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  • RakeZilla - Aquatic Weed Rake offers hand tools designed for collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds.  The RakeZilla allows you to maintain the aquatic vegetation in your pond or lake.   *Also available in combo with the WeedShear: Select the model COMBO to get the discount. Benefits Control unwanted and invasive aquatic plants with our rakes for aquatic plants. Many cottagers suffer from the problems associated with aquatic weeds on the shoreline, a problem that becomes more acute as nutrient-rich sediment accumulates in the lake and water quality changes. offers different packages designed for cutting and collecting aquatic plants from lakes and ponds. Once these aquatic weeds have been cut using the WeedShear, they must now be picked up.  The RakeZilla is made for this.  Its reinforced and durable, extra wide head is made for this job.  It is 40'' wide and can remove large amounts of waste, plants and floating algae in one swipe.  The weed rake is designed to collect floating aquatic plants and not those rooted at the bottom of the pond. To cut rooted aquatic plants please visit the weedshear webpage Click here .  Technical specifications Designed specifically for handling aquatic plants; Rake weight 2.9 kg (6.5 lbs) ; 10 rigid teeth made out of reinforced plastic 22.9 cm (9″); Handle 213-335 cm (7′-11′); 7.6m (30') rope (25′) with float kit included; 10 years warranty against manufacturer's defects; Click here to visit The WeedShear (weed cutter) webpage 

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  • DeSkuzzer, manual pond skimmer

    New product offered by, the DeSkuzzer is a 4.5 feet wide floating skimmer that allows you to easily recover floating debris from your pond, such as dead leaves and duckweed. This tool is perfect for cleaning small areas where debris is concentrated.                                                                                            Benefits The DeSkuzzer 2.0 is a 5-foot wide floating skimmer net that collects surface debris as it is dragged along the water's surface. This design uses side flotation to allow more debris to enter the collection screen. Used for collecting anything that floats on the surface of your lake or pond, such as floating algae or floating weeds, like duckweed. When the collection net is full, the DeSkuzzer should be emptied onto the shoreline and then redeployed until all surface debris is gone. Most floating weeds, like duckweed, seem to grow in areas with less water circulation such as creeks and small ponds. Not suitable for removing pollen or cyanobacteria. The netting has a mesh size of 2mm, any debris larger than this can be removed by the DeSkuzzer!  Demonstration video of the DeSkuzzer:  Technical Specifications Heavy-duty screen collection net 24-foot pull line to allow for longer casts Folded net edges to help retain debris Mesh size 2mm Not designed to collect pollen and cyanobacteria Warranty : 1 year coverage on manufacturing defects Instruction (PDF) : Click Here  Included Materials and Use The DeSkuzzer is delivered with everything you need (assembly required). Designed to be used in several ways: Held in front of a boat with a pole or a hook Pulled behind a boat Thrown and retrieved by a person on land Pulled by a person walking in the water If the body of water is narrow enough, have one person on each bank facing each other and alternatively pulling the DeSkuzzer from one end to the other so it goes back and forth across the water. -Boat not included 

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  • Eco-Purge, Biofilm Removal Product

    If you are noticing that your diffusers are releasing fewer and fewer bubbles then it is likely a biofilm is forming a coating that is restricting airflow by blocking the perforations.   Benefits Eco-Purge is a natural organic product specially designed to clean Bubble Tubing® and other items placed in water that are clogged by biofilm or other deposits.  Active in fresh and salt water.  Safe for aquatic fauna and flora.  Technical Specifications   Eco-Purge is designed to clean the biofilm that forms in the tubing of air lines and diffusers in aeration systems. Biofilm grows slowly, it is an organic or mineral biofilm that limits the effectiveness of the system. It forms naturally and develops more or less quickly depending on various factors such as temperature, water quality, hardness, pH, air pressure, to name a few.To counter this problem, we offer a product that eliminates these deposits while respecting the natural environment: Eco-Purge. Specifically formulated for this application, it penetrates and breaks down biofilm.  The cleaning and descaling power of the product decreases with the temperature. From 15 degrees Celsius and above, we can expect a powerful and rapid cleansing. Below this temperature, a longer contact time or a higher concentration of the product must be expected. We guarantee that the product has been manufactured under strict quality control standards that ensure optimal product quality. SDS (PDF) Dosage, Application and Storage DOSAGE: 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean. The dosage may vary depending on the level of dirt accumulated on the products to be cleaned and the temperature of the water in which the product is applied APPLICATION: 1. Mix well before using. 2. Turn off the aeration system.  3. In each air line, pour a minimum of 250 ml to 500 ml per 30 m of Bubble Tubing® to clean.  4. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. 5. Restart the systems to push the product out of the lines.   Repeat if necessary.   STORAGE: Store frost-free in a dry, ventilated area. Avoid heat and direct sunlight to preserve product quality.  Wear chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses when manipulating.  

