Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose


Torpedo Reinforced Weighted Hose is an excellent flexible PVC formulation designed for easy processing and excellent heat stability. Made in Canada.


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Load image into Gallery viewer, Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose
Load image into Gallery viewer, Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose
Load image into Gallery viewer, Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose
Load image into Gallery viewer, Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose
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  • Eliminates the need for weights or external anchors
  • Rests on the bottom, away from swimmers and boats
  • Black color makes it invisible from the surface, maintaining a natural look
  • Kink-free
  • More supple than most self-sinking lines, so it is easier to unroll and work with
  • Built from a high-density flexible PVC composite for easy handling and installation
  • Thick internal walls prevent easy perforation by debris or rocks
  • UV resistant Torpedo™ Tubing layout with Bubble tubing
  • Stays flexible in cold water
  • Rodent resistant (beavers, muskrats)
  • Working pressure 80 PSI @ 20°C (68°F)


Our industrial grade weighted hose is reinforced with a polyester braided sleeving to better prevent bursting or expansion due to overheating and/or back pressure. The fiberglass layer also serves to help prevent punctures from rodents or sharp objects. It performs well up to a maximum pressure of 80 psi, compared to regular ballasted hoses.

torpedo product

The Torpedo™ is weighted and metal free; it resists twisting and is designed to be the air supply hose line in your aeration projects.

This ballasted air intake pipe sinks from its own weight in water because its density is higher than that of water. This makes for a quick and efficient installation of your aeration system. It is available in ⅜″, ½″, ¾″ and 1” inner hole diameter sizes to suit all needs.

Installing your air distribution system has never been easier! The Torpedo weighted hose stays in place at the bottom of the water and won't disturb swimmers or boat propellers. Its dark color makes it virtually invisible once in the water and keeps your body of water looking natural. This hose is very flexible compared to other products on the market, even in very cold water, which makes it easy to install.

Warranty : 3 years coverage on manufacturing defects


Tech Sheet (PDF) 

Drawing Torpedo (PDF) 

Torpedo Reinforced Weighted Hose is offered in these dimensions:

  • TORI12 – 0.550” ID x 0.910” OD. Lengths: 50,100,150, 500 ft reel or custom cut (15m, 30m, 45m or 152m)
  • TORI34 – 0.800” ID x 1.300” OD. Lengths: 300 ft reel or custom cut (91m)
  • TORI1.0 – 1.06” ID x 1.6” OD. Lengths: 300 ft reel (91m)

We can help you decide which size is best suited to your needs by taking into consideration the distance to available electricity and the distance between the diffuser and the compressor. Torpedo™ Tubing joins easily to Bubble Tubing® and other types of poly hose.

We sell all the necessary hardware to put any aeration system together. Please contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.

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