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  • Phosclear, alum or aluminum sulfate

    Phosclear buffered aluminum sulfate is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters. Use in lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Benefits Every lake or pond is unique. If the water is clear, with minimal submerged weed growth, we’d call it “clean” and its primary productivity would be low. You might think of it as starving for plant nutrients. If the water is turbid, due to planktonic algae, its productivity would be high. This would be considered bad if you wanted to swim in it. It could be considered good if you were using it for aquaculture. If you want to have clear water, you must reduce the productivity. In short, you need to withhold nutrients that feed the algae. Phosphorus is typically the nutrient that can increase plant and algae growth in freshwater lakes. To reduce the phosphorus level is to reduce the plant and algae growth, resulting in clear water.   Technical Specifications   Phosphorus binds tightly to the alum, which becomes incorporated into the sediments of the lake. It is totally safe from a human, animal and environmental standpoint. Aluminum, like silica sand, is one of the most common elements on the face of the earth. It is used in cooking and drinking water filtration. Phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrients enter the lake from four sources: Watershed runoff Sediment nutrient cycling Atmospheric loading Point source (typically sources known by the owner—can be things such as fish food, cleaning stations, fertilizer additions, etc.) To identify and quantify the sources of phosphorus, it is necessary to do a total nutrient budget. Since most people can’t afford that professional service, they typically ask a limnologist or other lake expert to “eyeball it” and give them their recommendation. Some remedial action can be inexpensive and other suggestions can be cost-prohibitive. If the low-cost fixes are not sufficient to bring about the desired improvement in water clarity, consider an alum treatment to reduce phosphorus in the water and reduce its cycling out of the sediments. It is probably cheaper than you think. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Dosage and Application Simply scatter the Phosclear granules evenly across the surface of the water. Typical application rate is 80 lbs per acre-foot (25 ppm). A buffering agent prevents pH drops. Note: pH should be between 5.5 and 8.0, alkalinity between 50 and 200 ppm and salinity below 3 ppm. PhosClear is available in 1.8 kg (4 lb) or 18kg (40 lb) formats. After treatment the water will appear white and cloudy and stay this way for about 24-48 hours after treatment.  

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  • Bacterius® PRO TRAP, for commercial use

    Bacterius Pro-Trap is a product specially developed for grease traps and pipes. Benefits Pro-Trap effectively breaks down the build-up of oil, grease and organic residues in grease traps and pipes. The product also eliminates odors and reduces the frequency of emptying the hatches. Selected natural bacterial strains Easily adaptable to water conditions Very stable Fully biodegradable Safe for users, equipment and the environment No chemical preservatives and no pathogens Technical Specifications Made from strains of bacteria that are harmless to humans, fauna and flora, these bacteria are presented in the mixture in the form of spores to ensure maximum longevity and degradation efficiency. Neutral pH Environmental Choice Certified Class 1 bacteria listed LSD. Non-toxic steam Rigorously analyzed for maximum stability, purity and performance. Exceeds environmental standards from accreditation agencies and can be used to claim credits for certifications such as LEED and Go Green (BOMA) We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage, Application and Storage Dosage Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions. Pour 350 to 500 ml per m3 per day. Installation of a ventilation system is recommended to increase efficiency. Application  Refer to the technical sheet for all application information Storage  Store in a cool, dry place away from frost.    

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  • Bacterius® PRO H2S, for commercial use

    Blend of Sulfato-Reducing bacteria to eliminate and prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide and bad odors. Benefits Bactérius PRO-H2S is a product that eliminates or prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide and bad odors as well as the corrosion phenomena associated with it. For preventive or curative application in biological wastewater purification systems, grease or hydrocarbon separators and pipes. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Technical specifications Reduction of corrosion of equipment and pipes Compliance with discharge standards for sulphides (S2-) in the effluent. Better removal of DB05 and suspended solids Reduced danger to workers Better air quality Controls bad odors Ph 6.5 Mixture of Calcium Nitrate and Optional Anaerobic Bacillus Handle with care, consult our technical sheet and SDS sheet for more details. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)  SDS  (PDF)   Dosage and Storage Dosage The basic dosage is on average between 250 and 500ml / day / m3. The treatment strategy as well as the dosage will vary greatly depending on the conditions and facilities. Please consult us for more details.   Storage Store away from frost. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.  

