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  • Aquatic Weed Rakes & Cutters offers hand tools designed for cutting and collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds.  The COMBO allows you to have the two main tools needed to maintain your aquatic vegetatio...  

    $6.75 CAD - $370.25 CAD

  • Benthic barrier, Lake Bottom Blanket

    Finally available in Canada, exclusively at CanadianPond!  In stock, buy online and receive it quickly at home! Benefits Instant aquatic weed control - a simple system that anyone can implement. T...  

    $255.50 CAD - $561.50 CAD

  • Water Weedsickle, Motorized Aquatic Weed Cutter

    Save time and energy with the aquatic grass-trimmer Water Weedsickle. Cuts swaths of aquatic weeds, perfect for cottages, large shallow bays, canals and marinas. The Water Weedsickle hooks up to yo...  

    $1,295.85 CAD - $3,707.50 CAD

  • Deskuzzer, manual pond skimmer

    New product offered by, the DeSkuzzer is a 4.5 feet wide floating skimmer that allows you to easily recover floating debris from your pond, such as dead leaves and duckweed. This to...  

    $336.00 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Mixers / Circulators

    Circulators/Mixers are easy to install propeller motors and can be a simple solution to many of your water management needs. To reduce thermal stratification, for water mixing, see our different mo...  

    $1,307.75 CAD - $2,158.50 CAD

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