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  • Bacterius® PRO TRAP, for commercial use

    Bacterius Pro-Trap is a product specially developed for grease traps and pipes. Benefits Pro-Trap effectively breaks down the build-up of oil, grease and organic residues in grease traps and pipes. The product also eliminates odors and reduces the frequency of emptying the hatches. Selected natural bacterial strains Easily adaptable to water conditions Very stable Fully biodegradable Safe for users, equipment and the environment No chemical preservatives and no pathogens Technical Specifications Made from strains of bacteria that are harmless to humans, fauna and flora, these bacteria are presented in the mixture in the form of spores to ensure maximum longevity and degradation efficiency. Neutral pH Environmental Choice Certified Class 1 bacteria listed LSD. Non-toxic steam Rigorously analyzed for maximum stability, purity and performance. Exceeds environmental standards from accreditation agencies and can be used to claim credits for certifications such as LEED and Go Green (BOMA) We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage, Application and Storage Dosage Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions. Pour 350 to 500 ml per m3 per day. Installation of a ventilation system is recommended to increase efficiency. Application  Refer to the technical sheet for all application information Storage  Store in a cool, dry place away from frost.    

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