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  • Seika Ecorator High Performance Aerator-Circulator

    The powerful suction and pushing effect of the Ecorator doubles the agitation effect of liquids in tanks and basins. An excellent choice as a pond water circulator. Benefits Oxygen mass transfer is 30% higher than with conventional cylindrical air diffusers. Savings in energy consumption are to be expected. No clogging: The large opening to the emission of air prevents any clogging. Intermittent operation also available.No sediment on the bottom of the tank: The ejection mechanism used in the cylinder body ensures a large passage area for liquids. The Ecorator sucks up a large amount of sludge and liquids which gives the tank sludge agitation effect.High oxygen transfer rate: The air ejection mechanism combines the venturi effect while cutting the mass of air into fine bubbles. In addition, the powerful suction effect further fractures the continuously circulating air bubbles.Effects of reduced power consumption: The risk of pressure damage and the diffuser's high oxygenation capacity combine to reduce the impact on the blower while ensuring operating stability and minimized operating costs .No maintenance required: No clogging, regular cleaning or replacement of parts. Long-term use of the Ecorator is possible without any decrease in initial performance.Installation: Easy installation even in the presence of liquid compared to a competitive circulator where the basins must be drained.   Testimonial -  See what one client had to say regarding the Ecorator : Click here    Technical specifications The SEIKA Ecorator high performance air diffuser technology is ideal for: Mixing liquids with a high solids content; Sanitation of municipal or industrial wastewater in hot or cold climates; Reduced operating and equipment costs thanks to a simple, no-clogging design; Upgrading existing conventional treatment systems at a competitive cost; The meeting of treatment objectives relating to effluents, regardless of the conditions; Tech Sheet (PDF)  Video  See the video below to see the Ecorator in action!     

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  • Products Gift Cards

    Need some inspiration? Give a Canadian Pond gift card. Easy and fast At home, on the bus or at work, three clicks is all it takes to offer a gift that will please any pond lover. Choose simplicity CanadianPond Gift Cards can be purchased and used over the phone, online or in the physical store. They are available in multiple amounts and have no expiry date, to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want it. 

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  • Clearance - Steel cabinet for 5-6 piston compressors

    Steel protection enclosure for 5-6 piston compressors. While supplies last. Item sold "As is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible. Details Last cabinet enclosure of this line. We do NOT provide the electrical cable nor the outlets for the cabinet. Each compressor should be placed on a ventilated base mount (115V or 230V available). Contact us if you would like to add those to your order. 

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  • Clearance - Teich-Aire Rocking Piston Compressors (Kasco Marine)

    Compressors for aeration in Lakes and Ponds. See the regular Tech-Aire Rocking piston compressors page here.   While supplies last. Item sold "As is" and on final sale with no returns or exchanges possible.   Benefits Aeration helps reduce sludge, degassing ammonia and methane, and removing CO2 from treated water. Aeration has also been shown to improve oxidation and clarify water in settling and discharge basins to meet effluent standards. offers you a wide selection of compressors for aeration. Since aeration technologies are constantly evolving, it has become possible to make energy-efficient choices while avoiding compromises. If you want to buy these compressors online, please make sure you know what is included and what isn't with the compressor.  We strongly recommend clients purchase a compressor cabinet from us versus rigging up a home made alternative. Our cabinets have been tested and developped for over 10 years, they are safe, well ventilated, secured, and provide noise reduction.  Contact us if you have any doubts about which model to choose! Technical Specifications Rocking Piston Compressors Twenty years ago, it was rare to see anyone using the rocking piston compressor (also called oscillating piston compressor) for aeration of ponds and lakes. Gradually they became the heart and soul of aquatic aeration systems. Rocking piston compressors operate without oil, are economical, powerful and efficient. They are divided into 2 groups: single piston and double piston compressors. The single piston is ¼HP or ⅓HP, while the double piston is ½ HP or ¾ HP. The air pressure is 25 to 100 psi or 1.72 bar to 3.45 bar. As a general rule of thumb, the more pressure the compressor develops, the less air flow is available. The air flow rate is between 2 and 8 CFM, or 0.06m³-0.23m³ per minute. The common brands are Thomas and Gast, but they can now be found on the market under different names such as: Sweetwater, Brockwood, Matala, Stratus and Tech-Aire reciprocating compressors. They all share the same principle of operation and work perfectly with many types of diffusers.These compressors are sold in Kasco Marine's Robust-Aire systems and are also used in CanadianAir Aeration systems.Piston Compressor Data Sheet (PDF) Tech-Aire owner's manual (PDF)  Warranty is void if: The compressor is not maintained properly according to the maintenance recommendations supplied in this manual. The system is damaged by unauthorized tampering.  Here is the procedure to claim a repair under warranty: Click Here   Installations We know our way around pumps, boosters and compressors, and we work with manufacturers to offer the best in the industry. Currently, most small systems are often diaphragm or rocking piston compressors, while medium to large systems use rotary or screw compressor models.   Contact us to discuss your aeration system so that we can help you find the most suitable compressor.  Make sure your compressor is well protected under a structure or one of our cabinets. We strongly recommend to use a compressor cabinet from us versus rigging up a home made alternative. Our cabinets are safe, well ventilated, secure, and provide noise reduction. Preparing your compressor for winter (PDF)  Aeration System Installation Instructions (PDF)  Shop Replacement parts for Kasco compressors    

