CLEARANCE - Kasco Marine 27" Bantam-Aire Diffuser


Our expertise in aeration comes from our many years of experience in the field of air diffusion technologies. This small diffuser requires little pressure to operate.


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Load image into Gallery viewer, CLEARANCE - Kasco Marine 27" Bantam-Aire Diffuser
Load image into Gallery viewer, CLEARANCE - Kasco Marine 27" Bantam-Aire Diffuser
Load image into Gallery viewer, CLEARANCE - Kasco Marine 27" Bantam-Aire Diffuser
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Aeration allow oxygen to travel from the bottom of your pond to the surface, helping with the quality of the body of water. Adding aeration to your pond is beneficial to your fish, water and general ecosystem. Improving water quality, reducing pond muck, boosting oxygen levels, reducing the risk of killing fish and many more. Read more here.

Aeration from an efficient design :

  • Lightweight assembly is easily installed by simply tossing into the water.
  • 1 piece, self-weighted base ensures correct installation every time & eliminates need for sand and gravel.
  • Base is powder-coated stainless steel for added durability.
  • Requires a minimum of 0.9 CFM for optimal performance.
  • Accepts 3/8 in. inside diameter air lines.
  • Includes check valve to prevent backflow.
  • Rubber tubing creates fine bubbles infusing the oxygen you need.
  • Versatile and simple design ensures success in endless applications.
  • Arrives to you fully assembled.


    Supplying the total optimal air flow to the diffuser will ensure the most efficient diffuser performance. When sizing the blower or compressor, it is important to take into consideration operating depth of the diffuser, tubing diameter and length, number and type of fittings in the supply line, etc. All these factors create back-pressure which in turn reduces air flow.

    As a general rule, figure 1 PSI for every 27” of water depth and add 1-3 PSI to account for friction lose in tubing and fittings. The longer the tubing run, the more friction loss there is, likewise the smaller the inner diameter of the tubing, the more friction loss there is resulting in increased back pressure. For assistance is sizing recommendations, please contact us.

    The Bantam-Aire Diffuser is self-weighted and requires no additional weight to sink to the bottom of your pond or tank. Simply connect the 3/8” air line and drop the diffuser at the desired location. The diffuser is designed to settle on the bottom right side up every time. Simply toss and go!

    • Diffuser Type: Ballasted diffuser base using a porous pipe as the diffusion medium.
    • Optimal CFM:  Minimum 0.9
    • Bubble size: Fine bubbles
    • 1 year warranty

    Installation manual (pdf)



    Customer Reviews

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    Perry Zavitz
    Kasco Marine aerator

    This aerator is working great. So much more air than my previous units. Will see how it does over time with harder water.

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