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Whether it's organic or plastic debris, these products will help you maintain control over your body of water.

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  • Aquaticlear - Kasco Marine circulator

    The Aquaticlear is a Circulator/Mixer. Easy to install, this propeller is a simple solution to many of your water management needs.      *Aquaticlear ONLY, accessories such as float or mount must be purchase separately* Benefits Aquaticlear Circulators can help solve many common water problems throughout the year. With Kasco Marine clog free revolutionary patent pending Clear Current Technology, the Aquaticlear produces continuous water movement to keep targeted areas clear of weeds, algae and other debris. Improve the health and vitality of your water Mixing liquids, paints, stains, etc. Shake the water Eliminate areas of standing water where unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed. Help reduce thermal stratification in deeper water bodies, prevent or limit the negative effects of pond aging Can be used to maintain open water areas to help prevent mass mortality of fish populations in winter and protect permanent structures from ice damage. Visit our Deicing page and Kasco Marine Propeller Deicers page for more details. Industrial and municipal applications including tank mixing, water towers, wastewater facilities and more. Aquaticlear 25 ft  50 ft 100ft 1/2 HP Available Available Available 3/4 HP N/A Available Available 1 HP N/A Available Available   Technical specifications The mixers can be placed in either vertical or horizontal positions for different effects. A vertical position will mix the entire water column, whilst a horizontal one will be referred to as a circulator and will create an extended surface swirl. It can also be used to prevent floating debris from entering a specific area or to direct debris from one location to another. All units are designed and built to operate reliably in any installation, including salt water and other corrosive environments.   Brochure from Kasco Marine   Accessories often bought together Optional control box for circulators C-25 Control Box: The C-25 Control Box is an option for 2400CF, 3400CF and 4400CF circulators. The C-25 includes a 24-hour timer and has grounded protection. No installation on the general house control panel is required to make your connection. C-85 Control Box: The C-85 is an option for 240V circulator models: 3400HCF and 4400HCF. The C-85 120V/240V control unit includes grounded protection, a 24-hour timer, a low voltage transformer in a rainproof box. This control panel requires installation by a certified electrician. Click here to see the Kasco Marine Timers & Control units. Other accessories  Horizontal Float : Click Here  Universal Dock : Click Here Sacrificial Anode: Click Here     

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  • Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

