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  • Bio-Purge, Biofilm Control

    If you are noticing that your diffusers are releasing fewer and fewer bubbles, then likely a biofilm is forming a coating that is restricting airflow by blocking the perforations.   Benefits Bio-Purge is our leading cleaning/maintenance product for underwater air diffusion systems, including aeration discs and Bubble Tubing®. As with any aeration product, over time air diffusers and bubble tubing will benefit from a maintenance treatment to remove any calcium deposits or organic biofilm that may coat their surfaces and inhibit airflow.   Technical Specifications Bio-Purge is a maintenance product designed to clean aeration lines and diffusers. Biofilm develops slowly covering the small holes designed to release micro-bubbles of air. Factors such as temperature, water quality, water hardness, pH and air pressure all effect if or when a biofilm may form, which explains why there are instances when no biofilm develops, or biofilm develops rapidly.   To counter this problem use Bio-Purge which is an environmentally friendly product to eliminate the bio-film or calcium deposits that may be hindering the efficiency of your aeration system. Similar in characteristics and effectiveness as such well known products as “CLR”, Bio-Purge is designed for use in drinkable water. It is certified ANSI/NSF, and is a product currently used in municipal water treatment reservoirs and is also recommended by Health Canada and the Ministry of Environment (MDDEP). Approved for use both in the US (CFR) and Canada.  Bio-Purge is safe for use in all aquatic environments. Bio-Purge replaces muriatic acid as an effective cleaner and declogger of airstones. Cleaning diffusers or cleaning airstones with diluted muriatic acid solutions is a thing of the past.  Beyond cleaning diffusers and tubing, Bio-Purge is an excellent dispersant/bio-penetrant specifically formulated to control iron, scale, bio fouling, and other filter related problems in potable or industrial water systems. Bio-Purge is a non-phosphate-based product that may be used in water systems to clear away oxidized metal build up, scale deposits, and when used in conjunction with a biocide, bacterial species from filter media. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. SDS (PDF) Dosage and Application Dosage: Bubble Tubing® ½ I.D.: 1 liter per 100 ft of tubing Bubble Tubing® ¾ I.D.: 1.5 liter per 100 ft of tubing Membrane diffuser disc: 125 ml per diffuser   INSTRUCTIONS:Step 1: Disconnect the main airline(s) that leads to your diffuser disc, air stone or BubbleTubing®.Step 2: Pour in an appropriate amount of Bio-Purge liquid into the airline(s).Step 3: Re-connect the main airline and turn on the compressor briefly to distribute the liquidinto all of the diffuser discs, air stones or Bubble Tubing®.Step 4: Turn off your compressor to allow the Bio-Purge to completely dissolve the biofilm. Thiswill be anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.Step 5: Turn on your compressor. Your diffuser discs, air stones or Bubble Tubing® will becleaned from the inside-out and will be once again performing at their optimal level. Complete Instructionss (PDF)  

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  • Piccolo Air Diffuser

    Our expertise in aeration comes from our many years of experience in the field of air diffusion technologies. This small diffuser requires little pressure to operate. We are the only retailer in Canada to offer the Piccolo diffuser. Benefits The piccolo is a small diffuser requiring little pressure to operate. It can be placed at different depths depending on the need, ideal for small ponds with little depth or with various depths. Here are the advantages seen when using bottom aeration: Circulation of the entire water column in relation to the depth of the diffuser and the volume of air injected; Elimination of thermal stratification (generally prohibited in the case of natural trout lakes); Increase in dissolved oxygen levels, which stimulates the natural aerobic digestion process, thus reducing the thickness of organic silt and the accumulation of sediment; Prevents fish kills during winter by increasing the oxygen available in their habitat; Reduces mosquito populations; Eliminates foul odors from unwanted gases; Reduces organic bottom sediments by avoiding sediment anoxia; Sequestration of phosphorus in sediments; Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Technical Specifications This small diffuser is used in our SAS, Mini-Air and CanadianAir aeration systems. It is very suitable for ponds that are rather round or tank-shaped. Diffuser Type: Ballasted diffuser base using a porous pipe as the diffusion medium. Optimal CFM:  0.09 Bubble size: Fine Minimum pressure: No restrictions Price: Buy online or contact us. 1 year warranty Piccolo Tech Sheet (PDF) Piccolo Assembly Guide (PDF) 

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  • Replacement parts for Kasco compressors

