recommended. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children.

Tech Sheet (PDF)


Monthly dosage: Toss the appropriate dosage of pellets evenly over the water surface. Do treatment on a calm day to reduce product drift. Double the dosage for shock treatment. Dosage may vary depending on application, the fish and plant density and the amount of organic matter. Active in fresh and salt water. Water temperature 10°C/50 F or more.

* Aeration enhances the product performance.

1 kg / 900 m² or 1 Lb /4 000 pi²
Increase the number of treatments for best results.

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