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Made in Canada, Think Purity Algaecide is an easy and effective way to quickly remove algae for you to enjoy your water features in peace. Its special formulation of ionic copper targets algae without harming other organisms in your pond! 

*Please note that algaecide cannot be shipped to Quebec adresses. Quebec clients: please contact us for application services!

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Think Purity Algaecide is a concentrated liquid that eliminates excessive string algae, cyanobacteria blooms (blue-green algae) or harmful bacteria like E.Coli. Algaecide is a controlled pesticide product that may require a local permit for applications or to purchase depending on your province.

  • For over 20 years, Think Purity has been a proven, reliable solution for managing algae.
  • With the proper dosage, in less than 48 hrs, all algae will be dead leaving a clear pond for up to 3 weeks*.
  • NSF 60 – Drinking Water Certified and licensed by Health Canada 
  • Safe for use with most fish species. At a proper dosage, algaecide will not harm most fish populations. Use of algaecide is especially discouraged when fish in the carp family are present such as Koi or Goldfish.
  • Can be used in any closed-water systems such as town fountains, small basins and ponds that do not flow into another body of water.

* It is important to note that algaecide is a temporary solution that will not fix underlying reasons for excess algae such as high nutrients, hot temperatures, or lack of shade. Moreover, the death of the algae will cause nutrient overloading since the splitting of the algae cell walls will release their nutrients into the water, fuelling the next generation of algal growth. To prevent regrowth and for longer-lasting results, we recommend adding a dosage of of our Bacterius® products, such as Bacterius® C or Bacterius® 1B or Bacterius® 5B  or Bacterius® Equinox after any treatment with algaecide. These beneficial bacteria will be able to quickly consume these excess nutrients as well as ensure a healthier pond after treatment.

For more information controlling algae in your pond read this article!

How it works

Algaecide treatment blocks several metabolic processes essential to the survival of algae and cyanobacteria, such as cell membrane permeability, respiration and reproduction. The result is the death of the organisms due to the malfunctioning of their metabolism. Once the cell walls of the algae are compromised the nutrients essential to their reproduction and life cycle are released freely into the water of your pond or bassin. These 'free' nutrients are easily absorbed by all sorts of biologically active lifeforms such as beneficial bacteria, plants, phytoplankton and by any remaining algae which may result in rapid regrowth. This free release of nutrients is easily controlled by applying a dosage of Bacterius C at the same time as the algaecide solution. 

Safety information 

For FIRST AID refer to the SDS (Safety data sheet) found at bottom of the page.

NOTICE TO USER: This control product is to be used only in accordance with
the directions on this label. It is an offence under the Pest Control Products Act to
use a control product under unsafe conditions.

NATURE OF THE RESTRICTION: This product must be used only in the manner authorized; consult local pesticide regulatory authorities about use permits that may be required. It is your responsibility to use this product safely in accordance with local laws and requirements.

RESTRICTED USES: Product is to be used for control of algae in municipal water supplies, closed water systems and any basin or pond that does not discharge into a larger body of water. This product is restricted, and CAN NOT be applied or allowed to discharge to lakes, flowing water, or ponds with outflow.

STORAGE AND HANDLING: Store in a safe place away from pets and children. Store away from excessive heat. Think Purity Algaecide will freeze, causing separation. Always keep container closed. Store Think Purity Algaecide Solution in its original container only. Do not store Think Purity Algaecide Solution directly on concrete and store above 5℃ or 41℉.

For application, storage and handling we recommend using simple rubber or plastic gloves and protective eyewear. Any material or equipment directly in contact with Think Purity Algaecide should be properly rinsed with plenty of fresh, clean water. Fabrics containing nylon or cotton will dissolve on contact with full strength of Think Purity Algaecide.

Seller's guarantee shall be limited to the terms set out on the label and, subject thereto, the buyer assumes the risk to persons or property arising from the use or handling of this product and accepts the product on that condition.


Tech Sheet (PDF)


Standard Approved Dosages

Apply 1 litre Think Purity Algaecide Solution to 60m³ of water for a concentration of 1ppm. For algae control aim for 0.5-1ppm of (Cu++) in water.

Apply 1 litre of Think Purity Algaecide Solution to 60m³-600m³ of water. Water condition and extent of active micro-organisms present determine the effective application rate. Add 1.6ml of Think Purity Algaecide Solution per 1000L (1m³) to increase Cu by 0.1ppm. To obtain a level of 1ppm in small ponds, lagoons and dugouts, apply 25ml Think Purity to 1500L (1.5m³) of water. To obtain a level of 1ppm of copper in large ponds, lagoons and dugouts, apply 1L Think Purity to 60 000L (60m³) of water. 

Industrial/commercial: apply 0.5-1L per 60 m³ of water

In the presence of fish, do not treat more that half of the pond at one time. 

    Calculating the volume of a pond is always an approximation. Be cautious and underdose your first treatment if you are not certain. 

     Desired Copper (Cu++) concentration (ppm)  Dosage in ml/m3 
    0.1 ppm  1.6ml/m3
    0.2 ppm 3.2ml/m3
    0.5 ppm 8ml/m3
    1.0 ppm  16ml/m3


    Application of algaecide in Quebec

    Individuals and businesses that do not have their own pesticide license cannot purchase algaecide in Quebec, however they can purchase an application service from CanadianPond.  If you do have your own license, then you may purchase directly from CanadianPond upon verification of this permit.

    To learn more about our algaecide application service and to confirm eligibility please contact us: +1-450-243-0976.

    For clients outside of Quebec, you must verify with your local regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and permits surrounding pesticide use in your province or territory. Shipping restrictions/surcharges may apply for this controlled product. 

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