    CanadianPond offers replacement air filters and piston repair kits for Kasco Marine's Teich-Aire compressors.  If you are unsure of your compressor model, contact us with your serial number or a picture of your compressor and we will help you make the right choice!  Other repair kits are also available upon request. Description Repair kits for Kasco Marine's Teich-Aire compressors used in CanadianAir aeration systems and Thawline de-icing systems. Replacement filters for compressors. It is recommended that you change your compressor filter every 6-12 months, or more frequently if your compressor is in a dusty environment. Service Center We are the authorized service and repair center for Kasco Marine in Canada. In addition, we can also assist you with repairs on systems of the following brands: Hiblow, Seabin, US Solar Mounts, Vertex Water Features, AquaMaster Fountains. Technical Specifications 1/4HP : One (1) kit is needed to repair one KM-60  1/2HP : Two (2) repair kits are needed to repair one (1) (KM-120) Teich-Aire Compressor 3/4HP : One (1) repair kit is needed to repair one (1) dual piston KM-200 compressor Replacement Air Filters for KM-60 (1/4HP Teich-aire) & KM-120 (1/2HP Teich-aire) compressors Replacement Air Filter for KM-200 (3/4HP Teich Aire) Compressor Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects 

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  • SureSink™ Weighted Air Line Tubing offers you a varied choice of aeration tubing for your systems. SureSink™ weighted air line tubing is a Kasco product that combines with their Robust-Air aeration system if your need for tubing is greater than the included quantity. Technical specifications Do you need more air line tubing for your Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration System or for another kind of small aeration system? Consider Sure-Sink ⅜″ tubing in 25′, 50′ or 100′ lengths. 3/8” Tubing Kit (#773380) – Parts Included:• (1) 3/8” Diameter x 25', 50' or 100’ SureSink™ Aeration Tubing• (1) 3/8” Barb x 3/8” Barb Fitting• (2) 3/8” Tubing Clamp This tubing is self-sinking and comes with a 10-year warranty.  Instructions (PDF)  

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  • Water Weedsickle, Motorized Aquatic Weed Cutter

    Save time and energy with the aquatic grass-trimmer Water Weedsickle. Cuts swaths of aquatic weeds, perfect for cottages, large shallow bays, canals and marinas. The Water Weedsickle hooks up to your boat, saving time, money, energy and your back! Choose the right product for your projects.   Benefits Allows for a pleasing shoreline, welcoming to swimmers Allows you to control the growth of problematic water weeds Reclaim your water-front to enjoy boating and swimming Increases the value of your waterfront property Dramatically reduces weed growth in following years Sturdily constructed with quality materials – ensures years of trouble free operation Environmentally safe 2-year warranty Technical Specifications With two models and a few variations available, there is a Water Weedsickle to suit your specific needs and budget! Chose the one right for your boat and budget.  It can be a challenge to access some areas to remove aquatic plants growing on the lake bottom or near a shoreline. The Water Weedsickle attaches to your boat and is designed to easily cut submerged aquatic plants, especially in hard to access areas. The Weedsickle can be installed on the bow, stern or on either side of the boat. The power source is 12 Volt battery that runs a 1/5HP motor (Deep Cycle Marine Battery not included). The cutting bar is connected to a stainless-steel tube and a connecting plate, in order to ensure a safe and secure attachment. The cutting time on a fully charged battery is between 6 – 8 hours depending on the thickness of the weeds. It is possible to place two units side by side in order to cut a width of 8 feet. This tool works best on finer weeds like water milfoil (Myriophyllum sp) rather than tougher stemmed plants like cattails or bulrushes (Typha latifolia). Weedsickle Manual (PDF) Tech Sheet (PDF) Applications These weed cutters are designed and built with commercial and private applications in mind. We recommend cutting your plants 3 times per season; at the end of spring, in the middle of summer and a final cut in the fall. This method will help you reduce plant growth from one year to the next. Collect cut plants using a weed rake and make sure the proper application of Muck Beneficial Bacteria is used to help break down and consume the stems that remain, to help prevent bad odours come spring.   

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  • Kasco Marine Surface Aerators

    Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable way to increase and maintain oxygen levels when bottom aeration is not desirable. Benefits Kasco Marine Surface Aerators are a reliable means of increasing and maintaining oxygen levels in fish farms where bottom aeration is not recommended. Some situations necessitate maintaining thermal stratification. If you wish to keep trout, this is a good solution to keep them healthy and the water cool enough for their needs, even during the mid-summer heat waves. Kasco Surface Aerators are designed to move a large volume of water with minimal cost.  Technical Specifications By fragmenting water into fine droplets, Kasco aerators promote the exchange of gases at the water's surface. The result is an increase in dissolved oxygen levels, resulting in a reduction of the new sediments and assimilable nutrients that are usually responsible for algae growth.Stirs a large quantity of water, maximizing the water's exposure to the air in order to best exchange gases.Includes a protective screen to prevent debris from entering the engine, as well as a float and nylon cables for anchoring. Commercial Aquaculture: Increases the amount of oxygen while the fish are feeding, increasing the potential quantity of fish per pond. Helps the evacuation of gases such as carbon dioxide Increases water quality in agricultural irrigation ponds Can be used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment Can be used for aerating private ponds Easy installation Can be used in salt water Shallow or deep water operation Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE), independent test results from Auburn University: 3.0 lbs of oxygen transferred by HP Can be converted into use as a decorative fountain 2 years warranty Optional control box for surface aerators are also available. Choose yours HERE. It is possible to order the units WITHOUT the protective screen under the motor. Contact us for availability. Aerators from 2 HP to 5 HP also available in 3 phases, contact us for a quote.  

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  • Eco-Purge, Biofilm Removal Product

    If you are noticing that your diffusers are releasing fewer and fewer bubbles then it is likely a biofilm is forming a coating that is restricting airflow by blocking the perforations.   Benefits Eco-Purge is a natural organic product specially designed to clean Bubble Tubing® and other items placed in water that are clogged by biofilm or other deposits.  Active in fresh and salt water.  Safe for aquatic fauna and flora.  Technical Specifications   Eco-Purge is designed to clean the biofilm that forms in the tubing of air lines and diffusers in aeration systems. Biofilm grows slowly, it is an organic or mineral biofilm that limits the effectiveness of the system. It forms naturally and develops more or less quickly depending on various factors such as temperature, water quality, hardness, pH, air pressure, to name a few.To counter this problem, we offer a product that eliminates these deposits while respecting the natural environment: Eco-Purge. Specifically formulated for this application, it penetrates and breaks down biofilm.  The cleaning and descaling power of the product decreases with the temperature. From 15 degrees Celsius and above, we can expect a powerful and rapid cleansing. Below this temperature, a longer contact time or a higher concentration of the product must be expected. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. SDS (PDF) Dosage, Application and Storage DOSAGE: 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean. The dosage may vary depending on the level of dirt accumulated on the products to be cleaned and the temperature of the water in which the product is applied APPLICATION: 1. Mix well before using. 2. Turn off the aeration system.  3. In each air line, pour a minimum of 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean.  4. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. 5. Restart the systems to push the product out of the lines.   Repeat if necessary.   STORAGE: Store frost-free in a dry, ventilated area. Avoid heat and direct sunlight to preserve product quality.  Wear chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses when manipulating.  

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  • Kasco Marine LED fountain light kits

    We offer a selection of optional light kits for Kasco Marine fountains, so you can enjoy your fountain the whole evening. Description LED lights enhance your fountain and give a warm atmosphere in the evening. These lights are designed for Kasco Marine JF fountains, VFX fountains and surface aerators from ½ HP up to 7.5 HP. Click here to help choose the right floating fountain for your pond. Technical Specifications These sturdy stainless steel LED lights use 19 watt light bulbs for a bright and vivid effect on your pond. The set of 3 lights is designed for fountains going from 1/2 HP to 1 HP. The set of six lights is recommended for fountain models ranging from 1 HP to 7.5 HP and comes with mounting brackets for the float. Available colors: White, red, green, blue, orange Warranty: 3 years Instruction manual (PDF) Applications For fountains used in public parks or businesses, it is recommended to use kits of six lights for better visibility. 

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  • Clearance - 3/4 HP, 115V Brockwood Double Piston Compressor

    COM103-CK 115V, 25 PSI Brockwood Double Piston Compressor for pond and lake aeration. Clearance NO PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE INCLUDED, please contact us if you would like to add one to your order. Makes a great replacement compressor! 

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  • Kasco Marine Rocking Piston Compressors

