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  • Bacterius® PRO TRAP, for commercial use

    Bacterius Pro-Trap is a product specially developed for grease traps and pipes. Benefits Pro-Trap effectively breaks down the build-up of oil, grease and organic residues in grease traps and pipes. The product also eliminates odors and reduces the frequency of emptying the hatches. Selected natural bacterial strains Easily adaptable to water conditions Very stable Fully biodegradable Safe for users, equipment and the environment No chemical preservatives and no pathogens Technical Specifications Made from strains of bacteria that are harmless to humans, fauna and flora, these bacteria are presented in the mixture in the form of spores to ensure maximum longevity and degradation efficiency. Neutral pH Environmental Choice Certified Class 1 bacteria listed LSD. Non-toxic steam Rigorously analyzed for maximum stability, purity and performance. Exceeds environmental standards from accreditation agencies and can be used to claim credits for certifications such as LEED and Go Green (BOMA) We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage, Application and Storage Dosage Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions. Pour 350 to 500 ml per m3 per day. Installation of a ventilation system is recommended to increase efficiency. Application  Refer to the technical sheet for all application information Storage  Store in a cool, dry place away from frost.    

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  • Bacterius® PRO AC, for commercial use

    Bacterius® PRO AC is a unique probiotic blend that can be added to food to promote shrimp health and performance. Benefits When shrimp larvae are transferred to a new environment, they experience stress and usually lose a significant proportion of their body's naturally protective microflora, both inside and out. At this stage, shrimp are more vulnerable to pathogens in the pond water, which can cause disease due to contamination from biomass, shells and fecal matter. These contaminants reduce the ambient oxygen levels and produce methane, ammonia, nitrates and H2S gases, all of which are harmful to aquaculture. Add our Bacterius Pro-Ac product to shrimp feed to increase their protective microflora's quality and quantity and thus reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as white spot disease and vibriosis after consumption. Technical specifications Promotes gut health by stabilizing gut microflora Discourages negative and opportunistic bacteria Improves the general health of shrimp Stimulates plankton growth Reduces harvest days Increases the survival rate of shrimp and fish Promotes faster growth and weight gain while ensuring a more consistent size of shrimp and fish Improves feed conversion rate Bacterial strains: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis   We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)  SDS (PDF)    Dosage, Application and Storage  Dosage Shrimp: 150 g per tonne of complete feed Fish: 250g per ton of whole feedOthers: 250 to 500 g per tonne of whole feedNote: Due to the vitamin and mineral composition in this product, no additional vitamins or minerals are needed to produce artificial foods.   Application Add directly to the food and mix. For aquaculture feed manufacturers who use thermal extrusion to produce commercial feed, some loss of activity can be observed during this phase. Stable up to 85 degrees celsius. Storage Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. The recommended storage temperature is between 1 and 23 degree celsius (34 and 73 degree farenheit)  

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  • Bacterius® PRO WW, for commercial use

    For industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Helps increase a plant's ability to degrade a wide variety of contaminants treated in the facility.  Benefits The Bacterius PRO WW is effective at increasing a plant's ability to process fats, chemicals and various pollutants through an efficient biomass support system. PRO WW strives to minimize stress-related issues and optimize a plant's ability to handle excessive overload. It makes it possible to treat high loads without adversely affecting the quality of the effluents. Technical specifications A synergistic blend of selectively adapted bacteria which produce a rapid degradation of problematic compounds found in Industrial and Municipal waste systems. Degrades the recalcitrant portion of the grease molecule, the long-chain fatty acids, which cause the majority of maintenance and treatment problems.  Effective at temperatures up to 45 degrees celcius.  Active at low pH levels. The addition of Bacterius PRO-WW alleviates low pH problems by breaking down the fatty acids.  Stability: Maximum loss of 1 log a year Moisture content: Below 15%  Formats: 45 x 250g water-soluble pouches  We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Technical sheet (PDF)  SDS (PDF)    Dosage, Application and Storage Dosage :  Varies according to demand. Example of a typical dosage for 1 acre: 1st week - initial shock treatment: 25 kg (100 pouches) per day for 5 days 2nd week: 12.5 kg (50 pouches) per day for 5 days 3rd week: 6.25 kg (25 pouches) per day for 5 days Maintenance: 1-2 kg (4-8 pouches) per week. Application:  PRO WW may be added directly to the waste influent stream or aerated basin. For toxic waste or short retention times, rehydration for between 30 to 90 minutes before its addition to a waste system is recommended, using 9 litres of water per 500g of Bacterius PRO WW. For best results, the water teperature range should be between 21 and 31 degree celsius. Storage:  Prevent from freezing. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. The recommended storage temperature is within a range of 1 and 23 degree celsius.  

