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  • Kasco VFX Fountains

    Kasco Marine’s VFX floating aerating fountains are a classic design, great for residential applications as well as medium to large ponds and have been a best-seller for many years. Available from 1...  

    $1,601.00 CAD - $8,227.00 CAD

  • Kasco JF Multi-Nozzle Floating Fountains

    Kasco Marine JF decorative fountains improve the overall water quality of your pond, while enhancing its appearance with five interchangeable spray patterns – included in the price of the fountain!...  

    $1,946.50 CAD - $8,719.75 CAD

  • Kasco Marine LED fountain light kits

    We offer a selection of optional light kits for Kasco Marine fountains, so you can enjoy your fountain the whole evening. Description LED lights enhance your fountain and give a warm atmosphere in ...  

    $1,774.50 CAD - $3,734.00 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Surface Aerators

    Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable way to increase and maintain oxygen levels when bottom aeration is not desirable. Benefits Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable means of increa...  

    $1,382.00 CAD - $2,954.00 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration System

    Kasco Marine has designed the Robust-Aire aeration systems to be durable, affordable and easy to install. CanadianPond.ca is Kasco Marine's authorized service center for Canada. Technical Specifica...  

    $1,563.50 CAD - $5,005.50 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers

    Protect your docks, boats and submerged structures with a Kasco Marine de-icer. Benefits Kasco Marine de-icers, also known as circulators or agitators, are available at CanadianPond.ca, your Kasco ...  

    $949.00 CAD - $1,449.00 CAD

  • Floats & Dock Mounts Kasco Marine

    Kasco Marine Circulators and De-icers can be installed in several ways thanks to the different fleets and fixings. One of these options will ensure that your de-icer is installed optimally! Univers...  

    $323.60 CAD - $520.70 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Mixers / Circulators

    Circulators/Mixers are easy to install propeller motors and can be a simple solution to many of your water management needs. To reduce thermal stratification, for water mixing, see our different mo...  

    $1,307.75 CAD - $2,158.50 CAD

  • Small Aeration System (SAS)

    Are you looking for an aeration system for a water garden or small pond with Koi carp? We have very small, affordable, quiet and discreet systems. Don't be fooled by their small size! These systems...  

    $629.00 CAD - $2,316.50 CAD

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