Piccolo Air Diffuser


Our expertise in aeration comes from our many years of experience in the field of air diffusion technologies. This small diffuser requires little pressure to operate. We are the only retailer in Canada to offer the Piccolo diffuser.

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The piccolo is a small diffuser requiring little pressure to operate. It can be placed at different depths depending on the need, ideal for small ponds with little depth or with various depths.

Here are the advantages seen when using bottom aeration:

  • Circulation of the entire water column in relation to the depth of the diffuser and the volume of air injected;
  • Elimination of thermal stratification (generally prohibited in the case of natural trout lakes);
  • Increase in dissolved oxygen levels, which stimulates the natural aerobic digestion process, thus reducing the thickness of organic silt and the accumulation of sediment;
  • Prevents fish kills during winter by increasing the oxygen available in their habitat;
  • Reduces mosquito populations;
  • Eliminates foul odors from unwanted gases;
  • Reduces organic bottom sediments by avoiding sediment anoxia;
  • Sequestration of phosphorus in sediments;
  • Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

    This small diffuser is used in our SASMini-Air and CanadianAir aeration systems. It is very suitable for ponds that are rather round or tank-shaped.

    • Diffuser Type: Ballasted diffuser base using a porous pipe as the diffusion medium.
    • Optimal CFM:  0.9
    • Bubble size: Fine
    • Minimum pressure: No restrictions
    • 1 year warranty

    Piccolo Tech Sheet (PDF)

    Piccolo Assembly Guide (PDF)

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