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  • "Danger Thin Ice" Sign

    Essential for the safety of walkers and snowmobilers during the use of de-icing systems. Technical specifications Dimensions: 16 in x 14 in Material: coroplast. Warranty : 1 year coverage on manufacturing defects 

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  • Thawline Bubbler Deicing System

    This Thawline de-icing system uses our Bubble Tubing® technology, which has been well tested over the past 20 years. Our Thawline de-icing systems available online are standard types. Contact us for customized systems! Benefits The principle behind de-icing involves the physics behind the relationship between water temperature and the depth at which the diffuser is placed. When air bubbles are created at the bottom of the basin and rise to the surface, they drag warmer water to the surface, preventing the formation of ice. This principle, combined with the rapid rise of bubbles that create water movement on the surface, provides an effective de-icing solution even in the coldest of conditions.  The flexibility of the Thawline's diffuser hose allows for more precise targeting of the sections you wish to de-ice. For example, long and narrow corridors can be de-iced over long lengths to allow the passage of barges or boats. It is also easier to de-ice without opening a large area in the ice when using Thawline, since those can increase the risk of accidents in winter. Read our case study realized with our Thawline system : Click here Client testimonial: " I installed my new system (with cabinet) a short distance away from the cottage. The new system runs without any residual noise or vibration being heard in the cottage-I’m so happy!! " Thawline de-icing systems use Bubble Tubing®, and are powered by the appropriate compressor for the job. These systems are efficient and reliable at any scale.  They have no mechanical, moving or electrical parts in the water.  The systems are designed for both fresh and salt water applications. Technical Specifications The Thawline Linear Icebreaking System de-ices along the shoreline, around boat shelters, between rows of docks, in areas where you want to eliminate the danger of property damage due to the uplift, compression and expansion of ice. - Unlike propeller de-icer technology, which creates a large de-iced section, Thawline creates a thinner, and therefore more precise, de-iced area along the targeted section. - CFD (computer modeling validation possible for large projects). - Avoids having to remove and store your pleasure boats during the winter, saving time and money. - Allows for great precision and flexibility in installation. - Can be used all year round to de-ice in winter and improve water quality in summer. - No electricity or machinery touching the water. - Causes less condensation compared to a de-icer with a propeller. - Generally saves electricity compared to other types of de-icers. User manual (PDF) Tech Sheet (PDF) Bubble Tubing start-up procedure (PDF) Thawline to meet different needs as well as customized systems for industrial and commercial applications. - Thawline 50 - ballasted (BBLR-50): ½ HP Double piston compressor, 50 feet of Bubble Tubing® ½'' and 50' of Torpedo hose. - Thawline 100 - ballasted (BBLR-100): ¾ HP Double piston compressor, 100 feet of Bubble Tubing® ½'' ballasted and 50 feet of Torpedo hose. Call us for advice: if your project requires a Thawline system with multiple lines or for large areas, we have Bubble Tubing® ¾'' or 1.25'' and industrial compressors that will meet your needs. Security Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of de-icers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be clearly marked with a sign to warn anyone of the danger. For use with all types of de-icing systems. Click here to purchase the thin ice sign.  

