Control of debris

Whether it's organic or plastic debris, these products will help you maintain control over your body of water.

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  • Bubble Tubing®, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

    Exclusive to, Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser for aeration, de-icing and bubble curtains. It is designed and manufactured in Canada under our specifications. It provides a s...  

    Price on demand

  • CanadianAir Aeration Systems

    CanadianAir Aeration Systems are some of the most reliable on the market and will be able to meet all your ventilation needs. Available exclusively at, your expert in all manners of...  

    $1,298.25 CAD - $4,936.25 CAD

  • Seabin, Floating Trash Skimmer

    If we can have garbage cans on land, why not have them at sea? The Seabin Project has made it its mission to provide practical and tangible solutions to reduce plastics in our oceans. Find out how ...  

    $8,302.00 CAD

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