Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser


Exclusive to CanadianPond.ca, Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser for aeration, de-icing and bubble curtains. It is designed and manufactured in Canada under our specifications. It provides a substantial and efficient transfer of oxygen to water. We have been developing this product since its creation in 2003 and have since expanded its uses. We are now able to meet a growing number of requests from every continent for our air diffusing hose.

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Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing technology
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing technology
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing technology
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Linear aeration by Bubble Tubing
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

Fine bubble diffusers such as our Bubble Tubing® produce many tiny air bubbles (less than 1 mm in diameter). These tiny bubbles rise steadily from the depths of all manners of aquatic landscapes, from wastewater treatment basins, to waterways, canals, ponds, lakes and lagoons. These bubbles provide a substantial and efficient mass transfer of oxygen into water. This oxygen, combined with organic nutrient sources, such as sewage and sediments, allows naturally occurring bacteria to produce enzymes to help break these sources down.

  • Bubble Tubing® is flexible, holds no memory and will not kink, is easy to install and is safe for the environment (does not contain lead).
  • Made exclusively in Canada to our exact specifications, 1-year warranty.
Bubble Tubing technology
  • High oxygen transfer rate. A full evaluation of its oxygen transfer capabilities by an independent firm is available on demand.
  • Applications range from farm ponds to the largest industrial projects.
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications, from shallow to deep waters.
  • Inner pressure prevents clogging; tubing is low maintenance and anti-fouling.
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water.
  • Highly resistant PVC (chemicals, salinity, temperature).
  • Weighted and non-weighted formats available.
  • Tubing can be purchased with all the necessary hardware, ready to be installed.

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Made using highly resistant and flexible PVC plastic, Bubble Tubing® keeps its shape and does not kink. When entering the tube, the compressed air creates an internal pressure. Precise perforations on both sides, going the entire length of the hose, allow this compressed air to be released in microscopic bubbles. Their size helps prevent the hose from fouling, a common problem seen in porous diffusers. Once released, the rising air forms a uniform bubble curtain that optimizes the transfer of oxygen. It also promotes water circulation throughout the water column, as it creates a rising current. 

Using Bubble Tubing® reduces pressure drops and does not require any underwater electricity. Bubble Tubing® offers a superior global aeration performance compared to other aeration devices. Bubble Tubing® reduces power consumption, installation and maintenance costs substantially.

When used in de-icing, the bubbles exiting the Bubble Tubing® drag the denser, heavier and warmer water from the depths to the surface. This movement of warmer water inhibits the formation of ice.

Bubble Tubing® has an excellent Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) and a great Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE).

Bubble Tubing® Test Results

In 2011 we tested the oxygen transfer capabilities of Bubble Tubing® through an independent firm, GSEE Inc of Laverne, Tennessee. The tests were carried out on the ½”, ¾” Bubble tubing® and the OctoAir-10 industrial diffuser. In the summer of 2017 we gave GSEE Inc. another mandate to test the Bubble Tubing® at higher airflows and deeper depths, while also carrying out testing on our 1” Bubble tubing® and OctoAir-60 industrial diffuser.

“Overall, the results obtained for the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE Inc. has observed.”
Gerald L.Shell GSEE Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept.2011


Available Formats

  • I.D. sizes available: 15 mm ( ½”), 20 mm ( ¾”), 25 mm (1”) 30 mm ( 1 ¼”)
  • Available in weighted and non-weighted formats for 15 mm ( ½”), 20 mm ( ¾”) formats
  • 20 mm ( ¾”), 25 mm (1”) and 30 mm ( 1 ¼”) formats have an integrated stainless steel cord as ballast, for strength and weight
  • Available Lengths: roll, spool, special run and special cut lengths. Contact us for details


Our Bubble Tubing® Products

Bubble Tubing® is sold custom cut, per foot, or by rolls of 100′ or more and in a variety of formats. Contact us for prices and details.

It is also a component of:

  • CanadianAir Aeration Systems
  • Thawline Bubbler Deicers
  • OctoAir Industrial Diffuser for aeration or deicing (embedded in the stainless steel frame)

Technical Drawing (PDF) 

Tech Sheet (PDF) 

No matter the scale of operations the same basic principle applies: a compressor is connected toBubble Tubing® through a heat hose line equipped with a check valve. We offer all the necessary products from start to finish to fully set-up a reliable and efficient aeration system for you. We can size the compressor for the application, suggest tubing layout, suggest cost effective design modifications, and offer to troubleshoot. Our experience designing aeration and de-icing systems with Bubble Tubing® is substantial, and our expertise is sought for many aeration projects.

How to install Bubble Tubing (PDF) 

Our Bubble Tubing® has been used for over a decade in a wide array of applications by various industries, governments, and private clients. Manufacturing and processing plants, mining, port authorities, aquaculture, agriculture, waterways and canals, parks and recreation, engineering, landscaping and reclamation firms, marine construction, universities and research facilities, ponds and lakes, are all markets currently using Bubble Tubing®. You can now find Bubble Tubing® on every continent of our planet.

Aeration, Deicing and Bubble Curtains applications include (but are not limited to the following):

  • Aerating various bodies of water such as:
    • Sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment process plants, leachate ponds and septic systems;
    • Earthen ponds, dugouts, lakes;
    • Waterways and channels;
    • Stormwater retention ponds.
  • Deicing docks, power plant water intakes, marina slips, shoreline and water retention structures, nautical structures and ports, industrial ship moorings, ocean freight & maritime transport, pumping operations and nuclear power generating plants.

  • Efficient Bottom-to-Top Water Circulation and Mixing for water treatment, deicing, and other applications
  • Pathogen Reduction, the bubbles lift deeper waters to the surface and expose them to UV rays that destroy some types of pathogens

  • Underwater Air Bubble Curtains for:
    • Aquaculture, to create barriers between harmful algae blooms and the fish
    • Protecting fish and marine mammals from underwater shock waves caused by blasting, pile driving, stripping, drilling, seismic oil operations and other such underwater endeavors that produce noise
    • Creating a physical barrier to divert marine wildlife and floating debris. Bubble barriers can prevent or reduce the presence of jellyfish, fish, drifting plant material, debris, sediments, etc. behind or within the bubble curtains
    • diverting marine mammals away from offshore oil platforms, wind power farm construction and continuous operations' vibrations and noises (machinery and engine noise)
    • containing oil spills within a given area
  • Water Quality improvement for increasing water clarity, reducing algae blooms and reducing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) production for odour suppression.

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