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  • CanadianAir Aeration Systems

    CanadianAir Aeration Systems are some of the most reliable on the market and will be able to meet all your ventilation needs. Available exclusively at, your expert in all manners of...  

    $1,298.25 CAD - $4,936.25 CAD

  • Small Aeration System (SAS)

    Are you looking for an aeration system for a water garden or small pond with Koi carp? We have very small, affordable, quiet and discreet systems. Don't be fooled by their small size! These systems...  

    $629.00 CAD - $2,316.50 CAD

  • Mini-Air Aeration System

    The Mini Air aeration system is ideal as an aerator for small to medium sized basins and ponds (up to a maximum of 3600 ft2 or 330 m2) going up to a maximum 16′ in depth. This aerator system is als...  

    $853.00 CAD - $911.55 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Surface Aerators

    Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable way to increase and maintain oxygen levels when bottom aeration is not desirable. Benefits Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable means of increa...  

    $1,382.00 CAD - $2,954.00 CAD

  • Kasco VFX Fountains

    Kasco Marine’s VFX floating aerating fountains are a classic design, great for residential applications as well as medium to large ponds and have been a best-seller for many years. Available from 1...  

    $1,601.00 CAD - $8,227.00 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration System

    Kasco Marine has designed the Robust-Aire aeration systems to be durable, affordable and easy to install. is Kasco Marine's authorized service center for Canada. Technical Specifica...  

    $1,563.50 CAD - $5,005.50 CAD

  • Direct Solar Powered Aeration System

    You do not want to use electricity for your aeration system? Your lake is simply too far away for an electrical connection? This direct solar aeration system is specially designed for our northern ...  

    $6,548.50 CAD - $9,898.00 CAD

  • Seika Ecorator High Performance Aerator-Circulator

    The powerful suction and pushing effect of the Ecorator doubles the agitation effect of liquids in tanks and basins. An excellent choice as a pond water circulator. Benefits Oxygen mass transfer ...  

    Price on demand

  • Kasco Marine Mixers / Circulators

    Circulators/Mixers are easy to install propeller motors and can be a simple solution to many of your water management needs. To reduce thermal stratification, for water mixing, see our different mo...  

    $1,307.75 CAD - $2,158.50 CAD

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