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  • Clearance - Submersible Rotary Valve Compressor

    Submersible Rotary Valve Compressor 0.47 HP, 240V  5,6CFM, 14,5psi While supplies last. Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchange possible. Description This page displays clearance submersive compressors only. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please check out our regular compressors pages. Click here  Nothing else is included with the compressor, contact us if you wish to add something to your order. 

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  • Clearance - Air Filter Assembly Kit for Sweetwater® AQ Rotary Valve Compressor

    Air Filter Assembly Kit for for Sweetwater® AQ Rotary Valve Compressor. While supplies last. Items sold "As Is" and on final sale with no returns or exchange possible. Description This page displays clearance submersive compressors only. If you don't find the model that you are looking for please check out our regular compressors pages. Click here  

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  • BubbleFlow CFD

    BubbleFlow CFD is an engineering consulting service offered by that allows us to predict how the movement of water is impacted by the upwelling movement of bubbles released from Bubble Tubing® diffusers.  Development & validation  Over the last decade, Bubble Tubing® and C-Core Engineering, an independent research laboratory, have conducted in-depth studies on Bubble Tubing® diffusers to be able to validate three different CFD models for our main industrial applications: deicing, deflection and upwelling.  Our first modelling system was initially developed to measure the effectiveness of Bubble Tubing® as a de-icing system, making it possible to be used as a tool for ice management in the engineering phase of projects helping decision makers prior to installation.  Our second application was focused on debris such as plastics and more specifically jellyfish deflections using bubble curtains. The latest round of CFD and field validations concentrated its efforts on upwelling currents specific to aquaculture applications like destratification and temperature mixing in upper layers found in fish farms. This research and partnership have yielded new learning and in-depth knowledge about Bubble Tubing® and other products as well as validating our systems as best in class compared to other offers on the market. Benefits  Modelling using the finite-volume Navier-Stokes solver Siemens® Star-CCM+® Can be used during the preliminary stages of a project to explore accurate scenarios that can be used during decision-making and to help reach efficiency requirements. Allows a better understanding of a project predicted results, engineering requirements and costs for a complete feasibility assessment. Proven to match real world results consistently with well over 90% accuracy. Allows for design iteration and installation optimization before mobilizing construction crews and equipment. Can be used as a basis for projects and operations managers to make long-term decisions. For instance, a powerplant whose water intake is being blocked by jellyfish could evaluate based on CFD models how much an incremental increase in jellyfish deflection (ex from 80% to 90%) would affect their water intake cleaning costs as well as the opportunity cost of energy production shutdowns. If this incremental increase of jellyfish deflection allows them to clear the water intake only once every month instead of once every week, there is an opportunity to reduce operating costs. When the volume of jellyfish blocking the water intake is unmanageable. BubbleFlow CFD  can be used to predict the percentage of jellyfish deflected and bring the volume down to operational levels and that avoids shutdowns. Bubble Barrier to Protect Water Intakes Against Jellyfish Swarms from Products Ltd. on Vimeo. Applications  BubbleFlow CFD is currently available for three industrial applications: de-icing, debris deflection and upwelling in aquaculture. If you are unsure of the feasibility of a project or simply want to have a reliable basis for decision making, investing in a CFD simulation will allow you to better understand the forces at work in your water environment as well as ensure that the system’s installation is optimized for your needs. CFD analysis is best if you already have on site data collection of water parameters such as temperature stratification, tidal currents, river flow and bathymetry. We do not collect on site data for this analysis, they must be provided by the client for analysis. For complex de-icing projects, a CFD model can be created according to precise site conditions such as water intakes and regional parameters such as hours of daylight at northern latitudes and the thickness of ice to ensure your operations are never at risk of ice damage. With experience in the energy industry and industrial installations, we know how valuable continual operations are, preventing maintenance breaks or stoppage of procedures by de-icing key infrastructure can be simulated for extreme conditions. For debris deflection projects, modelling allows us to test how efficient each possible placement of Bubble Tubing® is at deflecting what needs to be managed, be it for plastics in a river or jellyfish in the sea.  These tests can be essential to understanding the limits of the system and allow clients to choose which layouts allows them to reach their optimal efficiency goals. For aquaculture, we can use CFD models to experiment at solving issues created by rising lakes and ocean temperatures that seasonally threatened farmed fish of mortality and loss of revenues. Degrading water conditions such as sustained high temperatures, jellyfish and algae blooms can have a large impact on farms profitability.  Using BubbleFlow CFD, we can recommend best placement and strategy for optimal operations of SalmoAir® upwelling systems to counteract these harmful changes. By modelling the upwelling effect of diffusers and considering on-site water parameters, we can accurately predict how the temperature of the water inside the cages will be to maintain ideal growing conditions for the targeted fish species.  Thawline System for De-icing Docks with Bubble Tubing® from Products Ltd. on Vimeo.  Consulting Services Aquatic environments are ever-changing and can be difficult to adapt when starting a project, our CFD services allow you to get rid of the guess work by using a tried and tested model to simulate real world aquatic movements. Having used these CFD models internally for the last decade, we are now proud to offer them to our clients under the BubbleFlow brand! We value this third party validated science as a reliable method to prove the feasibility of projects and to ensure efficieny where it is most needed!   If you believe BubbleFlow CFD could be used for a project or is necessary for a project to pass the development stage, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have the experience to adapt these tools to a project’s unique parameters as well as the expertise of over 20 years in water management. Contact us for additional information or to get an estimate cost for your BubbleFlow CFD Consulting Services. +1-450-243-0976 or +1-866-249-0976  