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  • Bacterius® PRO H2S, for commercial use

    Mixture of facultative anaerobic Bacillus strains and calcium nitrate to eliminate and prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide and unpleasant odors. Benefits Bactérius PRO-H2S is a product that eliminates or prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide and bad odors as well as the corrosion phenomena associated with it. For preventive or curative application in biological wastewater purification systems, grease or hydrocarbon separators and pipes. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Technical specifications Reduction of corrosion of equipment and pipes Compliance with discharge standards for sulphides (S2-) in the effluent. Better removal of BOD5 and suspended solids Reduced danger to workers Better air quality Control of bad odors pH 6.5 Mixture of Calcium Nitrate and Facultative Anaerobic Bacillus Handle with care, consult our technical sheet and SDS for more details. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)    Dosage and Storage Dosage The basic dosage is on average between 250 and 500ml / day / m3. The treatment strategy as well as the dosage will vary greatly depending on the conditions and facilities. Please consult us for more details.   Storage Store away from frost. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.  

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  • Bacterius® POND, nitrification and control of organic sediment

    Bacterius® POND maintains a natural equilibrium in your pond, keeping water clear, helping reduce organic sediments and controlling the growth of algae. Benefits Bacterius® POND is a microbiological product for the maintenance and regeneration of aquatic environments. Breaks down organic matter present in sludge or suspended in water; Helps maintain the balance of the aquatic ecosystem; Helps reduce the concentration of chemicals used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus); Helps reduce bad odors caused by anoxic conditions; Fights sulfato-reducing bacteria to prevent the production of H2S gas; Naturally clarifies water; Contributes positively to the health of animal and plant life; Reduces the risk of disease and mortality of fish and plants. Technical Specifications Bacterius® POND is a mixture of bacillus and nitrifying bacteria that helps reduce algae, clarify water and reduce accumulations of sludge at the bottom of ponds. The strains contained in Bacterius® POND have been selected for their efficacy and stability. The concentrated bacilli consume organic waste and sediments, and nitrifying species target the nitrogen cycle in water. Bacterius® POND bacterial mixture is designed to improve the quality of pond water. The addition of beneficial bacteria increases microbiological activity which reduces the effect of eutrophication.Bacterius® POND product is preservative free, pathogen free and safe for flora, fauna, pets or humans.Begin application in early summer or when the water is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Continue treatments until early fall or until the water is colder than 10 degrees Celcius.Bacterius® POND can be used in season in combination with Bacterius® C, Bacterius® N and Bacterius® EQUINOX. Contact a Canadianpond.ca representative to establish an application protocol according to the specifics of your pond.- Naturally selected bacterial strains- Great adaptability- Strong stability- No chemical preservatives- Free from pathogenic contaminants- Active in fresh and salt water- Complete genetic profile available We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF) Dosage and Application   The dosage may vary depending on the application and the environmental conditions.Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.Pour the dosage as evenly as possible on the water surface or pour near the air diffusers.Shake well before using, as a deposit can form on the bucket bottom. CONTACT US FOR LARGE VOLUME USE.  

