All our products that are used to protect docks and boats from ice damage.

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  • Thawline Bubbler Deicing System

    This Thawline de-icing system uses our Bubble Tubing® technology, which has been well tested over the past 20 years. Our Thawline de-icing systems available online are standard types. Contact us fo...  

    $1,385.50 CAD - $3,001.00 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers

    Protect your docks, boats and submerged structures with a Kasco Marine de-icer. Benefits Kasco Marine de-icers, also known as circulators or agitators, are available at, your Kasco ...  

    $949.00 CAD - $1,449.00 CAD

  • Floats & Dock Mounts Kasco Marine

    Kasco Marine Circulators and De-icers can be installed in several ways thanks to the different fleets and fixings. One of these options will ensure that your de-icer is installed optimally! Univers...  

    $323.60 CAD - $520.70 CAD

  • Timers & Controls Kasco Marine

    Control boxes operated as Thermostat, Timer and Photocell options Benefits Whenever you are dealing with electricity and water, safety is always the first and foremost concern. That is why Kasc...  

    $120.05 CAD - $329.00 CAD

  • OctoAir industrial diffuser

    The OctoAir is an industrial diffuser for icebreaking that resists corrosion.  OctoAirs are available in two different formats, the OctoAir-10 and the OctoAir-60. Both are easily maneuverable ...  

    Price on demand

  • Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

    Exclusive to, Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser for aeration, de-icing and bubble curtains. It is designed and manufactured in Canada under our specifications. It provides a s...  

    Price on demand

  • Mini-Air Aeration System

    The Mini Air aeration system is ideal as an aerator for small to medium sized basins and ponds (up to a maximum of 3600 ft2 or 330 m2) going up to a maximum 16′ in depth. This aerator system is als...  

    $853.00 CAD - $911.55 CAD

  • Kasco Marine Rocking Piston Compressors

    Compressors for aeration in Lakes and Ponds.  Benefits offers you a wide selection of compressors for aeration. Since aeration technologies are constantly evolving, it has beco...  

    $583.25 CAD - $1,409.00 CAD

  • Torpedo: Reinforced Weighted Hose

    Torpedo Reinforced Weighted Hose is an excellent flexible PVC formulation designed for easy processing and excellent heat stability. Made in Canada. Benefits Eliminates the need for weights or ...  

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