    Exclusive to, Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser for aeration, de-icing and bubble curtains. It is designed and manufactured in Canada under our specifications. It provides a substantial and efficient transfer of oxygen to water.  Benefits Fine bubble diffusers such as our Bubble Tubing® produce many tiny air bubbles (between 1 and 3 mm). These tiny bubbles rise steadily from the depths of all manners of aquatic landscapes, from wastewater treatment basins, to waterways, canals, ponds, lakes and lagoons. These bubbles provide a substantial and efficient mass transfer of oxygen into water. This oxygen, combined with organic nutrient sources, such as sewage and sediments, allows naturally occurring bacteria to produce enzymes to help break these sources down. Available Formats (Inside Diameters) 15 mm ( ½”) : Standard kits available online to purchase. 20 mm ( ¾”) : Contact us for a quote 25 mm (1”) : Contact us for a quote  30 mm ( 1 ¼”) : Contact us for a quote  High oxygen transfer rate. A full evaluation of its oxygen transfer capabilities by an independent firm is available on demand. Applications range from farm ponds to the largest industrial projects. Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications, from shallow to deep waters. Inner pressure prevents clogging; tubing is low maintenance and anti-fouling. No moving parts or electricity in the water. Highly resistant PVC (chemicals, salinity, temperature). Weighted and non-weighted formats available. Tubing can be purchased with all the necessary hardware, ready to install. Video on Bubble Tubing® Our Bubble Tubing® Products Bubble Tubing® is sold standard cut, custom per foot, or by rolls of 500′. Contact us for prices and details.It is also a component of: CanadianAir Aeration Systems Mini-Air System Thawline Bubbler Deicers OctoAir Industrial Diffuser for aeration or deicing (embedded in the stainless steel frame) SalmoAir® Diffuser for upwelling in Aquaculture  Technical specifications Made using highly resistant and flexible PVC plastic, Bubble Tubing® keeps its shape and does not kink. When entering the tube, the compressed air creates an internal pressure. Precise perforations on both sides, going the entire length of the hose, allow this compressed air to be released in microscopic bubbles. Their size helps prevent the hose from fouling, a common problem seen in porous diffusers. Once released, the rising air forms a uniform bubble curtain that optimizes the transfer of oxygen. It also promotes water circulation throughout the water column, as it creates a rising current.  Using Bubble Tubing® reduces pressure drops and does not require any underwater electricity. Bubble Tubing® offers a superior global aeration performance compared to other aeration devices. Bubble Tubing® reduces power consumption, installation and maintenance costs substantially. When used in de-icing, the bubbles exiting the Bubble Tubing® drag the denser, heavier and warmer water from the depths to the surface. This movement of warmer water inhibits the formation of ice. Bubble Tubing® has an excellent Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) and a great Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE). Please note that Bubble Tubing® will float in salt water. Included in the box (For kits sold online only) 1x Bubble Tubing® diffuser 1x Check Valve  2x Collar Instructions Bubble Tubing® Sizing I.D. sizes available: 15 mm ( ½”), 20 mm ( ¾”) Contact us for a quote, 25 mm (1”) ,  30 mm ( 1 ¼”).  Available in weighted and non-weighted formats for 15 mm ( ½”), 20 mm ( ¾”) formats. 20 mm ( ¾”), 25 mm (1”) and 30 mm ( 1 ¼”) formats have an integrated stainless steel cord as ballast, for strength and weight. Available Lengths: roll, spool, special run and special cut lengths. Contact us for details.  TOTAL Bubble Tubing® lenght Compressors PSI min Total CFM Torpedo Max 25 ft Thomas 25 psi 1.24 CFM 300 ft 50 ft 1/4 HP Tech-Air 25 psi 3.8 CFM 500 ft 100 ft 1/2 HP Tech-Air 25 psi 5.5 CFM 700 ft 150 ft 3/4 HP Tech-Air 25 psi 7.4 CFM 800 ft     Bubble Tubing® Test Results In 2011 we tested the oxygen transfer capabilities of Bubble Tubing® through an independent firm, GSEE Inc of Laverne, Tennessee. The tests were carried out on the ½”, ¾” Bubble tubing® and the OctoAir-10 industrial diffuser. In the summer of 2017 we gave GSEE Inc. another mandate to test the Bubble Tubing® at higher airflows and deeper depths, while also carrying out testing on our 1” Bubble tubing® and OctoAir-60 industrial diffuser. “Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE Inc. has observed.”Gerald L.Shell GSEE Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept.2011   Tech Sheet (PDF)  Operations / Installation No matter the scale of operations the same basic principle applies: a compressor is connected to Bubble Tubing® through a heat hose line equipped with a check valve. We offer all the necessary products from start to finish to fully set-up a reliable and efficient aeration system for you. We can size the compressor for the application, suggest tubing layout, suggest cost effective design modifications, and offer to troubleshoot. Our experience designing aeration and de-icing systems with Bubble Tubing® is substantial, and our expertise is sought for many aeration projects. How to install Bubble Tubing (PDF)  Installation Manual (PDF) Bubble Tubbing® require a compressor, costumers may choose between piston or diaphragm compressor. (Shop compressors here.) Compressor must be installed in a cabinet. This cabinet need to allow good air circulation to avoid overheating and protect de compressor from the weather. (More about cabinets here.) If the compressor is not installed in a cabinet, it is necessary that it is protected by a ventiled shelter. Once the shelter is identified, you will need to mount the compressor on its base and secure it with screws either to the wall, floor or on a shelf. Securing the base prevents the compressor from moving while it is running. It is not recommended to use an extension cord, make sure the electrical outlet is within reach of the compressor and fan wires; 1.8 m (6 feet).  