Small Aeration System (SAS)


Are you looking for an aeration system for a water garden or small pond with Koi carp? We have very small, affordable, quiet and discreet systems.

Don't be fooled by their small size! These systems are sufficient for most water gardens that have a depth of 4 ft(1.2 m) or less.


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Aeration helps improve water quality. It does so by helping reduce sludge, degassing ammonia and methane, and removing excess CO2 from water. Aeration has also been proven to improve oxidation and clarify water in sedimentation and discharge basins to meet official effluent standards.

Comparison Table of Aeration Systems

SAS system
Mini-Air system 
Ideal for:
Small shallow ponds
Small ponds
Medium to large Ponds with level bottom
Medium size, deeper ponds
Pond size
Up to 2 500 ft2
Up to 3 600 ft2
Between 2500 ft2 and 25000 ft2
10 000 ft2 per diffuser
Max. depth
Up to 4 ft depth
Up to 20 ft depth
Up to 20 ft depth
Up to 25 ft depth
Choice of 1 to 4 Piccolo circular diffusers
Piccolo circular diffuser  or 25’ of Bubble Tubing
Bubble Tubing 50’ or 100’
Robust-Aire diffuser
Compressor type



SAS means 'Small Aeration System'. These simple units are often sufficient for many homeowners with ponds of four feet or less in depth. We often describe these ponds as water gardens or decorative ponds. These homeowners often already have water pumps and waterfalls to help circulate the water, though these are not enough to give the water the level of aeration it truly needs 24/7.

SAS will also be excellent for providing an emergency or supplemental aeration system, or for making an oxygen refuge in the shallow bay of a larger pond to help reduce sediment build-up. In winter, if the compressor is placed in a heated shelter, the system can be left on to provide venting in ponds where organic matter is slowly decomposing, thus avoiding spring kill conditions for fish.

If your pond is deeper than 1.2 meters, please look for systems with higher pressure compressors: the Mini-Air 4 or the CanadianAir.


- The diffusers must be installed at a maximum water depth of 4' to avoid damaging the compressor diaphragm.

- If you require a longer length of air supply hose than the one included in the kit, please contact us to order and make sure that you do not experience any pressure drop.

- The compressor must be installed safely away from the elements, moisture and dust. We can provide a cabinet if necessary.


• Compressor: 1 year warranty

•Torpedo self-sinking air supply hose: 3 years warranty

•Diffuser : 2 choices of diffusers - 1 year warranty

•Self-sinking Bubble Tubing: 1 year warranty

Tech Sheet (PDF)

    1 line:

    Small Aeration System 1 line
    • 1x 1,4CFM (40LPM) 115V, membrane compressor 1,1 amp ;
    • 25 ft (7,5 m) flexible self-sinking ⅜″ I.D. airline hose;
    • 1 round self-sinking diffuser;
    • All needed hardware included;
    • Installation Instructions


     2 lines:

    Small Aeration System 1 line

    • 1x 2,8CFM (80LPM) 115V, 1,8A diaphragm compressor;
    • 50′ (15m) of flexible ⅜″ self sinking feeder line;
    • 2x self sinking diffuser;
    • 1x 2 line PVC manifold with ball valves;
    • All needed hardware included;
    • Installation Instructions

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