SalmoAir® Diffuser

Designed Exclusively for the Salmon Industry. The patent pending SalmoAir® is ideal for precise control of the need for aeration in fish cages.

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Load image into Gallery viewer, SalmoAir product
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The SalmoAir®  is a fully assembled specialized, anti-fouling coated, corrosion protected fine bubble air diffuser designed for the aquaculture market.

Invented by Products Ltd. And its unique Bubble Tubing® which holds the world’s leading SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency).

The SalmoAir® features a smooth surface without sharp angles protecting salmon from scale damages, injuries and other accidents that may create loss of value to market and promote disease propagation through wounds.

The Yellow Thermoplastic NSF coating creates a barrier that furthermore protects the aluminum frame, preventing corrosion issues in salt water. The Coating also offers limitation and control of biological fouling, simplifying the maintenance process like pressure washing to remove mussels and barnacle growth.

  • Designed Exclusively for the Aquaculture industry
  • Made in Canada
  • Patent Pending
  • The SalmoAir® is easily identifiable thanks to its unique yellow color on the market. — Color included in the trademark


  • Light Weight
  • NonToxic
  • Prevents fish injuries
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Best Oxygen Transfer available
  • Best Lift Rate available
  • Best Lift Rate on the Market = reduced energy cost
  • Pure Oxygen/Ozone Capable
  • Durable

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  • 3/4’’ Bubble Tubing®
  • Aluminium Frame
  • NSF Thermoplastic Coating
  • Yellow PPA5761 Coated™
  • 70’’ (177.8cm) diameter
  • 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
  • ISO 9001.2015 Construction
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • Ships in Protected Wooden Crates

*Installation: A 30 lbs or heavier cannon ball weight used for netting is recommended and not included.

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