Schematic of a diffuser with Bubble Tubbing®; Before connecting the Bubble Tubing® to the feeder line, unroll it, making sure it is not twisted. Tubing well straighten allows a uniform dispersion of air through all its length. Let the tubing rest unrolled before the installation of the system.  Bubble Tubing® is also compatible with torpedo. (More about Torpedo here.) If requested in advance, the Bubble Tubing® can already be connected to the check valve (assembly cost may apply). If installed in a large pond, Bubble Tubbing® installation can be done with a boat. Compressor must be started, unroll the pre-assembled hose to the shore and put the rest of the roll in the boat. While keeping the Torpedo feeder line in hands, go on the water and uncoil the Torpedo line until you reach the desired location for the Bubble Tubbing® diffuser. With the diffuser already connected to the Torpedo air feeder line, slowly continue lowering into the water the diffuser as it self-sinks to the bottom. With the compressor turned on, you should see bubbles and be able to use them as visual reference to make sure the tubing is diffusing through its length. If installed in a smaller pond, it is also very possible to install the system without a boat. (It is even recommended.) Start the compressor right before installing the diffuser in the water, the bubble will guide you to settle the diffuser at the desired place in the water. TUse a long rope (twice the length of the pond) and a small cord (1 to 2 feet long). Form a loop at the end of the diffuser using the small cord (loop shown in the images below). Pass the long rope through this loop, and while holding both ends of the long rope, use it to pull the diffuser into place in the water. The diffuser will sink into place at the bottom of the water. A second person should be hanging on the feeder line to help with the placement of the diffuser. Once in line with the wanted position, release one end of the long rope and pull on the other end to retrieve your rope.    Do not underestimate positionning of the Bubble Tubing®, air is lazy, it will find the quickest way to go up. Place the Bubble Tubing® at the same depth keeping it as level as possible (maximum 1 foot drop). The tubing can be placed in a circle, curve, or straight line to follow a continuous bathymetric line (level curve at the bottom of the pond). Note that even if the Bubble Tubing® does not bubble evenly, you will still ensure a “vertical” water circulation in your pond. We recommend the use of a "depth finder" tool if you do not know the level curve at the bottom of the pond. If you install your unit into a body of water that is extremely stratified, use caution as you start it up. Suggested startup time for the unit for a stratified lake might be initially running for 1 hour per day during daylight hours for the first week and gradually increase operation by increment of 1 hour until running continuously. Sunny days are preferable to cloudy days because photosynthesis provides oxygen while the water circulates and mixes. For more information on the soft start procedure, click here.   Applications Our Bubble Tubing® has been used for over a decade in a wide array of applications by various industries, governments, and private clients. Manufacturing and processing plants, mining, port authorities, aquaculture, agriculture, waterways and canals, parks and recreation, engineering, landscaping and reclamation firms, marine construction, universities and research facilities, ponds and lakes, are all markets currently using Bubble Tubing®. You can now find Bubble Tubing® on every continent of our planet. Aeration, Deicing and Bubble Curtains applications include (but are not limited to the following): Aerating various bodies of water such as: Sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment process plants, leachate ponds and septic systems; Earthen ponds, dugouts, lakes; Waterways and channels; Stormwater retention ponds. Deicing docks, power plant water intakes, marina slips, shoreline and water retention structures, nautical structures and ports, industrial ship moorings, ocean freight & maritime transport, pumping operations and nuclear power generating plants. Efficient Bottom-to-Top Water Circulation and Mixing for water treatment, deicing, and other applications Pathogen Reduction, the bubbles lift deeper waters to the surface and expose them to UV rays that destroy some types of pathogens Underwater Air Bubble Curtains for: Aquaculture, to create barriers between harmful algae blooms and the fish Protecting fish and marine mammals from underwater shock waves caused by blasting, pile driving, stripping, drilling, seismic oil operations and other such underwater endeavors that produce noise Creating a physical barrier to divert marine wildlife and floating debris. Bubble barriers can prevent or reduce the presence of jellyfish, fish, drifting plant material, debris, sediments, etc. behind or within the bubble curtains Diverting marine mammals away from offshore oil platforms, wind power farm construction and continuous operations' vibrations and noises (machinery and engine noise) Containing oil spills within a given area Water Quality improvement for increasing water clarity, reducing algae blooms and reducing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) production for odour suppression.  