    Compressors for aeration in Lakes and Ponds.  Benefits Aeration helps reduce sludge, degassing ammonia and methane, and removing CO2 from treated water. Aeration has also been shown to improve oxidation and clarify water in settling and discharge basins to meet effluent standards. offers you a wide selection of compressors for aeration. Since aeration technologies are constantly evolving, it has become possible to make energy-efficient choices while avoiding compromises. If you want to buy these compressors online, please make sure you know what is included and what isn't with the compressor.  Online sales are typically for people with a basic knowledge of these compressors. We also strongly recommend clients purchase a compressor cabinet from us versus rigging up a home made alternative. Our cabinets are safe, well ventilated, secure, and provide noise reduction.  Contact us if you have any doubts about which model to choose! Technical Specifications Rocking Piston Compressors Twenty years ago, it was rare to see anyone using the rocking piston compressor (also called oscillating piston compressor) for aeration of ponds and lakes. Gradually they became the heart and soul of aquatic aeration systems. Rocking piston compressors operate without oil, are economical, powerful and efficient. They are divided into 2 groups: single piston and double piston compressors. The single piston is ¼HP or ⅓HP, while the double piston is ½ HP or ¾ HP. The air pressure is 25 to 50 psi or 1.72 bar to 3.45 bar. As a general rule of thumb, the more pressure the compressor develops, the less air flow is available. The air flow rate is between 2 and 8 CFM, or 0.06m³-0.23m³ per minute. The common brands are Thomas and Gast, but they can now be found on the market under different names such as: Sweetwater, Brockwood, Matala, Stratus and Tech-Aire reciprocating compressors. They all share the same principle of operation and work perfectly with many types of diffusers.These compressors are sold in Kasco Marine's Robust-Aire systems and are also used in CanadianAir Aeration systems.Piston Compressor Data Sheet (PDF) Tech-Aire owner's manual (PDF)  Installations We know our way around pumps, boosters and compressors, and we work with manufacturers to offer the best in the industry. Currently, most small systems are often diaphragm or rocking piston compressors, while medium to large systems use rotary or screw compressor models.   Contact us to discuss your aeration system so that we can help you find the most suitable compressor.  Make sure your compressor is well protected under a structure or one of our cabinets. We strongly recommend to use a compressor cabinet from us versus rigging up a home made alternative. Our cabinets are safe, well ventilated, secure, and provide noise reduction. Preparing your compressor for winter (PDF)  Aeration System Installation Instructions (PDF)     

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  • Kasco JF Multi-Nozzle Floating Fountains

    Kasco Marine J Series decorative fountains improve the overall water quality of your pond, while enhancing its appearance with five interchangeable spray patterns – included in the price of the fountain! Available from 3/4 HP to 7.3 HP Description The J-Series Floating Fountains by Kasco Marine combines solid engineering, classic and versatile spray patterns, and low maintenance into a floating fountain design that keeps on giving! Our clients appreciate how easy the water fountains are to install, and how simple it is when changing the spray patterns for different looks and functions. Removing your fountains for winter is just as straightforward and clear. Their low maintenance and low energy consumption are particularly appealing to our Campground clients and Golf Course owners who are looking for an affordable, and impressive fountain to please the public and please the pocketbook! The 3/4 HP decorative J-Series fountain is very popular with private pond owners with medium sized ponds (over 0.5 acres). Cottagers or pond owners with larger ponds tend to buy the 1 HP fountain model with light kits. commercial clients such as golf courses, campgrounds, resorts, funeral complexes, corporate headquarters, and garden centers are mixing fountain sizes or designing an array of fountains display with lights for visual appeal. Municipalities are now popularizing 2 - 5 HP fountains with lights to inspire citizens to visit park spaces in the day and evening hours. Everyone finds the sound of splashing water soothing, and when lit up at night, these floating fountains add a new and enticing dimension to the water’s edge. For water quality purposes, floating fountains add much-needed oxygen to the first few feet of water. Moving and mixing water can also help with the gaseous exchange within the water column. The splashing of water droplets on the water surface breaks surface tension, which is less appealing for some species of insects who prefer to breed in stagnant water. In the J-Series, the Willow pattern (V-Shaped) is similar to the VFX aerating fountain. For ponds or lakes with floating debris, a floating fountain provides the gentle movement of surface water that assists with debris moving toward the pond’s edge. Only the J-Series is this Versatile – get multiple, interchangeable spray patterns for the price of one! Read the kasco 2022 brochure Visit the following link to choose the right fountain for your pond : Click Here Technical Specifications   The J-Series fountains come complete with everything you need – nozzles to create multiple decorative spray patterns, a control panel with Ground Fault Interrupter and photo-eye for optional light kit, power cord (available in 50′ increments up to 200′; 250, 300’, 400’, and 500’ cords also available for 240V models), and mooring lines. Chose J-Series for Industrial strength – designed with heavy-duty stainless steel components for continuous operation, extended motor life and corrosion prevention (even in salt water). Are the J-Series Fountains Energy efficient? – Yes, 1750 rpm motors mean lower power consumption and longer life for seals and bearings. Compare Kasco’s amp draws to competitive units and learn what you save on your monthly power bill. For example, for a ¾ HP model: 6.5 running amps on 120V and 2.9 running amps on 240V circuits for low operating costs. Expertly designed for ease of use and worry free installation – fountains are easy to install, move, and operate. Spray nozzles are easily switched. Compliant and warranted – Kasco fountains are approved to UL and CSA standards by ETL as complete packages. Each 3/4 and 1 hp fountain comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 2, 3, and 5 hp fountains include a 3-year warranty. Highly dependable: Units are designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance, even in shallow water. They are the least likely fountains to clog of any manufacturer because of Kasco’s deflector technology, prop guard, and standard bottom intake screen. Corrosion resistance: In salt water or other corrosive environments. All external parts are stainless steel and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode. Choice of light kits: Available LED or Halogen light kits Owner's manual (PDF) Kasco Marine Fountain Care Checklist (PDF) Installation Easy to use and install:  Floating fountains are easy to install, move, and operate. Spray nozzles are easily switched within 30 seconds. Low maintenance: Clean the motor housing several times per year and replace the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded. Ask our technician to change oil and seals every 3 to 5 years according to the model and water quality. Note that for 240V fountains, an electrician must be present at the time of installation to connect the control box. The connection can be done in advance by sending you the control box before the installation date. Package Includes: Motor unit Float Bottom screen Interchangeable nozzles Control panel with GFI protection Mooring lines Power cord 50Hz units include a motor unit, 15m mooring lines, multiple nozzles and power cord We offer installation service, Click Here to know more.  

