Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V


Automated Biotechnology Treatment Distribution System for Grease Traps

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Load image into Gallery viewer, Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V
Load image into Gallery viewer, Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V
Load image into Gallery viewer, Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V
Load image into Gallery viewer, Clearance - TRAP distribution system 60Hz, 115V
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• Controls accumulation of grease in the trap
• Reduces trap emptying frequency by 75-80%
• Controls bad odours
• Reduces risk of pipe blockage
• Optimizes equipment lifetime
• Optimizes collection performance
• Limits the release of fat into wastewater
• Fully automated
• Complete management handled by our technicians
• Compact system (requires minimal space)
• Installed by our technicians (requires a 120vAc outlet)
• Qualifies for "Go Green" or "LEED" programs

The Bacterius TRAP Distribution System is a mechanical, automated unit designed to inject, on a daily basis, Bacterius TRAP, a biotechnology product into a waste trap, while providing critical aeration during off-hours. The beneficial bacteria formulation found in Bacterius TRAP biodegrades accumulated grease, fat, oil and other organic waste. Control software manages the release of the product while providing micro-aeration, which is critical to system performance. The automation of the system controls aeration and distribution of the product in the trap, eliminating costly waste management hours.

System features:
• Ten-year lifetime replaceable battery.
• Automatic Daylight Savings Time Change.
• Possibility to program a period of operation different for each day of the week.
• Easy to set and program.
• Saved memory in case of power failure.
• Requires 115 V, 60 Hz power
• Consumption: 50 W
• Min/Max Operating Temperature: 0°/50° C

Aeration features
• Flow: 1 CFM @ 0 psi
• Max pressure: 3 psi
Pump features
• Flow: 270ml/min
• Suction: 2mH2O
• Max pressure: 8mH2O

Use Bacterius™ TRAP liquid beneficial bacteria (by Products Ltd.)
• Unique technology
• Highly adaptable
• Highly stable
• Free of pathogenic contaminants
• Free of chemical preservatives
• Completely biodegradable
• Non-corrosive
• Does not damage surfaces
• Safe for users, equipment and the environment.
• Environmental Choice certified
• pH neutral
• No noxious and non toxic vapors
• Complete genetic profile available upon request.
• See Tech Sheet for more details.

Here are the three main components of the Bacterius™ Trap Distribution System:
➢ The bucket of Bacterius TRAP beneficial bacteria can rest on the floor near the wall mounted unit of the Trap Distribution System. A feeder hose pumps the liquid bacteria up to the Bacterius™ Trap Distribution System. Via another feeder hose, it is released into the air diffuser housed in the grease trap.

➢ The Bacterius™ TRAP Distribution System is installed securely on a wall near electricity and the grease trap.
➢ The grease trap houses the aeration diffuser that disperses the liquid bacteria and provides critical aeration for biodegradation of the waste. will provide you with the complete user manual.

Bacterius TRAP sold separately, contact us for pricing. 

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