Seika Ecorator High Performance Aerator-Circulator

The powerful suction and pushing effect of the Ecorator doubles the agitation effect of liquids in tanks and basins. An excellent choice as a pond water circulator.

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Load image into Gallery viewer, Seika Ecorator High Performance Aerator-Circulator Success
Load image into Gallery viewer, Seika Ecorator High Performance Aerator-Circulator Success

Oxygen mass transfer is 30% higher than with conventional cylindrical air diffusers. Savings in energy consumption are to be expected.

No clogging
: The large opening to the emission of air prevents any clogging. Intermittent operation also available.

No sediment on the bottom of the tank
: The ejection mechanism used in the cylinder body ensures a large passage area for liquids. The Ecorator sucks up a large amount of sludge and liquids which gives the tank sludge agitation effect.

High oxygen transfer rate
: The air ejection mechanism combines the venturi effect while cutting the mass of air into fine bubbles. In addition, the powerful suction effect further fractures the continuously circulating air bubbles.

Effects of reduced power consumption
: The risk of pressure damage and the diffuser's high oxygenation capacity combine to reduce the impact on the blower while ensuring operating stability and minimized operating costs .

No maintenance required
: No clogging, regular cleaning or replacement of parts. Long-term use of the Ecorator is possible without any decrease in initial performance.

: Easy installation even in the presence of liquid compared to a competitive circulator where the basins must be drained.


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The SEIKA Ecorator high performance air diffuser technology is ideal for:

  • Mixing liquids with a high solids content;
  • Sanitation of municipal or industrial wastewater in hot or cold climates;
  • Reduced operating and equipment costs thanks to a simple, no-clogging design;
  • Upgrading existing conventional treatment systems at a competitive cost;
  • The meeting of treatment objectives relating to effluents, regardless of the conditions;

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