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  • Bacterius® N, Nitrifying Bacteria

    Green or cloudy water in your pond or lake? Try our Bacterius® N water treatment! The nitrifying bacteria in Bacterius® N can quickly oxidize ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time. Works best when water is 15° Celsius or warmer. Benefits Features a high-biomass, high-performance nitrifying bacteria consortium Specifically to eliminate ammonia and nitrites in aquatic ecosystems Actively oxidizes ammonia and nitrites, neutralizing their toxic effect on the aquatic life Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animals and plant life Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants Technical Specifications The intake of nitrifying bacteria is justified because of the intense biological activity, the decomposition of plant residues and the accumulation of droppings and uneaten fish food and ammonia which tends to accumulate rapidly in closed or semi-open aquatic environments. It remains imperative to prevent this accumulation because ammonia is a chemical compound extremely toxic to any aquatic environment.The nitrifying bacteria found in Bacterius® N have the ability to rapidly oxidize ammonia and nitrites to a non-toxic nitrogen compound. Using Bacterius® N in aquatic environments is beneficial and provides an effective solution for regulating nitrogen compounds. Features of Bacterius® N More than 500 mg of active nitrifying bacteria per liter Highly stable No chemical preservatives Free of pathogenic contaminants Active in fresh and salt water Complete genetic profile available Please note that this product is frost sensitive and we do not ship if temperatures are expected to be below freezing. If you are ordering in the winter, please allow for a delay accordingly or come and pick it up at the store.  We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application For monthly dosage: Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions. Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.  Storage: Store in a dry area and away from freezing. 

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  • Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck

      Canada’s #1 muck and sludge treatment for shoreline muck at cottages, marinas or beaches where deep muck is a problem.     Benefits Concentrated bacterial pellets for treating shoreline Bacterius® MUCK is easy to apply and will sink to the surface of the sediment where they are needed most. You can also rake them inside the muck for faster results! Deals with specific locations, under docks and near piers. Ideal for beaches, chalet swimming areas and boat traffic channels. The treatment stays where you apply it, close to the shore! Easy to use, efficient and economical Helps control plant growth Testimonial of a satisfied customer :  " We have a small pond which is surrounded by trees that is used for swimming in the summer. Over the years the bottom was increasingly covered in soft mud and some water weeds started to grow in the swimming area. In2020 we used a one time application of Bacterius Muck at the end of the swimming season and the following summer everyone commented on how much more clear the water was and how in the swimming area the bottom feltlike sand instead of muck. The fish and frog who live in the pond were still healthy and the swimming area was so much more enjoyable! The Bacterius Muck was very easy to apply in the areas where the treatment was needed and we are so pleased with the results we are repeating the treatment with Bacterius Muck again. Great product, great service! Thank you! "  K. Smolynec   Bolton EST, Quebec Technical Specifications The granules are simply thrown onto the surface rich in sediment to be treated. Bacteria will start to consume the sometimes thick layer of organic sediment that makes swimming so unpleasant. Bacterius® MUCK stays where you applied it and works in situ, in direct contact with the sediment, rather than being diluted in the water column. Active in fresh and salt water.  Once in contact with the sludge, the granules gradually dissolve and release the bacteria which feed on the organic sediment. Bacterius® MUCK also reduces sulphides and bad odors generated by sludge.The product is even more effective in the presence of bottom aeration. We recommend checking compliance with government authorities prior to use. Box content : Pellets in bulk. Use a measuring cup for dosage.  Storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from freezing. Safe for flora and fauna.Precautions : Direct contact with the skin may cause skin irritation. Gloves are recommended. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application Easy to apply! Follow these simple steps for optimal results: Make sure the water is 10°C/50 F or more. This product is more effective during the summer months (June to September) To reduce product drift, make sure to do treatment on a calm day. Calculate the proper dosage depending on the surface area to be treated 1kg / 900 m² or 1 Lb /4 000 pi² Toss the pellets evenly over the water surface. These will sink to the bottom in the water in the muck and begin to dissolve to release the bacteria. Double the dosage for shock treatment.   * Treatment should be done as needed. Although if a heavy muck accumulation has been identified, start with a treatment every 2 weeks and reduce to monthly once the accumulation of muck has reduced. * Aeration enhances the product performance, follow this link to see our aeration systems : Click here You have pictures of before and after? Do not hesitate to share with us :) : info@canadianpond.ca 

