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  • Bacterius® MUCK, natural bacteria to digest muck

      Canada’s #1 muck and sludge treatment for shoreline muck at cottages, marinas or beaches where deep muck is a problem.     Benefits Concentrated bacterial pellets for treating shoreline Bacterius® MUCK is easy to apply and will sink to the surface of the sediment where they are needed most. You can also rake them inside the muck for faster results!       Deals with specific locations, under docks and near piers.       Ideal for beaches, chalet swimming areas and boat traffic channels.       The treatment stays where you apply it, close to the shore!       Easy to use, efficient and economical       Helps control plant growth                                                                                                                                                                                    Testimonial of a satisfied customer :  " We have a small pond which is surrounded by trees that is used for swimming in the summer. Over the years the bottom was increasingly covered in soft mud and some water weeds started to grow in the swimming area. In2020 we used a one time application of Bacterius Muck at the end of the swimming season and the following summer everyone commented on how much more clear the water was and how in the swimming area the bottom feltlike sand instead of muck. The fish and frog who live in the pond were still healthy and the swimming area was so much more enjoyable! The Bacterius Muck was very easy to apply in the areas where the treatment was needed and we are so pleased with the results we are repeating the treatment with Bacterius Muck again. Great product, great service! Thank you! "  K. Smolynec   Bolton ESt,Quebec Technical Specifications The granules are simply thrown onto the surface rich in sediment to be treated. Bacteria will start to consume the sometimes thick layer of organic sediment that makes swimming so unpleasant. Bacterius® MUCK stays where you applied it and works in situ, in direct contact with the sediment, rather than being diluted in the water column. Active in fresh and salt water.  Once in contact with the sludge, the granules gradually dissolve and release the bacteria which feed on the organic sediment. Bacterius® MUCK also reduces sulphides and bad odors generated by sludge.The product is even more effective in the presence of bottom aeration. We recommend checking compliance with government authorities prior to use. Box content : 10Lbs box = 30 pouches  /  25Lbs box = 75 Pouches Storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from freezing. Safe for flora and fauna.Precautions : Direct contact with the skin may cause skin irritation. Gloves are recommended. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. Tech Sheet (PDF) SDS (PDF)   Dosage and Application Easy to apply! Follow these simple steps for optimal results:    1.   Make sure the water is 10°C/50 F or more. This product is more effective during the summer months (June to September)     2.   To reduce product drift, make sure to do treatment on a calm day.     3.   Calculate the proper dosage depending on the surface area to be treated :  kg / 900 m² or 1 Lb /4 000 pi²    4.   Toss the pellets evenly over the water surface. These will sink to the bottom in the water in the muck and begin to dissolve to release the bacteria.     5.   Double the dosage for shock treatment.    * Treatment should be done as needed. Although if a heavy muck accumulation has been identified, start with a treatment every 2 weeks and reduce to monthly once the accumulation of muck has reduced.  * Aeration enhances the product performance, follow this link to see our aeration systems : Click here You have pictures of before and after? Do not hesitate to share with us :) :     

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  • Weed Shear - Aquatic Weed Cutters offers hand tools designed for cutting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds.  The Weed Shear allows you to maintain the aquatic vegetation in your pond or lake.   *Also available in combo with the RakeZilla: Select the model COMBO to get the discount. Weed Shear (Weed Cutter) Control unwanted and invasive aquatic plants with our knives for aquatic plants. Many cottagers suffer from the problems associated with aquatic weeds on the shoreline, a problem that becomes more acute as nutrient-rich sediment accumulates in the lake and water quality changes. offers different packages designed for cutting and collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds. Technical specifications  The Weed Shear is designed to cut the weeds and plants that are submerged in the water of your pond or lake, such as young cattails, Eurasian Watermilfoil and Hydrilla verticillata. Works great for shoreline and deep water. With each cast, the Weed Shear cleans a section of 122cm (48 inches) wide. With a weight of only 3.6 kg (8 lbs), it is possible to cast it up to 7.6m (25') and more while being heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the water, where it is most effective. Ideal for cutting in shallow or deep water Cutting at the base of the plants It offers little resistance since the knife cuts the plants rather than dragging them with it. Dimension and weight of the box: 22 x 5 x 100 cm, 4.7 kg, (8.5 x 2 x 39.5'', 10.4 lb) Includes a blade sharpener (Optional replacement blade available) 1 year warranty If you have a lake or beach infested with mature aquatic plants and want to quickly eliminate these undesirables, the Weed Shear includes a 25-foot rope and a sharp blade. Assembling the knife is very easy and usually takes less than 10 minutes. The blade of the Weed Shear is very sharp, so it is important to always keep the protector on the blade when not in use. Please ensure that the clips are securely inserted into the handle before using the aquatic knife. We only sell tools that we would use ourselves. These tools are designed to make weeding work easier and more efficient. Each aquatic plant tool is also sold separately. A sharpener is already included with the purchase of the Weed Shear, but is also available for purchase individually. Click here to visit The Rakezilla (Weed Rake) web page  

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  • DeSkuzzer, manual pond skimmer

    New product offered by, the DeSkuzzer is a 4.5 feet wide floating skimmer that allows you to easily recover floating debris from your pond, such as dead leaves and duckweed. This tool is perfect for cleaning small areas where debris is concentrated.                                                                                                 Benefits The DeSkuzzer 2.0 is a 5-foot wide floating seine net that collects surface debris as it is dragged along the water's surface. This design uses side flotation to allow more debris to enter the collection screen. Used for collecting anything that floats on the surface of your lake or pond, such as floating algae or floating weeds, like duckweed. When the collection net is full, the DeSkuzzer should be emptied onto the shoreline and then redeployed until all surface debris is gone. Most floating weeds, like duckweed, seem to grow in areas with less water circulation such as creeks and small ponds. Demonstration video of the DeSkuzzer:  Technical Specifications Heavy-duty screen collection net 24-foot pull line to allow for longer casts Folded net edges to help retain debris Warranty : 1 year coverage on manufacturing defects Instruction (PDF) : Click Here  Included Materials and Use The DeSkuzzer is delivered with everything you need (assembly required). Designed to be used in several ways: Held in front of a boat with a pole or a hook Pulled behind a boat Thrown and retrieved by a person on land Pulled by a person walking in the water If the body of water is narrow enough, have one person on each bank facing each other and alternatively pulling the DeSkuzzer from one end to the other so it goes back and forth across the water. -Boat not included 

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