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  • CanadianAir Aeration Systems

    CanadianAir Aeration Systems are some of the most reliable on the market and will be able to meet all your aeration needs. Available exclusively at, your expert in all manners of aquatic aeration.  Description All the aeration systems offered to our customers are chosen according to their needs. Our team of experts will help you evaluate the best combination of diffusers and compressors for you. They will also help you find the ideal diffuser positions for optimal operation, adapted to the depth and shape of your body of water. Our customers are often surprised at how competitively priced our CanadianAir systems are compared to other pre-packaged systems. We carry out the pre-assembly and delivery in a short time thanks to our experienced technicians. We have the skills, the experience and the equipment to offer you a system adapted to your needs and produce an installation drawing for you. Technical specifications CanadianAir systems are all complete systems, pre-calibrated to the size and shape of your pond. They can also be adapted to a targeted water quality (BOD target) when the high organic load requires greater oxygenation. For industrial systems, please visit CanadianAir systems include a compressor, air intake hoses, a diffuser and, if desired, a cabinet. CanadianAir ventilation systems are built using high quality components that will optimize the performance of your system for years to come. The integration of our Bubble Tubing® diffusers in the components of the CanadianAir systems help ensure the improvement of water quality in the water column. An independent study has shown that our technology is a superior, durable and easily adaptable solution to various situations. Warranty: •Piston compressor: 3 years warranty •Torpedo self-sinking air supply hose: 3 years warranty •Diffuser : 2 choices of diffusers - 1 year warranty •Self-sinking Bubble Tubing: 1 year warranty •Cabinet : 1 year warranty Technical Sheet (PDF) Owner's manual (PDF)  Systems for ponds with flat bottom ranging in size from 1 to 2 acres 0-CADS-50 Single piston ¼HP compressor, 50 feet of weighted ½″ Bubble Tubing®, 50 feet of weighted Torpedo Tubing, all the necessary hardware, optional soundproof ventilated cabinet.  0-CADS-2x25 Single piston ¼HP compressor, 2x25 feet of weighted ½″ Bubble Tubing®, 2x50 feet of weighted Torpedo Tubing, All the necessary hardware Optional soundproof ventilated cabinet Systems for ponds with flat bottom ranging in size from 2 to 3 acres 0-CADS-100 Double piston ½HP compressor, 100 feet of weighted ½″ Bubble Tubing®, 100 feet of weighted Torpedo Tubing, All the necessary hardware Optional soundproof ventilated cabinet 0-CADS-2x50 Double piston ¼HP compressor, 2x50 feet of weighted ½″ Bubble Tubing®, 2x50 feet of weighted Torpedo Tubing, All the necessary hardware including a 2-line manifold Optional soundproof ventilated cabinet Systems for ponds with flat bottom ranging in size from 4 to 5 acres 0-CADS-2X100 2x Double piston ½HP compressor, 2x100 feet of weighted ½″ Bubble Tubing®, 2x100 feet of weighted ½″ Torpedo Tubing, All the necessary hardware Optional soundproof ventilated cabinet Systems for ponds/lakes with a surface area exceeding 5 acres Contact us for a custom quote, we have systems for lakes up to 500 acres. For industrial or large scale systems, please visit Choosing the right size system Comparison Table of Aeration Systems SYSTEMS           SAS SAS XL Mini-Air CanadianAir Robust-Aire Ideal for: Small shallow ponds Small shallow ponds Small ponds Medium ponds with level bottom Medium ponds with bowl-shape bottom Pond size Up to 5 000 ft2 Up to 5 000 ft2 Up to 5 000 ft2 5 000 ft2 to 2 acres 5 000 ft2 to 2 acres Max. depth Up to 4 ft depth Up to 10’ deep Up to 20 ft depth Up to 20 ft depth Up to 25 ft depth Diffuser Choice of 1 to 2 Piccolo circular diffusers 1 or 2 round Piccolo diffusers Piccolo diffuser or 25’ of Bubble Tubing Bubble Tubing 25', 50’ or 100’ 1 to 6 Robust-Aire diffusers Compressor type Linear Linear Diaphragm Piston Piston Price: 599$ - 959$ 749$ - 1 319$ 1 089$ 1 549$ - 5 089$ 1 968$ - 7 420$ Still not sure which system you need? Contact us with the following information: - What is the purpose of your body of water? - What are its dimensions and depth? - Do you have fish? And if so, do you feed them? - Is your body of water visible on Google Maps? - Do you need a cabinet to reduce the sound of a compressor and protect it from the elements?  - Would you like us to do the installation or have the products delivered to you?  - What problems have you noticed? (Take pictures!) We are conscientious and pay attention to every detail, so our quotes are accurate and detailed. We will include all the necessary hardware (check valve, heat resistant pipe...) and instructions for your installation. Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to install your CanadianAir ventilation system with ease. We are also available to answer any questions you may have before or after purchasing your system. Contact us here. 