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  • Bacterius® PRO WW, for commercial use

    For industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Helps increase a plant's ability to degrade a wide variety of contaminants treated in the facility.  Benefits The Bacterius PRO WW is effective at increasing a plant's ability to process fats, chemicals and various pollutants through an efficient biomass support system. PRO WW strives to minimize stress-related issues and optimize a plant's ability to handle excessive overload. It makes it possible to treat high loads without adversely affecting the quality of the effluents. Technical specifications A synergistic blend of selectively adapted bacteria which produce a rapid degradation of problematic compounds found in Industrial and Municipal waste systems. Degrades the recalcitrant portion of the grease molecule, the long-chain fatty acids, which cause the majority of maintenance and treatment problems.  Effective at temperatures up to 45 degrees celcius.  Active at low pH levels. The addition of Bacterius PRO-WW alleviates low pH problems by breaking down the fatty acids.  Stability: Maximum loss of 1 log a year Moisture content: Below 15%  Formats: 45 x 250g water-soluble pouches  We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Technical sheet (PDF)  SDS (PDF)    Dosage, Application and Storage Dosage :  Varies according to demand. Example of a typical dosage for 1 acre: 1st week - initial shock treatment: 25 kg (100 pouches) per day for 5 days 2nd week: 12.5 kg (50 pouches) per day for 5 days 3rd week: 6.25 kg (25 pouches) per day for 5 days Maintenance: 1-2 kg (4-8 pouches) per week. Application:  PRO WW may be added directly to the waste influent stream or aerated basin. For toxic waste or short retention times, rehydration for between 30 to 90 minutes before its addition to a waste system is recommended, using 9 litres of water per 500g of Bacterius PRO WW. For best results, the water teperature range should be between 21 and 31 degree celsius. Storage:  Prevent from freezing. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. The recommended storage temperature is within a range of 1 and 23 degree celsius.  

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  • Bacterius® PRO AC, for commercial use

    Bacterius® PRO AC is a unique probiotic blend that can be added to food to promote shrimp health and performance. Benefits When shrimp larvae are transferred to a new environment, they experience stress and usually lose a significant proportion of their body's naturally protective microflora, both inside and out. At this stage, shrimp are more vulnerable to pathogens in the pond water, which can cause disease due to contamination from biomass, shells and fecal matter. These contaminants reduce the ambient oxygen levels and produce methane, ammonia, nitrates and H2S gases, all of which are harmful to aquaculture. Add our Bacterius Pro-Ac product to shrimp feed to increase their protective microflora's quality and quantity and thus reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as white spot disease and vibriosis after consumption. Technical specifications Promotes gut health by stabilizing gut microflora Discourages negative and opportunistic bacteria Improves the general health of shrimp Stimulates plankton growth Reduces harvest days Increases the survival rate of shrimp and fish Promotes faster growth and weight gain while ensuring a more consistent size of shrimp and fish Improves feed conversion rate Bacterial strains: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis   We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)  SDS (PDF)    Dosage, Application and Storage  Dosage Shrimp: 150 g per tonne of complete feed Fish: 250g per ton of whole feedOthers: 250 to 500 g per tonne of whole feedNote: Due to the vitamin and mineral composition in this product, no additional vitamins or minerals are needed to produce artificial foods.   Application Add directly to the food and mix. For aquaculture feed manufacturers who use thermal extrusion to produce commercial feed, some loss of activity can be observed during this phase. Stable up to 85 degrees celsius. Storage Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. The recommended storage temperature is between 1 and 23 degree celsius (34 and 73 degree farenheit)  

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  • Clearance - B2OXY, 2 lbs

    Powdered hydrogen peroxide cleaner, for cascades and pond liners. While supplies last.  Items sold "as is" and on final sale with no return or exchange possible. 

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