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  • Bacterius® EQUINOX, Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria Treatment

    Bacterius EQUINOX is a cold water treatment for spring and fall. Bacterius Equinox improves water quality in cold water, preserving the health and vitality of the animal and plant life in the pond. Benefits Our conditioner is composed of non-pathogenic bacteria selected and isolated for their capacity to decompose naturally and completely the organic materials present in water or muck. These bacteria produce hydrolytic enzymes in large quantities, that adapt and colonize easily in their new environment. Their rapid deployment in an aquatic environment ensures a dynamic balance between the generation and recycling of organic matter (mineralization). Bacterius® EQUINOX was developed to biodegrade cellulose material generated from dead leaves in autumn. Use Bacterius® EQUINOX for: Natural clarification of pond water Biodegrading the organic matter suspended in the water and in the sludge (from uneaten fish food, fish waste or plant residues) Decreasing the concentration of various elements used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus) Ensuring better control of floating algae in the water Minimizing the damage of winter anoxic shock (fish kills) Facilitating the spring recovery of the pond Maintaining the integrity of bacterial biofilms until spring Reducing odours due to anoxic conditions (H2S) What Happens to my Pond at the End of Autumn? Where we are in Quebec, when October comes to a close, the leaves begin to fall to the ground, the outside temperature approaches zero and the ecosystem of your pond is preparing itself for winter. Due to these external conditions, your pond will benefit from treatment of beneficial bacteria digesting the new inputs of organic material that would otherwise accumulate at the bottom of your pond. Bacterius® EQUINOX allows your pond to keep the biological balance during the winter. What happens to my Pond in Spring? In spring, when the snow melts, some nutrients available in the soil can easily end up in your pond via surface runoff. It is also the season in which strong odours caused by H2S, created over winter in low oxygen water by anaerobic bacteria, make their appearance. The water temperature is still far too cool for the bacteria naturally present in the ecosystem of your pond to work. Thankfully, there exist strains that have the same benefits and thrive in cooler water. Adding Bacterius® EQUINOX to your pond in spring allows the reduction of excess nutrients in the water and eliminates odours in cold water conditions. Technical Specifications   Bacterius® EQUINOX rapidly colonizes in the muck and quickly prevents the proliferation of sulfate-reducing bacteria that are responsible for H2S and contribute to anoxic conditions. H2S is a toxic gas that causes unpleasant odours (rotten egg smell) and deterioration of bacterial biofilms.   Contains only active bacterial strains, no filling agents are used. Exceptional Stability without chemical preservatives. Bacterial population entirely sporulated. Contains only bacterial strains tested and identified by the DNA sequencing method. MADE IN CANADA We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application Monthly dosage: the dosage may vary depending on the application and environmental conditions.SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. If possible, use opened bottles within a year of purchase. Conditions: +5ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.Maintains excellent water quality throughout the cold water season. Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. If the pond is too big to do so, add the dose in the turbulent waters of the water intake or close to any diffusers. FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US. 

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  • Bacterius® 1B, Dry Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria

