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  • Water Weedsickle, Motorized Aquatic Weed Cutter

    Save time and energy with the aquatic grass-trimmer Water Weedsickle. Cuts swaths of aquatic weeds, perfect for cottages, large shallow bays, canals and marinas. The Water Weedsickle hooks up to your boat, saving time, money, energy and your back! Choose the right product for your projects.   Benefits Allows for a pleasing shoreline, welcoming to swimmers Allows you to control the growth of problematic water weeds Reclaim your water-front to enjoy boating and swimming Increases the value of your waterfront property Dramatically reduces weed growth in following years Sturdily constructed with quality materials – ensures years of trouble free operation Environmentally safe 2-year warranty Technical Specifications With two models and a few variations available, there is a Water Weedsickle to suit your specific needs and budget! Chose the one right for your boat and budget.  It can be a challenge to access some areas to remove aquatic plants growing on the lake bottom or near a shoreline. The Water Weedsickle attaches to your boat and is designed to easily cut submerged aquatic plants, especially in hard to access areas. The Weedsickle can be installed on the bow, stern or on either side of the boat. The power source is 12 Volt battery that runs a 1/5HP motor (Deep Cycle Marine Battery not included). The cutting bar is connected to a stainless-steel tube and a connecting plate, in order to ensure a safe and secure attachment. The cutting time on a fully charged battery is between 6 – 8 hours depending on the thickness of the weeds. It is possible to place two units side by side in order to cut a width of 8 feet. This tool works best on finer weeds like water milfoil (Myriophyllum sp) rather than tougher stemmed plants like cattails or bulrushes (Typha latifolia). Weedsickle Manual (PDF) Tech Sheet (PDF) Applications These weed cutters are designed and built with commercial and private applications in mind. We recommend cutting your plants 3 times per season; at the end of spring, in the middle of summer and a final cut in the fall. This method will help you reduce plant growth from one year to the next. Collect cut plants using a weed rake and make sure the proper application of Muck Beneficial Bacteria is used to help break down and consume the stems that remain, to help prevent bad odours come spring.   

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  • Eco-Purge, Biofilm Removal Product

    If you are noticing that your diffusers are releasing fewer and fewer bubbles then it is likely a biofilm is forming a coating that is restricting airflow by blocking the perforations.   Benefits Eco-Purge is a natural organic product specially designed to clean Bubble Tubing® and other items placed in water that are clogged by biofilm or other deposits.  Active in fresh and salt water.  Safe for aquatic fauna and flora.  Technical Specifications   Eco-Purge is designed to clean the biofilm that forms in the tubing of air lines and diffusers in aeration systems. Biofilm grows slowly, it is an organic or mineral biofilm that limits the effectiveness of the system. It forms naturally and develops more or less quickly depending on various factors such as temperature, water quality, hardness, pH, air pressure, to name a few.To counter this problem, we offer a product that eliminates these deposits while respecting the natural environment: Eco-Purge. Specifically formulated for this application, it penetrates and breaks down biofilm.  The cleaning and descaling power of the product decreases with the temperature. From 15 degrees Celsius and above, we can expect a powerful and rapid cleansing. Below this temperature, a longer contact time or a higher concentration of the product must be expected. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. SDS (PDF) Dosage, Application and Storage DOSAGE: 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean. The dosage may vary depending on the level of dirt accumulated on the products to be cleaned and the temperature of the water in which the product is applied APPLICATION: 1. Mix well before using. 2. Turn off the aeration system.  3. In each air line, pour a minimum of 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean.  4. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. 5. Restart the systems to push the product out of the lines.   Repeat if necessary.   STORAGE: Store frost-free in a dry, ventilated area. Avoid heat and direct sunlight to preserve product quality.  Wear chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses when manipulating.  

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  • Thawline Bubbler Deicing System