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  • Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose

    Torpedo Reinforced Weighted Hose is an excellent flexible PVC formulation designed for easy processing and excellent heat stability. Made in Canada.   Benefits Eliminates the need for weights or external anchors Rests on the bottom, away from swimmers and boats Black color makes it invisible from the surface, maintaining a natural look Kink-free More supple than most self-sinking lines, so it is easier to unroll and work with Built from a high-density flexible PVC composite for easy handling and installation Thick internal walls prevent easy perforation by debris or rocks UV resistant Torpedo™ Tubing layout with Bubble tubing Stays flexible in cold water Rodent resistant (beavers, muskrats) Working pressure 80 PSI @ 20°C (68°F) Technical specifications Our industrial grade weighted hose is reinforced with a polyester braided sleeving to better prevent bursting or expansion due to overheating and/or back pressure. The fiberglass layer also serves to help prevent punctures from rodents or sharp objects. It performs well up to a maximum pressure of 80 psi, compared to regular ballasted hoses. The Torpedo™ is weighted and metal free; it resists twisting and is designed to be the air supply hose line in your aeration projects.This ballasted air intake pipe sinks from its own weight in water because its density is higher than that of water. This makes for a quick and efficient installation of your aeration system. It is available in ⅜″, ½″, ¾″ and 1” inner hole diameter sizes to suit all needs. Installing your air distribution system has never been easier! The Torpedo weighted hose stays in place at the bottom of the water and won't disturb swimmers or boat propellers. Its dark color makes it virtually invisible once in the water and keeps your body of water looking natural. This hose is very flexible compared to other products on the market, even in very cold water, which makes it easy to install. Warranty : 3 years coverage on manufacturing defects   Tech Sheet (PDF)  Drawing Torpedo (PDF)  Sizes Torpedo Reinforced Weighted Hose is offered in these dimensions: TORI12 – 0.550” ID x 0.910” OD. Lengths: 50,100,150, 500 ft reel or custom cut (15m, 30m, 45m or 152m) TORI34 – 0.800” ID x 1.300” OD. Lengths: 300 ft reel or custom cut (91m) TORI1.0 – 1.06” ID x 1.6” OD. Lengths: 300 ft reel (91m) We can help you decide which size is best suited to your needs by taking into consideration the distance to available electricity and the distance between the diffuser and the compressor. Torpedo™ Tubing joins easily to Bubble Tubing® and other types of poly hose.We sell all the necessary hardware to put any aeration system together. Please contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.  

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  • Kasco Replacement Propellers

    Replace your damaged Deicer or Aquaticlear propeller with a genuine Kasco propeller. Choose the item according to the size of your unit.  Technical specifications Kasco Deicer motor force Replacement propeller model # 1/2 HP Deicer - 2400 3/4 HP Deicer - 3400 1HP Deicer - 4400  Kasco Aquaticlear motor force Replacement propeller model # 1/2 HP Aquaticlear - 2400 3/4 HP Aquaticlear - 3400 1HP Aquaticlear - 4400   Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defect In the figure below, you can find de Kasco Marine Deicer, the propeller is the letter A.   In the figure below, you can find de Kasco Marine Aquaticlear, the propeller is the letter C.   Watch this video to see how easy it is to change propellers. 