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  • Replacement parts for Kasco compressors

    CanadianPond offers replacement air filters and piston repair kits for Kasco Marine's Teich-Aire compressors.  If you are unsure of your compressor model, contact us with your serial number or a picture of your compressor and we will help you make the right choice!  Other repair kits are also available upon request. Description Repair kits for Kasco Marine's Teich-Aire compressors used in CanadianAir aeration systems and Thawline de-icing systems. Replacement filters for compressors. It is recommended that you change your compressor filter every 6-12 months, or more frequently if your compressor is in a dusty environment. Service Center We are the authorized service and repair center for Kasco Marine in Canada. In addition, we can also assist you with repairs on systems of the following brands: Hiblow, Seabin, US Solar Mounts, Vertex Water Features, AquaMaster Fountains. Technical Specifications 1/4HP : One (1) kit is needed to repair one KM-60  1/2HP : Two (2) repair kits are needed to repair one (1) (KM-120) Teich-Aire Compressor 3/4HP : One (1) repair kit is needed to repair one (1) dual piston KM-200 compressor Replacement Air Filters for KM-60 (1/4HP Teich-aire) & KM-120 (1/2HP Teich-aire) compressors Replacement Air Filter for KM-200 (3/4HP Teich Aire) Compressor Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects 

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  • Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers

    Protect your docks, boats and submerged structures with a Kasco Marine de-icer. Benefits Kasco Marine de-icers, also known as circulators or agitators, are available at, your Kasco Marine dealer in Canada. Winter ice can damage your dock to the point of complete destruction. The thicker the ice gets, the more it also expands. This can literally destroy your dock. When the water level in a lake changes in the winter, the ice surrounding your posts can tear them off the sea floor.  The ice clinging to the structure shows how securely the expanding ice was attached. Kasco Marine de-icers are specially designed to be suspended from a dock or boat to prevent damage caused by ice expansion and water level variations. This animated video illustrates two of the ways you can position your de-icer. Kasco de-icers use a propeller system that creates a vertical or horizontal movement of water to prevent ice from forming near docks, boat shelters and shorelines. The de-icer performs by moving warmer, denser water upward from the bottom of the pond or lake and circulates the water upward to the surface and sideways creating an agitation that reduces or eliminates ice build-up creating a large ice-free surface. Installation with a horizontal float or with a universal dock mount are options that allow you to precisely direct the movement of the water to strategically and precisely de-ice a particular structure. Ideal for fresh or salt water applications. How to choose your deicer Choosing the right de-icer is easy, refer to the ice opening chart (pdf) to find the best model and application kit for your needs. If Kasco de-icers do not meet your needs, visit the Thawline Linear De-Icers page. All Kasco de-icers are also available in 240V and/or 50 Hertz for the European market, call us for more information. Kasco Marine De-Icing Chart (PDF)  Timers & Control Box Options Controlling your Kasco Marine de-icer with a thermostat or timer is a great way to save energy and extend the life of your de-icer by operating it only when needed. The C-10 Thermostat allows you to determine an accurate temperature under which your unit starts.The C20 Thermostat and Timer Control Unit combines the schedule of the day with the temperature at which you want your de-icer to operate.   Technical Specifications Suspension ropes - Braided polypropylene yarns. 20′ x 5/16″, 2 lengths included. Galvanized steel protection cage - Propeller protection. Vinyl coated for easy handling. High quality propeller - Specially designed for maximum whirl at minimum energy cost. Power cable - 25 feet of submersible power cable that remains flexible in the air despite temperatures as low as -45ºC (-50ºF). Waterproof connections for ease of installation and handling. Longer lengths are available as an option. Zinc Anode - Changeable anode protecting against electrolytic corrosion. (The anode must be checked annually and replaced if necessary to ensure warranty coverage). Seals - Double seal system to prevent oil leakage from the engine. Shaft - Series #316 stainless steel, suitable for salt water. Ball Bearing - Ball bearing lubricated in oil for better heat dissipation. Oil - The oil used allows for limited maintenance, increased heat dissipation and better protection against moisture. Motor - Standard design, 120V single-phase direct current, oil-immersed, overload-protected motor with automatic circuit breaker. Capacitor - The capacitor ensures proper starting and operation of the motor. Motor housing - Stainless steel, corrosion resistant, saltwater compatible. 2 year warranty Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of icebreakers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be well marked with a sign to warn all persons of the hazard. To be used with all types of de-icing systems. Caution: Avoid bathing too close to the de-icer to reduce the risk of electrocution. Tech Sheet (PDF) Owner's Manual (PDF) Maintenance of Kasco Marine Units (PDF) Installation / Security Suspension with ropes - Vertical position - For de-icing in a circle shape All Kasco de-icers include 2 x 20-foot ropes to suspend the de-icer under the dock or boat. These ropes are included in the de-icer box. Hang the system vertically on either side of the structure at a depth of 4 to 5 feet from the water surface. A vertical installation produces a circular de-iced surface. Another possibility is to attach the de-icer to each side of the boat with the suspension ropes so that the de-icer follows the tide or water level.   Horizontal float mount – Horizontal position – Produces long elongated pattern when no dock is available   You can also use the optional horizontal float set to create an elongated ice free space. The de-icer installed under the horizontal float can be positioned at different angles for added versatility. Ideal for : Shallow water Places where there are water level fluctuations such as: a tide or in a large lake where the waves are high. Sites to be de-iced where there are no docks or structures.   Installation with universal dock support - Angled position - For elongated de-icing   The Universal Dock Support is made from thermal plastic components, corrosion protected steel and stainless steel to withstand the worst marine conditions. A stainless steel rod of 1″ diameter and 10 feet in length must be supplied by the purchaser to attach the de-icer and dock and structure mounting kit. With the new Easy Lock handle, adjustments in the water are child's play.This option is ideal for creating an angle at the de-icer. It gives a very good precision of the surfaces to be de-iced. It is often easier to de-ice a boat by installing the de-icer at the bow and angling it towards the stern of the boat. If the water movement is directed towards the shore or a retaining wall, the water current will be directed on each side of the shore or wall to create a "T" shaped de-icing section.   Industrial Dock Mount Kasco's industrial dock support, made of corrosion-resistant metal, requires 1.5" I.D. stainless steel pipe threaded at both ends and measuring a maximum of 10 feet (not included). It is manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Moreover, thanks to its unique design, you can easily modify the angle, depth and positioning of the de-icer.   Security Check with local authorities to ensure that the addition of de-icers is permitted in your municipality. The de-icing area should be clearly marked with a sign to warn anyone of the danger. For use with all types of de-icing systems. Click here to purchase the thin ice sign. Caution: Avoid bathing too close to the de-icer to reduce the risk of electrocution.  