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  • Mini-Air Aeration System

    The Mini Air aeration system is ideal as an aerator for small to medium sized basins and ponds (up to a maximum of 3600 ft2 or 330 m2) going up to a maximum 16′ in depth. This aerator system is also very effective in aerating septic systems. Description Basins and Ponds Aerator The Mini Air pond aerator is efficient and economical. This aeration system is easy to install and will provide your pond with all the benefits of good aeration:  - improved water quality;  - faster digestion of decaying organic matter by natural microorganisms;  - reduced odours; - healthy aquatic life; - prevention of filamentous algae growth; - oxygen source for fish; To learn more about the benefits of aeration, you can visit our aeration Solutions, Accomplishments and Resources pages. Comparison Table of Aeration Systems SYSTEMS           SAS Mini-Air CanadianAir Robust-Aire Ideal for: Small shallow ponds Small ponds Medium to large Ponds with level bottom Medium size, deeper ponds Pond size Up to 2 500 ft2 Up to 3 600 ft2 Between 2500 ft2 and 25000 ft2 10 000 ft2 per diffuser Max. depth Up to 4 ft depth Up to 20 ft depth Up to 20 ft depth Up to 25 ft depth Diffuser Choice of 1 to 4 Piccolo circular diffusers Piccolo circular diffuser  or 25’ of Bubble Tubing Bubble Tubing 50’ or 100’ Robust-Aire diffuser Compressor type Linear Diaphragm Piston Piston   Some of our clients use the Mini Air aeration system in their septic tank to help remove and reduce the build-up of organic matter in the leaching bed and thus manage odours. They are able to extend the life of their septic system by keeping it in good condition without the need for expensive rebuilding.You can read the article Restoring a septic system without digging, which is a testimonial from one of our customers; he reduced his sludge and organic matter levels by 16 inches in only 2 weeks!In combination with septic tank aeration, you can also add bacterial products. The beneficial and natural bacteria will help reduce the build-up of organic matter in the septic tank and are safe to use. Technical Specifications The ¼HP air pump is very quiet, consumes little energy (3 amps) and makes a maximum of 30 PSI while providing an air volume of 1.24 CFM. The compressor must be placed in a location that is sheltered from the weather and where there is good air circulation because no cabinet is sold with this system. It is important to protect the compressor from bad weather. The diffuser and the air supply hoses are heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the water without the need for ballast. The air pushed from the compressor will travel through the Torpedo pipe to the diffuser. The diffuser will let the air escape in fine micro-bubbles of oxygen that will move up the water column. The oxygen and circulation created will help maintain the health of your pond. Warranty: • Diaphragm compressor: 3 years warranty •Torpedo self-sinking air supply hose: 3 years warranty •Diffuser : 2 choices of diffusers - 1 year warranty •Self-sinking Bubble Tubing: 1 year warranty Technical Sheet (PDF) Components Mini Air ventilation system included: A diaphragm compressor (¼HP-115 Volt, 3 Amp) 50 feet (15.2 m) of ballasted ½'' I.D. Torpedo air inlet hose  1 Diffuser from these 2 options:   25 feet (7.62 m) of BubbleTubing® diffuser ½'' I.D. ballasted. Piccolo diffuser No cabinet is sold with this system, it is important to protect the compressor from the elements. Contact us for more information.    

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