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  • BubbleFlow CFD

    BubbleFlow CFD is an engineering consulting service offered by that allows us to predict how the movement of water is impacted by the upwelling movement of bubbles released from Bubble Tubing® diffusers.  Development & validation  Over the last decade, Bubble Tubing® and C-Core Engineering, an independent research laboratory, have conducted in-depth studies on Bubble Tubing® diffusers to be able to validate three different CFD models for our main industrial applications: deicing, deflection and upwelling.  Our first modelling system was initially developed to measure the effectiveness of Bubble Tubing® as a de-icing system, making it possible to be used as a tool for ice management in the engineering phase of projects helping decision makers prior to installation.  Our second application was focused on debris such as plastics and more specifically jellyfish deflections using bubble curtains. The latest round of CFD and field validations concentrated its efforts on upwelling currents specific to aquaculture applications like destratification and temperature mixing in upper layers found in fish farms. This research and partnership have yielded new learning and in-depth knowledge about Bubble Tubing® and other products as well as validating our systems as best in class compared to other offers on the market. Benefits  Modelling using the finite-volume Navier-Stokes solver Siemens® Star-CCM+® Can be used during the preliminary stages of a project to explore accurate scenarios that can be used during decision-making and to help reach efficiency requirements. Allows a better understanding of a project predicted results, engineering requirements and costs for a complete feasibility assessment. Proven to match real world results consistently with well over 90% accuracy. Allows for design iteration and installation optimization before mobilizing construction crews and equipment. Can be used as a basis for projects and operations managers to make long-term decisions. For instance, a powerplant whose water intake is being blocked by jellyfish could evaluate based on CFD models how much an incremental increase in jellyfish deflection (ex from 80% to 90%) would affect their water intake cleaning costs as well as the opportunity cost of energy production shutdowns. If this incremental increase of jellyfish deflection allows them to clear the water intake only once every month instead of once every week, there is an opportunity to reduce operating costs. When the volume of jellyfish blocking the water intake is unmanageable. BubbleFlow CFD  can be used to predict the percentage of jellyfish deflected and bring the volume down to operational levels and that avoids shutdowns. Bubble Barrier to Protect Water Intakes Against Jellyfish Swarms from Products Ltd. on Vimeo. Applications  BubbleFlow CFD is currently available for three industrial applications: de-icing, debris deflection and upwelling in aquaculture. If you are unsure of the feasibility of a project or simply want to have a reliable basis for decision making, investing in a CFD simulation will allow you to better understand the forces at work in your water environment as well as ensure that the system’s installation is optimized for your needs. CFD analysis is best if you already have on site data collection of water parameters such as temperature stratification, tidal currents, river flow and bathymetry. We do not collect on site data for this analysis, they must be provided by the client for analysis. For complex de-icing projects, a CFD model can be created according to precise site conditions such as water intakes and regional parameters such as hours of daylight at northern latitudes and the thickness of ice to ensure your operations are never at risk of ice damage. With experience in the energy industry and industrial installations, we know how valuable continual operations are, preventing maintenance breaks or stoppage of procedures by de-icing key infrastructure can be simulated for extreme conditions. For debris deflection projects, modelling allows us to test how efficient each possible placement of Bubble Tubing® is at deflecting what needs to be managed, be it for plastics in a river or jellyfish in the sea.  These tests can be essential to understanding the limits of the system and allow clients to choose which layouts allows them to reach their optimal efficiency goals. For aquaculture, we can use CFD models to experiment at solving issues created by rising lakes and ocean temperatures that seasonally threatened farmed fish of mortality and loss of revenues. Degrading water conditions such as sustained high temperatures, jellyfish and algae blooms can have a large impact on farms profitability.  Using BubbleFlow CFD, we can recommend best placement and strategy for optimal operations of SalmoAir® upwelling systems to counteract these harmful changes. By modelling the upwelling effect of diffusers and considering on-site water parameters, we can accurately predict how the temperature of the water inside the cages will be to maintain ideal growing conditions for the targeted fish species.  Thawline System for De-icing Docks with Bubble Tubing® from Products Ltd. on Vimeo.  Consulting Services Aquatic environments are ever-changing and can be difficult to adapt when starting a project, our CFD services allow you to get rid of the guess work by using a tried and tested model to simulate real world aquatic movements. Having used these CFD models internally for the last decade, we are now proud to offer them to our clients under the BubbleFlow brand! We value this third party validated science as a reliable method to prove the feasibility of projects and to ensure efficieny where it is most needed!   If you believe BubbleFlow CFD could be used for a project or is necessary for a project to pass the development stage, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have the experience to adapt these tools to a project’s unique parameters as well as the expertise of over 20 years in water management. Contact us for additional information or to get an estimate cost for your BubbleFlow CFD Consulting Services. +1-450-243-0976 or +1-866-249-0976  

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