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  • Kasco Marine Floats & Dock Mounts

    We provide a range of mounting options for your de-icers and circulators, ensuring optimal placement and water flow. Choose the option that suits your needs, or feel free to contact us for guidance!   Universal Dock Mount  Kasco’s universal dock mount is made out of stainless steel mounting hardware and requires a corrosion-resistant stainless or galvanized steel pipe (1″ I.D. maximum 8 feet long, not included) making it a great choice for docks, piers, marinas and other waterfront property. A pipe of this kind can commonly be found in the plumbing section of most hardware stores. Using its unique design, you can easily change the de-icer’s angle, depth and position.  Will fit units 1 HP or smaller. Assembly manual PDF: Click here to download  Manufacturer: Lifetime The picture below shows what is included in the box:  Industrial Dock Mount Kasco’s industrial dock mount features extra heavy-duty stainless steel mounting hardware making it a great choice for marinas and other properties with strong tides, currents, or high volumes of boat traffic; they work better in harsher environments. Using its unique design, you can easily change the de-icer’s angle, depth and position. PLEASE NOTE: you must buy a thick-walled galvanized or stainless steel pipe to complete this dock mount kit (the pipe is not included). The pipe should be 1.5″ I.D., schedule 40, and no longer than 10 feet long. One example would be galvanized steel dock posts (1 11/16” O.D.), commonly available in hardware stores.   Will fit all sizes deicer units, including 2 HP and over. Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Assembly Manual PDF : Click here to download Horizontal Float Kasco Horizontal Float Assembly 213001 is the perfect mounting option for all Kasco de-icing and circulator units. Works great where no dock or boat is available to mount the unit to, as well as in shallow water operations and in areas where large tidal fluctuations occur. Warranty: 1 year 

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  • Kasco Replacement Propellers

    Replace your damaged Deicer or Aquaticlear propeller with a genuine Kasco propeller. Choose the item according to the size of your unit.  Technical specifications Kasco Deicer motor force Replacement propeller model # 1/2 HP Deicer - 2400 3/4 HP Deicer - 3400 1HP Deicer - 4400  Kasco Aquaticlear motor force Replacement propeller model # 1/2 HP Aquaticlear - 2400 3/4 HP Aquaticlear - 3400 1HP Aquaticlear - 4400   Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defect In the figure below, you can find de Kasco Marine Deicer, the propeller is the letter A.   In the figure below, you can find de Kasco Marine Aquaticlear, the propeller is the letter C.   Watch this video to see how easy it is to change propellers. 

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