    Our Bacterius® 1B product is effective in removing organic matter that causes water quality problems. Reduces odors and cloudy water associated with various types of organic waste that accumulate in lakes and ponds. And all in a soluble format for easy dosing! Benefits Bacterius® 1B boxes contain small, pre-measured packets of lyophilized (freeze-dried) natural bacteria. Bacterius® 1B reduces the accumulation of decaying plants, grass clippings, leaves, fish waste and other organic materials and helps: Control algae growth Improve water clarity Provide odor control Reduce bottom sludge Control problematic nutrients that promotes algae growth Reduce ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates Enhance the aquatic environment Technical specifications Bacterius® 1B is packaged in pre-measured water-soluble packets, to allow for easy dosing and easy application. Bacterius® 1B natural bacteria dry formulation consists of billions of microbial cultures made up of beneficial bacterial strains specifically chosen to reduce ammonia levels, nitrates, algae and bottom sludge consisting of both cellulose and lignin components from dead and decaying algae and vegetation. The pouches are made of water-soluble cellulose pouches and include barley straw to kisck-start the bacterial growth. Bacterius® 1B is an effective treatment to remove organic matter that causes water clarity problems.  Bacterius® 1B reduces the odor and murky water associated with various types of accumulated organic wastes in lakes and ponds. From water gardens, to basins containing koi and/or goldfish, to lakes and ponds, Bacterius® 1B is a very affordable treatment to help preserve good water quality. Its unique composition merges various bacterial strains, allowing for an affordable and effective treatment. These bacteria present no danger to your fish, other animals or any human beings. In bodies of water, the accumulation of dead plants and animal waste forms an organic layer that reduces the available oxygen through decomposition and discharges pollutants, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), into the water. In some cases, the loss of oxygen can be so pervasive as to cause massive deaths in fish populations. The stress caused by low water quality can also reduce the fish's growth and make them more sensitive to disease. The micro-organisms contained in Bacterius® 1B feed on the waste produced by the plants and animals in the water body. The by-products caused by this natural transformation are carbon dioxyde, water and a protein-rich biomass of bacteria. Fish and invertebrates, such as zooplankton, snails, crayfish and other members of their respective families, all feed on this bacterial biomass. The waste produced by Bacterius® 1B becomes a natural source of food for fish and other aquatic fauna. With 1 billion viable bacteria (CFU) per gram, Bacterius® 1B is very popular among lake, pond and water garden owners. It is a very good tool in helping aquatic ecosystems naturally. Box content : 10Lbs box = 30 pouches  /  25Lbs box = 75 Pouches Living product: avoid freezing and humidity exposure.FOR A LARGE-SCALE USE, PLEASE CONSULT US. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF)SDS (PDF) Dosage and Application Dosage Weekly dosage varies depending on the application, the fish and plant density and the amount of organic matter. Conditions needed: +10 °C / 50° F, pH 5 – 9   Application of dry bacteria Bacterius® pond bacteria products come in soluble pouches that are thrown into your pond. They work best when they are tossed near your aeration system, floating fountain or in-flowing water source or cascade. The movement of the water helps “steep” the bacterial pouch, much in the way a tea-bag is helped to release its content by adding gentle agitation. If there is little to no surface movement or aeration system, the pouches should be cut open and mixed in a bucket with pond water and then splashed uniformly across the pond surface in much the same way liquid bacteria is administered. If you do not have an aeration system or any other area of consistently flowing water, it is best to apply your bacteria in windy conditions. The wind will helps disperse your bacteria and give your pond some more oxygen for them to breathe. Sometimes, the easiest solution can be to simply throw the pouches on the water's surface and let nature do the rest. What's most important is not the way in which you administer the dosage, but the regularity at which it is applied! If your pond is already infested with algae and has poor water quality, an initial “shock treatment” (double dose) of a high dose of Bacterius® 5B bacteria should be done, followed by a treatment the following week and then a treatment every two or three weeks depending on the results obtained. A pond which is beginning to show the initial problems inherent with murky water and algae growth, but has not yet progressed to an alarming state of eutrophication requires a milder initial treatment, followed by a maintenance dose. For ponds and water gardens that are relatively healthy a low maintenance dose is added on a two or three-week program depending on environmental factors and achieved results, to prevent any nasty surprises. Either way, every pond is different and their treatments must be adapted to the results observed after their first applications as well as to the urgency in fixing the problem. NOTE: Bacterius® is composed of natural bacteria, that were especially created to restore and maintain the quality of water-based ecosystems. The bacterial content of Bacterius® did not undergo any genetic engineering; they are 100% natural and exist naturally in the earth, air and water. The principal effectiveness of these bacteria lies in their ability to secrete enzymes which degrade organic matter and help clarify pond water. The bacterial stocks are absolutely without danger to the environment, plants, people and animals. Information appearing in this website does not constitute in any way a guarantee of performance. Each case is different and dependent on a myriad of environmental and ecological factors. We assume no responsibility for the misuse of this product.  

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