    This Thawline de-icing system uses our Bubble Tubing® technology, which has been well tested over the past 20 years. Our Thawline de-icing systems available online are standard types. Contact us for customized systems! Operation The principle behind de-icing involves the physics behind the relationship between water temperature and the depth at which the diffuser is placed. When air bubbles are created at the bottom of the basin and rise to the surface, they drag warmer water to the surface, preventing the formation of ice. This principle, combined with the rapid rise of bubbles that create water movement on the surface, provides an effective de-icing solution even in the coldest of conditions.  The flexibility of the Thawline's diffuser hose allows for more precise targeting of the sections you wish to de-ice. For example, long and narrow corridors can be de-iced over long lengths to allow the passage of barges or boats. It is also easier to de-ice without opening a large area in the ice when using Thawline, since those can increase the risk of accidents in winter. Read our case study realized with our Thawline system : Click here Client testimonial: " I installed my new system (with cabinet) a short distance away from the cottage. The new system runs without any residual noise or vibration being heard in the cottage-I’m so happy!! " Thawline de-icing systems use Bubble Tubing®, and are powered by the appropriate compressor for the job. These systems are efficient and reliable at any scale.  They have no mechanical, moving or electrical parts in the water.  The systems are designed for both fresh and salt water applications. Technical Specifications The Thawline Linear Icebreaking System de-ices along the shoreline, around boat shelters, between rows of docks, in areas where you want to eliminate the danger of property damage due to the uplift, compression and expansion of ice. - Unlike propeller de-icer technology, which creates a large de-iced section, Thawline creates a thinner, and therefore more precise, de-iced area along the targeted section. - CFD (computer modeling validation possible for large projects). - Avoids having to remove and store your pleasure boats during the winter, saving time and money. - Allows for great precision and flexibility in installation. - Can be used all year round to de-ice in winter and improve water quality in summer. - No electricity or machinery touching the water. - Causes less condensation compared to a de-icer with a propeller. - Generally saves electricity compared to other types of de-icers. User manual (PDF) Tech Sheet (PDF) Bubble Tubing start-up procedure (PDF) Thawline to meet different needs as well as customized systems for industrial and commercial applications. - Thawline 50 - ballasted (BBLR-50): ½ HP Double piston compressor, 50 feet of Bubble Tubing® ½'' and 50' of Torpedo hose. - Thawline 100 - ballasted (BBLR-100): ¾ HP Double piston compressor, 100 feet of Bubble Tubing® ½'' ballasted and 50 feet of Torpedo hose. Call us for advice: if your project requires a Thawline system with multiple lines or for large areas, we have Bubble Tubing® ¾'' or 1.25'' and industrial compressors that will meet your needs. Security Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of de-icers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be clearly marked with a sign to warn anyone of the danger. For use with all types of de-icing systems. Click here to purchase the thin ice sign  

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  • Small Aeration System (SAS)

    Are you looking for an aeration system for a water garden or small pond with Koi carp? We have very small, affordable, quiet and discreet systems. Don't be fooled by their small size! These systems are sufficient for most water gardens that have a depth of 4 ft(1.2 m) or less.   Benefits Aeration helps improve water quality. It does so by helping reduce sludge, degassing ammonia and methane, and removing excess CO2 from water. Aeration has also been proven to improve oxidation and clarify water in sedimentation and discharge basins to meet official effluent standards. Comparison Table of Aeration Systems SYSTEMS           SAS Mini-Air CanadianAir Robust-Aire Ideal for: Small shallow ponds Small ponds Medium to large Ponds with level bottom Medium size, deeper ponds Pond size Up to 2 500 ft2 Up to 3 600 ft2 Between 2500 ft2 and 25000 ft2 10 000 ft2 per diffuser Max. depth Up to 4 ft depth Up to 20 ft depth Up to 20 ft depth Up to 25 ft depth Diffuser Choice of 1 to 4 Piccolo circular diffusers Piccolo circular diffuser  or 25’ of Bubble Tubing Bubble Tubing 50’ or 100’ Robust-Aire diffuser Compressor type Linear Diaphragm Piston Piston   Technical Specifications   SAS means 'Small Aeration System'. These simple units are often sufficient for many homeowners with ponds of four feet or less in depth. We often describe these ponds as water gardens or decorative ponds. These homeowners often already have water pumps and waterfalls to help circulate the water, though these are not enough to give the water the level of aeration it truly needs 24/7.SAS will also be excellent for providing an emergency or supplemental aeration system, or for making an oxygen refuge in the shallow bay of a larger pond to help reduce sediment build-up. In winter, if the compressor is placed in a heated shelter, the system can be left on to provide venting in ponds where organic matter is slowly decomposing, thus avoiding spring kill conditions for fish. If your pond is deeper than 1.2 meters, please look for systems with higher pressure compressors: the Mini-Air 4 or the CanadianAir.NOTES : - The diffusers must be installed at a maximum water depth of 4' to avoid damaging the compressor diaphragm. - If you require a longer length of air supply hose than the one included in the kit, please contact us to order and make sure that you do not experience any pressure drop. - The compressor must be installed safely away from the elements, moisture and dust. We can provide a cabinet if necessary. Warranty: • Compressor: 1 year warranty •Torpedo self-sinking air supply hose: 3 years warranty •Diffuser : 2 choices of diffusers - 1 year warranty •Self-sinking Bubble Tubing: 1 year warranty Tech Sheet (PDF) Components 1 line: 1x 1,4CFM (40LPM) 115V, membrane compressor 1,1 amp ; 25 ft (7,5 m) flexible self-sinking ⅜″ I.D. airline hose; 1 round self-sinking diffuser; All needed hardware included; Installation Instructions    2 lines: 1x 2,8CFM (80LPM) 115V, 1,8A diaphragm compressor; 50′ (15m) of flexible ⅜″ self sinking feeder line; 2x self sinking diffuser; 1x 2 line PVC manifold with ball valves; All needed hardware included; Installation Instructions  

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