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  • Aqua Control® Evolution 1/2 HP Floating Fountains

    Aqua Control® Evolution fountains are perfect for small ponds. Beautiful - Functional - Simple!  Description Newly available in Canada! The Evolution fountain by Aqua Control® is easy to install and quick to enjoy. This economical 1/2 horsepower fountain is perfect for small ponds! Plug and play operation, you can enjoy your fountain in a few minutes.  2 nozzles included.  Tornado : Torrent :    Optional nozzles (sold separately) : Contact us for more information on the optional nozzle options. Here is an exemple of a nozzle available for purchase:  Fleur de Lys: Add Some Lights :  Clients who use a floating fountains are pleased to enjoy the aesthetic of a fountain, hearing the lovely sound of water splashing. When a light kit is added, the enjoyment of your fountain is extended well into the evening hours, adding flare to summer parties, weddings or romantic evenings by the pond. Fountain sounds have the added bonus of drowning out unwanted background noises from highways, lawn mowers or other yard machinery. Here is a video of the Tornado nozzle with auto-RGB lights. Click here to shop light kits for the Evolution fountain. Technical Specifications The floating aerating fountains include a GFCI-protected control box with timer and photo cell. The photo cell allows you to set your timer for the hours of operation and when it is dark the lights will activate automatically for dusk to dawn lighting (light kit sold seperately). Low operating costs Floating Aerates up to 1/2 acre ponds Operates in 20inches + water depth ponds Optional cable lenghts  Quick disconnects 24 hour timer for motor and lights  NEMA (National Electrical Manufactureres Association) 3R rainproof enclosure CSA listed Class A human rated GFCI   A 20 amp circuit breaker is required.  Owners Manual (PDF) : Click here to download Installation Choice of Cord Lengths: Cord length options of 50′ to 200′.  Anchoring: The fountains include 1 full spool anchor ropes with 2 picks to anchor the mooring line to.  Package Includes: 1/2 HP, single phase motor Float Controller (Control panel) 100ft Mooring lrope and 2 mooring stakes Power cord with quick disconnect Tornado and Torrent spray patterns We offer installation services. Click Here to find out more. As the largest Canadian fountain dealer and a Certified Repair and Maintenance Center, you are in good hands with 

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  • Air Filter for Thomas Diaphragme Compressor

    CanadianPond offers replacement air filters for Thomas Gast compressors.  If you are unsure of your compressor model, contact us with your serial number or a picture of your compressor and we will help you make the right choice!  Other repair kits are also available upon request. Description Replacement filters for compressors. It is recommended that you change your compressor filter every 6-12 months, or more frequently if your compressor is in a dusty environment. Service Center We are the authorized service and repair center for Thomas Gast in Canada. In addition, we can also assist you with repairs on systems of the following brands: Hiblow, Teich-Aire Kasco Marine US Solar Mounts, Vertex Water Features, AquaMaster Fountains. Technical Specifications For CDI14 Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects Maintenance: The foam filter can be clean with water and soap and then reused several times. The filter should be changed when the foam begins to disintegrate. 

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