Bacterius® TRAP, biodegrades FOG in grease traps


The blend of natural bacteria found in Bacterius® TRAP removes oil and grease (FOG) and also effectively controls odours. Oils and fats of vegetable and animal sources can be found in the grease traps of restaurants, in the basins of treatment plants, and food processing waste water, to name a few.

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The mixture of natural bacteria Bacterius® TRAP eliminates oils and fats (F.O.G) in an efficient and natural way while also controlling odors from grease traps. Oils and fats from plants and animals can be found in grease traps in restaurants in the treatment basins of food processing plants, slaughterhouses, wastewater as well as many other applications.

Bacterius® TRAP is a liquid product of high stability, preservative-free and pathogen-free. The product can be applied manually or with a metering pump allowing minimal maintenance.

Tech Sheet (PDF)


For grease traps: from 350 to 500 ml / m³

* For optimal performance we recommend aerating the tank.

  • For pipes:

Dilute 1 part water to 1 part Bacterius® TRAP. Pour 250ml of the mixture into each of the drains. Repeat the process 1-2 times a week.


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